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Vichy shower: what is it, indications and contraindications

Since ancient times, people have learned that water has a number of medicinal properties that life without it is impossible. Relaxing procedures using water not only soothe - they improve metabolism and general condition.

Even an ordinary shower can easily be turned into an effective curative procedure, simply by varying the temperature and duration of the water procedure. Despite the fact that today the hydro-massage is gaining popularity, few people know the Vichy shower. What is it and what is remarkable about this procedure? How is it different from other hydroactions on the human body? This article is devoted to the answers to these questions.

A bit of history

The Vichy shower, the photo of which we have placed in this article, derives its name from the name of the popular French resort, known all over the world for its thermal springs.

Spa thermal treatment was widely known in the XIX century, during the reign of Napoleon III. The city of Vichy became known only as "King of French resorts", and its unique thermal procedures are still used along with traditional treatment.

Vichy's shower is not limited to only spa procedures today, it is successfully used in physical training of athletes in many countries of the world, in cosmetology and physiotherapy.

Vichy Shower: What is it?

At first glance this is a normal shower. But there is a feature in it - it covers the body with a huge number of jets of water. With their help an effective massage is performed. The shower is designed for hydro and thalassotherapy not only in medical institutions, but also in the spa.

The shower rack has micro-attachments, which are arranged in two rows, this helps to distribute water throughout the body, while the head should be protected by a special screen. After the main procedure, various types of wraps are effective, enhancing the effect of the shower - strengthening, warming, cleansing, softening and "spiritual" using aromatherapy.

Vichy shower varieties

Today has several varieties of Vichy souls. What this is and how they differ, we will understand further. One of the popular types of Vichy shower is rain (jet). In addition to it, there is needle and dust, which uses spraying the smallest streams of water covering the body, like fine dust.

To determine the choice of one of the varieties that offers a Vichy shower, what it is and how this or that species works, it is not enough to know. Preliminary it is necessary to pass consultation in the spa, the specialists of which will recommend to you a variant that is suitable for your case. Perhaps they will offer a session consisting of several varieties of soul.

In these procedures, different water is used - thermal, sea, relaxed. Alternation of cold and hot shower allows to achieve excellent effect: the skin acquires a tone, muscles strengthen, the mood improves. The water pressure and its temperature vary depending on the needs of the person. On more sensitive areas, water is supplied with a weaker head. But even with the maximum intensity of the Vichy shower is not a painful procedure, which very much distinguishes it from the soul of Charcot.


What is the equipment used for this very pleasant and relaxing procedure? Soul Vichy today are represented in the domestic market by two models.

Vichy 02

This model is equipped with a thermostat with protection against thermal burns. The sprinkler system is a shower rail with seven built-in nozzles, each of which is separately controlled and located above the massage plastic couch.

The shower provides massage with water jets with adjustable pressure. In this model, the use of various additives: essential oils, algae.

Application: recommended for thalassotherapy, medicine and sports, in thermotherapy, rheumatology, gerontology.

Vichy 03

Special installation of the closed cycle, designed for long circular water procedures. The shower rail of this model consists of six special nozzles, a plastic movable roof covering the body during the procedure and a flexible hose. A special blanket provides the effect of a steam bath, which helps to actively absorb therapeutic components. Steam is formed by the circulation of water through a special system. Various additives are also allowed.

How is the procedure performed?

So, you decided to take a Vichy shower. What is it, you already know what equipment is used - too. It remains to find out how the procedure itself is carried out.

The patient lays his stomach on a plastic couch, and over the whole contour of the body from the numerous holes on it streams of water. We have already said that, unlike the soul of Charcot, it is a softer and completely painless procedure. The water temperature and pressure in each case vary depending on the purpose of the procedure and the doctor's prescriptions. The session lasts no more than thirty minutes.

After the shower, the water balance should be replenished : drink water or herbal tea, moisten the skin and rest for a bit - about twenty minutes.

Vichy shower: testimony

This shower is extremely effective, we can say with certainty that it is unique in its effect for people who dream of getting rid of excess weight, cellulite, normalize blood circulation, put in order the nervous system, take a course of general relaxation of the body.

This spa procedure is shown to most people who do not suffer from serious ailments (we'll talk about them below) to charge positive energy. But there is a group of people for whom Vichy shower is needed. First of all, these are patients with metabolic disorders, with various nervous disorders (chronic stress, neurasthenic syndrome). This procedure will also benefit the bowel.

Benefits of the Soul

The Vichy Shower has many healing effects. During this procedure, an area of increased ion content appears on the surface of the skin, which promotes intense respiration of the skin. The receptors are activated, which improves blood flow and decreases tension. That's why the Vichy shower improves the nerves, relaxes and soothes.

In addition, such a procedure can significantly improve blood supply and stimulate reflex points. Excellent proved himself in cosmetology Vichy shower. It is used for cleavage, neutralization and removal of toxins and wastes from the body, improving lymph flow. According to experts, the maximum effect is achieved after 10-15 procedures of psychotherapy.


Like most medical procedures, has limitations to the use of Vichy shower. Contraindications apply to patients with oncological diseases, infectious diseases. It is not recommended to take this procedure to people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system, and also prone to bleeding.


Today, many patients have already appreciated the dignity of Vichy shower. The patient's responses are overwhelmingly positive. People celebrate a surge of strength, an excellent condition of the skin and muscles. Many people say that after the procedure for some strange reason, the mood improves.

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