What can be done from ribbons? How to weave ribbons from ribbons

Tapes are a beautiful decoration that has always been used to decorate headgear and clothing. They wove them in their hair, made wreaths and brooches out of them. And although a lot of time has passed since the first satin ribbon appeared, artifacts from it are being improved day by day. What can be done from ribbons today? About what weave from this material and how, we will tell in our article.

Basket with flowers from ribbons

Tape is a special material that is often used by craftsmen from different countries of the world. It is used to create a variety of crafts and decor elements. For example, from tapes you can make an original basket with flowers, which will be a wonderful gift and decorate any living room. So, how to create it?

In order to make a basket of bright colors with ribbons, you need to prepare a wicker base and satin cuts (either monochrome or multicolored). You will also need the following tools:

  • Toothpicks or skewers (the choice will depend on the size of the basket);
  • Floristic gun and glue;
  • A small piece of styrofoam;
  • Lighter or matches;
  • scissors;
  • An additional floral decoration (small artificial flowers, sparkles or beads).

How do I make a basket of tapes?

At the first stage it is necessary to make skewers or toothpicks of the same length (i.e., to straighten in accordance with the height of the basket). Then we make roses from our ribbons, gently wrapping and gluing buds on skewers or toothpicks.

Then cut off the green ribbons in the form of triangles. The edges and knocked out "out of order" threads are processed with a cigarette lighter or matches. We glue future leaves on skewers and put a small piece of foam on the bottom of the basket. We insert skewers or toothpicks with roses and leaves in polystyrene, and empty places are closed with the remaining parts of the ribbons, creating a full composition.

The final touch in the basket with flowers will be an additional decor. For example, our roses can be covered with sequins, paste beads, beads, etc. on their petals. The basket is ready. About what can be done from ribbons yet, read on.

How can I embroider ribbons?

Another original way to use satin ribbons is embroidery. In this style, you can make many beautiful crafts and gifts for all occasions. For example, you can make a beautiful picture. To do this, we take colored ribbons, a white canvas, a ready frame, a photo (you can take it with the image of the person you want to give this hand-made article, or just a colorful and neutral picture), matches, needle and thread.

Next, take a white base fabric, attach a photo to it and mark the border of the picture with a white tape. In the next step, take any tape, needle and thread (in the tone of the tape), bend its edge with a triangle and grab a thread, make one turn, secure, then the second, third and so on. In the end, you should get a little rose. Such buds make a lot, and they should be of different sizes. And most importantly, there is no need for any schemes. From ribbons you will help to weave your imagination and suitable decor.

The next step is the creation of several unopened buds. To do this, take a new tape, cut off a small piece (depending on the size of the intended tape), bend this cut into a triangle and skip the bottom line. Pull off the thread and you will have a bud. Treat excess threads with matches.

Then sew to the stem or canvas all the individual elements (roses and buds). The sequence at the same time choose according to your taste. Also for a change, you can create roses and buds of a different color, different from the original. What can be done from ribbons yet?


Finish the composition with green ribbons, from which you can make improvised leaves. Everything is simple enough. To do this, take a green ribbon, cut off from it a small piece of a rectangular shape, draw from its underside the leaf, cut it and sew to the hand-made. At the last stage, take a photo, place it in a flower frame and plant it on a double-sided tape. After this, we put this element on top of the craft and fix it with hot glue and a floral pistol. The composition is ready.

How to make a brooch from ribbons?

In addition to portraits and decorative baskets, the brooch from ribbons looks great. How to make them? For such a jewelry work you will need:

  • Satin ribbons of green and orange color (if desired, you can use two other colors);
  • Needle and thread;
  • A small piece of cardboard;
  • Floristic gun and glue;
  • Matches or a lighter;
  • A pin and scissors.

First, cut a ribbon of one color in small strips with an approximate length of 9-10 cm. In total, you will need 19 pieces of ribbon: 6 for flower buds and 13 for flowers. Sliced and beaten threads, treat with a cigarette lighter or matches. Then twist part of the shreds in the form of a triangle and pull them down with a thread. Later we will also tell you how to make baubles of ribbons.

The next step is the creation of the middle of the flower. To do this, twist one of the received petals into a small tube and sew. The remaining 12 elements are glued using a gun. In doing so, do everything in such a way that each successive scrap-petal enters the previous one. It turned out a ready-made rose. Next, twist the remaining petals in the same way and make buds. We continue to do all the same with green ribbon. Leaflets and roses are ready. It remains to take the green ribbon and cut out a small circle.

Next, place in the resulting circle a smaller circle around the cardboard and staple it with the remaining green ribbon. Fix all the details of the brooch with a gun and sew a pin. The product is ready.

Weaving of baubles

How do you pull the ribbons from the ribbons? Another way to use satin ribbons is to weave colorful bracelets from them. For beginners lovers of beautiful things should prefer a simple weaving of two ribbons of different colors. For example, take the classic white and black colors. Both ribbons are pinned on a soft cloth with a pin, we take a white satin with one hand and make a loop from it. Repeat the same with the black ribbon.

At the next stage of weaving the baubles from the ribbons, we pass the white ribbon to the black band (loops) and tighten the last one. Then we make one more loop from the black ribbon and stretch it into the white one, by which we tighten a small knot.

Further we add a white loop, we bring it in black and tighten a knot. We repeat the same sequence further. The result is a beautiful braided bracelet.

What to consider when weaving braves from ribbons?

Before hanging from the ribbons, it is worth remembering the main points. First, when choosing colors, consider their harmony. For example, blue and beige ribbons are a wonderful tandem. What is it for? On the one hand, it's beautiful, but on the other hand - the contrast will help not get lost in the loops at the initial stage of weaving the baubles.

Secondly, when tightening the loops, use a knot that ends with a kind of "tail". This will greatly strengthen the weaving. However, loops should not be tightened too much. Otherwise, the drawing will be deformed.

Thirdly, during the work should not be in a hurry.

How to ease the work with weaving ribbons for beginners?

Turn on your favorite music and focus. With subsequent work weave bracelets will be much easier. In the future, tape or invisible tape will not be needed. All this can be done on the hands and on the weight. But it will come only with experience. In a word, have patience and inspiration. Now you know what can be done from ribbons, and the rest will depend only on you!

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