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Proper development: what a child should be able to do in 4 months

By this age of the child, life in the house is gradually coming into its own. Parents are accustomed to their new way of life, the crumb also "accustomed." Normally, by the age of 4 months, the baby should not be bothered by problems with intestinal work, and his sleep at night is not so short-lived, which makes it possible for his parents to get enough sleep. However, in the daytime the child is longer awake, beginning to actively explore the surrounding environment. This is necessarily accompanied by the demands of attention from adults. Seeing how a kid literally develops and grows by the day, many parents are puzzled by the question: "What should a child be able to do in 4 months?" In fact, he is still a baby, but it is from this period that many important skills for his future development are being laid and formed. From their level will depend on the mental, emotional and physical development of the child.

What should a child be able to do in 4 months - all individually

Remember that there are no identical children, and it would be wrong for everyone to be "one size fits all". Someone is more calm, someone is active, someone is open to the world, well, someone prefers to observe: the kids are just as different as the adults. But there is some arch with the basic skills of what a child should be able to do in 4 months. He is a certain standard, comparing with which the child's abilities, one can judge the degree of its development.

What should a child be able to do in 4 months - basic skills

  1. Turn from back to side and on your stomach. In the prone position on the abdomen, the kid is able to move his eyes behind moving objects.
  2. Lifting up or lying on your stomach, lean against the surface with your hands. In this position it is good to hold your head, freely turning it to the left and to the right.
  3. Respond to the appearance of acquaintances and strangers.
  4. Listen to the appearance of sounds and determine the source of their origin.
  5. Independently to take and keep in handles toys and subjects. To show a reaction to new ones, to express "discontent" if they were taken away from him.
  6. Without support, hold the head firmly.
  7. To be referred to your name.
  8. Grab or try to grab the toys hanging over it. React to bright objects in the house.
  9. To consider, touch and turn over in the handles of a toy.
  10. Lean on the tips of the toes when it is supported in a vertical position.
  11. To laugh when adults amuse him.
  12. Long walk with the addition of long, lingering guttural sounds.

These are the basic elements of behavior inherent in all children of this age. Any apparent inconsistencies with what a child should be able to do in 4 months should be carefully studied by the appropriate specialists.

The development of your child

Nature - nature, but what a child can do in 4 months, in no small degree depends on how the parents communicate with their baby and what they do for its full development. It is known that children with whom many people talk a lot, adapt and develop faster. In the future, these children have high abilities for any training. An indispensable attribute of normal development is toys. At this age, it can be rattles or even developing games by age. At this stage, the main thing is fine motor skills, concentration of sight, grasping reflex and color perception. Universal development will not be complete without physical activity - massages, gymnastics, outdoor walks contribute to the development of mental activity. All these measures are good if the baby, first of all, is surrounded by love. In such an environment, it will grow easily and joyfully, and its development will always be at the proper level.

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