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Useful information: how to deal with aphids on the plum

Everyone knows the usual green aphid, which in many cases spreads over the leaves of plants. As is known, these ants are bred by ants to feed on their sweet secretions. However, there is a black aphid that lives on a viburnum or cherry. It is also very dangerous to the health of plants and damages them, which hinder their growth and development. Therefore, it is important for gardeners and truck farmers to know how to deal with aphids on a plum.

To arms!

Before you start destroying the pest on your garden plot, remember an important thing. Do not poison the aphids with chemicals! The fact is that plants also inhabit insects that benefit them, and solutions and pills from parasites have a wide range of effects and can kill them, which does not at all become a good sign for bushes and trees. In addition, you can get rid of pests with simple tools that are easy to find in a store or in nature.

So, here are a few ways of how to deal with aphids on a plum. Take clean ashes and pollinate the bushes from above. You can also add tobacco dust to this component . No species of aphids survive after this procedure. However, this method has one disadvantage: it is not suitable for trees, because their height does not allow them to be pollinated evenly and thoroughly.

Also, the control of aphids on the sink can be carried out and by changing the taste of the juice that this insect eats. To do this, you need to pour the bush under the root with soapy water after washing. In addition, you can dissolve a few grams of washing powder. This method is also suitable for getting rid of aphids on Kalina or cherry. And do not be afraid that from the watering of such water somehow the taste of the fruits will change.

Naturally, no treatment is needed if timely preventive measures are taken. To "temper" plants from aphids, you need to whitewash. To do this, take ten liters of water and dilute in them two or three kilograms of clay and a kilogram of slaked lime. Spread this mixture of tree trunks near the ground. Then later you do not need to puzzle over how to deal with aphids on the sink.

Also a good remedy for pests will be hunting belts, which are sold in stores for the garden. They are another true solution to the question of how to deal with aphids on the plum. These devices are fixed on tree trunks and serve as an insurmountable obstacle for such small insects.

If there is nothing

If you did not have the right tools at hand, but you need to get rid of aphids, there are a few simple ways. First of all, try not to have ants on your homestead. These insects, as mentioned above, are breeding aphids for food. Therefore, if they are not etched, then all efforts can go wrong. Also during the watering of trees direct a straight stream on the barrel to wash off some of the insects.

So, if suddenly there is such a misfortune in the garden area, like aphids on a plum, how to fight, you know. And though the battle for the harvest requires tremendous effort, but the delicious fruits, berries and delicious preparations from them will be worth it.

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