Contraceptive ring 'Novaring', reviews

Every couple that is serious about family planning should know about contraceptive methods. Relying on "maybe", a woman puts herself at risk of pregnancy and abortion, and this does not have the best effect on her health. It is safer to use contraceptives, because today pharmacology offers many options for protection, not only from conception, but also from sexual infections.

We are used to the fact that contraceptives are tablets, injections or an intrauterine device. However, there is also a special hormonal ring Novaryng, the reviews confirm that every woman should carefully and carefully approach the choice of method of contraception. What is this tool and how is it used? Let's try to understand.

Novarying tool, description

The composition of the vaginal ring includes estrogen - etonilestradiol and progestogen - etonogestrel. After its introduction into the vagina, these hormones are gradually released and have a contraceptive effect in such a way that inhibit the maturation of the egg.

How to apply the Novary ring?

The duration of the Novary ring in the vagina is 3 weeks, then it is removed and a new one is introduced after a seven-day break.

The ring is soft, transparent, easily bends and comfortably located inside. She can be entered by the woman herself after consulting with a gynecologist. To do this, take a comfortable pose (lying or standing) and squeezing it with two fingers, push into the vagina. The exact location and depth do not affect the contraceptive effect. It does not interfere with sexual intercourse.

The ring is removed with one or two fingers, usually it does not cause difficulties. Menstrual secretions appear two to three days after being taken out, and should end about the day the new ring is inserted.

Features of use

If a woman has never used this remedy before, it must be entered no later than the fifth day after the onset of menstruation, and seven days after that it is advisable to use a condom during sexual intercourse to exclude pregnancy. The same instructions must be observed when switching from combined oral contraceptives or purely progestin drugs to the contraceptive ring "Novaring", the reviews of which say that the convenience is that one does not need to constantly remember the tablets.

The ring can be used after an early and late abortion, if it can not be administered immediately, you should also use condoms the first seven days after the application.

Removing the product (accidentally or as a result of damage) can not be more than three hours, if it has not been inside for longer than this time, after repeated administration, it is necessary to protect 7 days with a condom.

Ring "Novaring", reviews

The tool is liked by many women because of their ease of use and reliability, it is not felt inside, does not interfere with having sex, therefore, the fair sex is left on the ring "Novaring" positive reviews.

However, some of those who used it were absolutely unhappy, primarily by the frequent development of side effects, but there are quite a few of them: depression, decreased sexual desire, headache, development of vaginal infection, violation of menstrual flow, acne, excess weight and loss of the self rings. It is not surprising that in the case of Novary, the reviews are extremely negative. However, it is worth noting that such phenomena are typical for all combined contraceptives, which include this drug. Those who have been using for a long time say that after one to three months the unpleasant feelings mostly pass, the main thing is patience, but few can withstand constant bloody discharge, unreasonable nervousness and migraine.

The Novary ring has contraindications, for example, predisposition to thrombosis or a history of heart attack, diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, severe liver disease, bleeding from the genital tract, possible pregnancy and breast-feeding. It turns out that many simply can not use this ring. This is the reason that the reviews about Novary are negative.

In any case, to choose a means of protection from pregnancy is necessary in conjunction with a gynecologist.

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