Prophylaxis of dysbiosis in infants: is there a manual for bifidumbacterin?

Dysbacteriosis is very unpleasant, and, which is the most offensive, is quite common. It can occur for many reasons: due to illness, taking medications, especially antibiotics, because of an incorrect lifestyle, etc. To some extent, 90% of the population has dysbiosis. It occurs as a result of a disturbance in the balance of microflora in the human intestine, when the beneficial bacteria that make up the natural microflora of the human intestine die for some reason, and pathogenic bacteria and fungi take their place. It is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms in the form of all sorts of intestinal disorders, and also has a disastrous effect on the body's resistance to infectious diseases. Very often, dysbiosis is the reason for the unexpected occurrence of allergic reactions in those who have never had them, and people who suffer from allergies for years can significantly alleviate their condition by getting rid of dysbiosis.

In children, dysbacteriosis occurs even more often than in adults, especially in infants who are breastfed, since the baby is born with a sterile intestine, which is then sown by microorganisms from the surface of the skin of the breast and from the milk of the mother, and the artificial ones, naturally, do not. As a rule, babies, who for one reason or another are to eat mixtures from the very birth, from the first days of life prescribe bacterial preparations, for example, bifidumbacterin liquid or in the form of a powder, which is then diluted with water. This helps to normalize the intestinal microflora, and consequently, to improve the digestion of food and to ensure normal growth and development of the child, and to greatly enhance immunity and resist the occurrence of allergic reactions. Also, the use of probiotics helps fight diaper rash and thrush, which are nothing more than infectious diseases that result from a disturbance in the balance of microflora. In whatever form the bifidumbacterin is issued, the instruction in this case is necessary, since different preparations have different concentrations and, accordingly, dosage, so it is better to buy the whole package, not piece packets or bottles.

It should be noted that bifidumbacterin liquid usually has a high concentration and therefore is more economical than dry preparations, the same Bifidumbacterin forte, but in a dry state the bacteria reach the intestine better, since they are less susceptible to the influence of the aggressive environment of the stomach. In addition, dry drugs can be used concomitantly with antibiotics, which helps to not cure ready dysbacteriosis, but initially to prevent its occurrence. In principle, when you buy bifidumbacterin the instruction contains all the necessary information, and you need to make your choice based on its content, based on each individual situation.

If you doubt something, before giving the child bifidumbacterin instruction will give you competent and specific answers to all your questions. Do not be too sensitive about the dosage of the drug: bifidumbacterin does not apply to drugs, and its overdose is not possible, however, if it is less than necessary, the process of normalizing the microflora may be delayed. For the prevention of dysbiosis, the drug is prescribed 1-2 times a day, and for treatment - 3-6. The course of treatment can be from 5 to 30 days, depending on the condition and the attendant conditions, for example, concurrent drugs taken. The course of treatment should be approved by the doctor, regardless of whether you have an instruction on bifidumbacterin or not. The drug is applied before meals or during it. Whether this information is included in the bifidumbacterin or not, as a rule, the mother, on the advice of a doctor or on her own guess, mixes the required amount of the drug with a small amount of a mixture or milk - so the baby eats the entire dose without any discomfort, and in case of poor appetite the drug Does not vanish.

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