Ring "NovaRing": feedback on the application of the method

From time to time, medicine offers us new, more convenient and safe means of contraception. Relatively recently, a new drug appeared in Russian pharmacies - the ring "NovaRing", reviews about it are mostly good. Since this method is unfamiliar in its application and operation to most women, let's try to consider it in more detail.

"NovaRing" is a contraceptive elastic ring, the outside is smooth and transparent. The ring is inserted inside the vagina and remains there for 3 weeks. It takes an individual anatomical form of the female body, in this connection does not cause any discomfort and is absolutely not felt. Ring "NovaRing" reviews its merits honestly, as a small number of its hormones practically does not affect the condition of a woman, but it also protects against unwanted pregnancy.

The principle of the method and its composition

Under the hypoallergenic envelope of the contraceptive ring contains a minimum dose of progesterone and estrogen. Introduced in the vagina, the ring "NovaRing" under the influence of body temperature begins to release hormones, they, in turn, begin to act on the uterus and its appendages, without affecting other organs. The dose of hormones is much less than that in tablets, but it is enough to prevent the maturation of the egg and its release from the ovary.

Contraceptive benefits

  • Efficiency and reliability of the tool.
  • Convenient use.
  • Low dosage of hormones that have a local effect.
  • Restoration of impaired menstrual cycle.
  • Does not affect the body weight.
  • Reduces soreness of menstruation.
  • Provides a natural and safe sex life.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer of female genital organs.
  • The abolition of the contraceptive almost immediately returns the ability to conceive.
  • The partner may not notice the present ring "NovaRing" (reviews of numerous women confirm this).

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • Relatively inconvenient introduction.
  • It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Possible action on the emotional state during the application of the drug.
  • Bleeding during the period between menstruation, which is the norm in the first cycles.


  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Liver disease.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Complications of diabetes mellitus.
  • Gormonozavisimy nature of the tumor.

Ring "NovaRing": instructions for use

  1. Taking a comfortable position - lying down, standing or squatting - the contraceptive ring should be inserted into the vagina yourself.
  2. The injected contraceptive takes a comfortable shape inside and does not cause discomfort.
  3. Contraceptive ring "NovaRing" is introduced from the first to the fifth day of menstruation (no later than the 5th day).
  4. The inserted ring is removed after 3 weeks.
  5. When using tampons, the ring can be accidentally removed. In this case, it should be rinsed with warm water and put back.
  6. When removing the hormonal ring, it can be hooked with the index ring or clamped between the middle and index finger and pull out.

Cancellation of the drug and the onset of pregnancy

The Ring "NovaRing", testimonies testify to this, is simple in application and does not require preparation for its cancellation. After the removal of the contraceptive, its effect on the body stops - ovulation resumes to the full and pregnancy can begin within a month. There are no consequences after its cancellation is observed.

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