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Constipation in a child: what happens if you do not for a long time?

The fact that the human body is arranged incredibly difficult, does not cause the slightest doubt. Therefore, to expect that all functions and systems will work like clockwork, alas, it is impossible. Failures occur even in the healthiest person. However, not everyone of us pays attention to some alarming symptoms. There are problems that are not accepted to speak out loud. They are traditionally treated at home. Constipation is one of them. Perhaps, not to find a person who would not have experienced all the "delights" of this unpleasant phenomenon. But does everyone know what will happen if you do not for a long time croak? What are the consequences of prolonged constipation, and what should I do in this case?

An Inconvenient Problem

By the way, constipation is not just for adults. Babies, especially newborns, are also at risk. After all, their body has to adapt to new conditions of existence. Food is not only a means to meet the life needs of a little man, but also a significant stress with which every child struggles in his own way. In some, the chair adjusts quickly enough, for others the process is delayed for months. In any case, if the newborn does not pump for a long time, this is a serious reason for visiting the pediatrician, who will prompt the correct solution of the problem.

With age, constipation can go completely, but can become chronic. What will happen if you do not croak for a long time, it is better not to check on personal experience. Medical studies show that frequent constipation causes intoxication, lead to lethargy, apathy, poor appetite, weight loss or loss, and even contribute to the onset of cancer.

Caution! Danger!

Constipation in itself is not a disease, as such. There can be several reasons for this problem. First and foremost, doctors include the wrong diet of the patient in the list of possible "culprits". This will be discussed a little further.

However, when the question of what will happen, if not for a long time, continues to bother, despite a balanced diet and selection of a healthy diet, you need to carefully consider other possible causes of constipation. Fecal masses accumulate in the intestine gradually and are removed from the body when, due to pressure on the walls of the rectum, a pulse is sent to the brain. This process may not occur if a person suffers from neurological disorders. Most often, the problem is observed in young children.

The psychological factor is also not excluded. If once the child has felt pain or just unpleasant sensations during defecation, he does not think about what will happen if he does not for a long time cough. He simply refuses to sit down on the potty. Restraining the natural urge to bowel movement, the baby provokes constipation and further aggravates the situation. There are also really serious diseases, diagnosed only by a specialist in a medical institution. These include dysbacteriosis, bowel anomalies, Hirschsprung's disease, dolichosigma, celiac disease, inflammatory and pathological processes in the digestive tract, thyroid disorders.

Food is our everything

Fortunately, the diseases listed above are, more likely, an exception to the rule than the norm. While with constipations it is necessary to push down the order of a quarter of the population, in fact there are no serious pathologies in the vast majority of patients. And the main treatment for them is the correction of the diet. Children who have been introduced into the diet with the exception of mother's milk or an adapted milk formula, to cope with problems in the intestines easier. It is enough to eat foods rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, bran, cereals) and sour-milk products. In the first there are necessary fibers, which clean the intestines on the similarity of the brush. And in the "milk" contain useful for the body useful bacteria. They help to process, assimilate and remove food from the body.

From small to large

Much more difficult is the situation with babies. It would seem that they get the ideal nutrition for the child's body. What can provoke stable constipation? When the baby does not swing for a long time, while his diet consists only of maternal milk, it is necessary to determine whether his chair is constipated. Individual features of the body cause some babies to shit after each feeding. Another is enough to "go off a lot" once or twice a day.

If the child does not experience discomfort, he is not tormented by gases, he eats well and gaining weight, there are no reasons for concern. Otherwise, it is important to balance his food. In the process of sucking, the baby gets at first a more liquid and sweet milk, which contains a large amount of lactose, which plays an enormous role in the development of the child's body. But the so-called "back" milk has a great nutritional value. It is due to the fact that the baby gets both, "the right processes" of processing food in his body.

Artificial mothers also often wonder why the child does not croak for a long time. In their case, the cause may be an unsuitable mixture, a lack of fluid in the body, dehydration. The problem should be solved with the observing doctor. Often there is no difficulty in this. There are many children's meals on the shelves of stores. And to choose the optimal mixture will not be difficult. Replenish the same deficiency of fluid is quite simple: the baby can be watered with water, herbal teas or juices (after reaching 3-4 months old).

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