Sanatorium «Khoprovsky Zori»: prices, reviews, official site and photos

The Russian land is rich in beautiful cities, developed for tourism. Penza is a unique cultural-literary heritage, historical constructions and natural landscapes. This administrative center is steadily developing in different directions, including in the sphere of tourism. Most recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and health resorts have a convenient location and a reasonable price-quality ratio.

One of the most popular and ancient is the sanatorium "Khoprovsky Zori". Here you can correct the shaky health, distract from everyday life and fuss. In this unique place, nature itself has a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Contribute to this modern wellness activities, cultural and mass programs and qualified personnel.


The multi-profile sanatorium "Khoprovsky Zori" (the official site will prompt extended information and contacts for communication: was built in 1981. During this time, a number of changes have been made. Today it is a full-fledged health resort and a cozy hotel, located in the forest zone, in a small village of Kolyshly, 3 km from the railway station.

Nearby runs the picturesque Hopper River - the most environmentally friendly in our country. On the territory there is a wonderful pond with livestock and its own hunting farm, in which reindeer and mountain arhars live . This is a real fairy tale after a dusty metropolis, pleasantly pleasing to the eye.


Sanatorium "Khoprovsky Zori" (Penza) accepts children from the age of three. Among the forest area is a three-storey building with well-appointed double rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom and shower. At guests' disposal TV, air conditioning and a compact refrigerator.

Guests can be accommodated in separate single-storey houses for two people with all communications facilities. If you prefer more comfortable conditions, then we suggest that you settle in a luxury cottage with an area of 50 square meters. M. A personal fireplace will be available, a large Jacuzzi, radio and satellite TV.

Supply system

The canteen of the complex organizes four meals a day (custom and diet). Year-round on the tables are fresh fruit with vegetables, sour-milk products and greens. Professional chefs always delight their wards with exquisite dishes from poultry, fish and meat. The sanatorium "Khoprovskie Zori" cares about the quality and safety of its products, so all meals on the tables of holidaymakers are always fresh.

Therapeutic profile

For many years medical centers have been functioning in the dispensary for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of pathologies of the back, brain, blood vessels, various injuries. Successfully treated patients with digestive disorders, heart disease, kidneys, respiration. It specializes in gynecological, nervous and locomotor disorders in the health resort "Khoprovsky Zori".

Sanatorium (photo presented in the article) helps people with problems of the circulatory system, as well as endocrine diseases. Rehabilitation programs are offered for people who underwent neurosurgical, traumatological and orthopedic surgeries (in adults and children). Here, weight loss therapy, figure correction, and effective anti-stress measures are used. Open the eye department, ENT rooms and pediatrics.

Therapeutic programs

The modern "Khoprovsky Zori" complex has a modern medical base. Sanatorium (prices within 11 000 rubles for 10 days) has the latest equipment, which allows you to accurately deliver the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment. There are at least 50 procedures in the health resort: hardware physiotherapy, aromatherapy, laser therapy, aerosol therapy, hirudotherapy, magnetotherapy and much more.

Excellent here treat cerebral palsy with the help of physical activity, water and thermal procedures, manual massage, acupuncture and electro-light therapy. Aquagymnastics are held in the pool. Also in the hydropathic room there are chamber baths, sauna "Cedar barrel", sauna and therapeutic showers (Sharko, ascending, underwater, circular).

Mandatory mud cure, brine baths and intake of mineral waters are mandatory. They are prescribed for patients with urological, gynecological, intestinal and digestive problems. Raspnye baths have proved to be one of the best soothing agents and are used for neuropsychological pathologies.

The sanatorium "Khoprovsky Zori" deals with the treatment of osteochondrosis, radiculitis and intervertebral hernias. For this purpose, spinal traction is used with the help of automated instruments "Nugabest", "Ormed" and "Anatomotor". In boarding house it is possible to receive laser intravenous irradiation, to carry out prosthetics of teeth.

More recently, a device for ozone therapy has appeared in the center. Scientifically proven that ozone contributes to the supply of tissues and organs with oxygen, and also exhibits immunomodulatory, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.


In addition to medical procedures, the sanatorium "Khoprovsky Zori" offers a productive and fun holiday. For this purpose, a swimming pool, a solarium, a gym, a billiard room and sports facilities were built. There is a library, table tennis, checkers, chess and a cinema.

In summer, you can go to the beach, ride bicycles. For all comers, fishing and hunting are organized. The necessary inventory can be rented. There is a pharmacy, shopping and souvenir shops. There is a car park, a laundry and a beauty salon. Travelers who come to combine work, treatment and rest will be able to conduct business meetings in conference rooms in comfortable conditions.

There is an excursion agency in the complex, offering extensive and exciting tours to the surroundings. No one will miss. Concerts of various creative groups are regularly held. Exhibitions and fairs are also organized. Diverse leisure and entertainment await guests in the dispensary.

For children

In their free time, kids and teenagers will be able to frolic in the pool, play, jump and run around in a well-equipped area with fairy-tale characters. There is a club, where for the children they arrange performances and show interesting movies. At the boarding house there is a camp with experienced teachers.

The warm and friendly attitude of the whole team will brighten up your stay in the health resort "Khoprovsky Zori". Sanatorium reviews from visitors are constantly getting thankful. A good reputation was won over the whole of Russia. The tourists have positive emotions, good health and a great mood. Proof of this are numerous guests' grateful reviews.

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