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"Kerala" on Michurinsky - rest for soul and body

Kerala is a state located on the Indian peninsula. The history of this part of India is quite unusual. Yogis who live in this state, from generation to generation pass on knowledge about such a science as ayurveda. This is not just a science, but a whole medical system that heals people from various diseases. "Kerala" on Michurinsky is the center of ayurveda, where all the practices of the Indian yogi are preserved and transmitted.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means "knowledge of a long life." This is a practice that has existed for more than 7 thousand years. The main provisions of this practice point to the need for harmonization of the body, soul and mind. If at least one of these elements fails, an imbalance appears throughout the body. The Ayurveda system is able to heal the body, soul and mind of any person.

The first Indian texts related to medicine were written precisely on this system. In Ayurveda, during the massage, various herbs and oils are used, which have a toning and rejuvenating effect. In the center of Kerala on Michurinsky, experienced yogis share this knowledge with their clients. The system includes a huge number of different procedures. Let's consider the most basic of them.

Oil massage SOMA

Thanks to the use of Ayurvedic herbs and oils, this massage has a very beneficial effect on the human body. It speeds up metabolic processes in the body, stimulates the brain, improves the general condition. During such a massage the human body, his soul and mind are harmonized and begin to work as one system. Center "Kerala" on Michurinsky guarantees that such a massage will improve blood circulation and skin condition. After SOMA massage a person will feel a huge burst of energy and energy.

DHARA - head massage

This kind of massage is indicated for those who are concerned about headaches. Because of the constant stresses at work, many people practically do not rest. Even after working hours a person is in constant tension. The technique of Dhara massage helps to relax and relax. The essence of this procedure is that a trickle of healing oil flows into the frontal part to the place where the "third eye" is located. In Ayurvedic center "Kerala" on Michurinsky this procedure is carried out according to all traditions of India.

Massage MASUP

This massage is performed with the help of special powders. They are synchronously rubbed on the human body by two masseurs. Massage MASUP well affects the skin, smooths the skin, makes it smooth and supple. This procedure is recommended for those who have problems with the back and joints.

What kind of assistance does Kerala provide?

In the center of "Kerala" Indian masters work with clients in different directions. Each of the specialists has a compulsory Ayurvedic education and extensive experience in these areas. In the vastness of the Internet, you can find a huge number of different reviews about the center of Kerala on Michurinsky. Customer feedback is most positive, as this center provides quality and qualified assistance to its customers.

Special programs of the center "Kerala" help to cope with stress and emotional tension, treat sleep disorders and depressive conditions. They are able to cure diseases of the digestive tract, nervous system and blood vessels. Center "Kerala" on Michurinsky also helps to cure infertility and sexual disorders.

Massages performed by qualified Indian yogis contribute to the recovery of the body and all its systems. Even if a person does not have diseases, he is shown to do such procedures at least once a week. This will prevent the appearance of various diseases and significantly increase immunity.

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