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Interpretation is a concept that every

Interpretation is an action that results in an understandable explanation. Analysts, psychotherapists, psychiatrists try to translate messages that patients express (such as dreams, fantasies and various visions). The expression in symbolic language is reflected and transmitted by images that are to be translated into an accessible form.

We can say that interpretation is a process of interpreting and explaining the meaning of something that is unclear or difficult for anyone to understand. For example, a patient wants to know how he should treat symbolic content. He does not know the terminology and one can not expect him to follow precisely the theoretical path suggested by the psychotherapist. The physician must interpret the material psychologically in order to analyze the archetypal and mental states of a person.

In a broad sense, interpretation is an explanation of the hidden and ambiguous meaning for the patient. However, if it is too active and quickly move into the depth of its interpretations, there is a possible danger of neglecting the potential involvement of the individual in his own process. If the patient is under the impression of a deep emotional state from the architectural figures, experience or knowledge of the therapist, for him involuntarily there is an awareness and explanation of unconscious contents, in connection with which he does not take them seriously and is not able to unite them.

Interpretation is a collection of meanings that are attached to one or another way of expression, elements, symbols, formulas, etc. When the constituent elements of the theory themselves are subjected to comprehension, they interpret the interpretation of formulas, symbols, etc. This variety is used in mathematics, theory of knowledge, logic, methodology of science.

The meaning of the word interpretation has a great gnoseological meaning. It influences the comparison of scientific theories in which they describe areas or different ways of constructing these theories, characterizes the changes between them in the process of development of knowledge. In connection with the fact that every natural science theory is constructed and conceived to describe the reality in some areas, this reality will be a natural interpretation of this theory. The meaning of the word interpretation in this case is "implicit" and is not unique for use in meaningful classical mathematical and physical theories.

For example, the fact of the isomorphism of electric and mechanical oscillation systems is described by the same differential equations and reduces to the fact that these equations can have at least two different interpretations.

In abstract deductive logical-mathematical theories such an interpretation admits, apart from isomorphic, various nonisomorphic interpretations. Their "natural" interpretations are difficult to imagine, since they do without translation into the "physical language" of their concepts. For example, whatever physical interpretation of Lobachevsky's geometry, it will find an interpretation in Euclidean geometry. The mutual explanation of various deductive theories played a large role in the development of these sciences.

The study, interpretation and interpretation of dreams refers to the field of social psychoanalysis. It allows to expand the representations of the sphere of unconscious perception, which is in the roots of mass consciousness. In the dream lies a huge potential. This state is similar to meditation and hypnosis, it opens access to the hidden reserves of the human psyche. Interpretation of dreams is a complex method, therefore it is supposed to help the consultant to recognize and interpret the meaning of sleep. In this case, one must take into account that the human consciousness is actively protected from unpleasant information.

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