Zante Royal Resort & Water Park 4 * (Greece, Zakynthos): hotel description, reviews

The Greek islands have always attracted crowds of tourists. Mostly people come here who wish not just to relax by the sea, to luxuriate on the beach, to take sunbaths, to swim in the purest azure water, but also to come in contact with the history, to see the fruits of the creativity of ancient people. For this, both continental and island Greece are suitable. However, in recent years, the islands have become especially popular tourist destinations. Tourists here are attracted by small, but excellent hotels built in the Greek style. These include Zante Royal Resort 4 * (Greece, Zakynthos Island).

Isle of Arts

Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea, in its southern part. It is a green spot that stands out on the turquoise surface of the sea water. Due to its geographic position, that is, proximity to the Peloponnese Peninsula, tourists who have settled here for a while, for example in the Zante Royal Resort Hotel, can also visit many of the islands of the Greek archipelago, as well as some historical areas of mainland Greece, for example the ancient Olympia and even Athens - the capital of the country.

The island is interesting both from the point of view of the history of arts and architecture, and as a unique nature reserve. It is known as the home of huge turtles. In addition, Zakynthos is rightfully considered a source of inspiration for many creative natures, as well as the best love corner, a paradise for lovers. What are the only Blue Caves that are located in the southern part of the island! That's why tours to the hotel Zante Royal Resort And Water Park are so in demand among honeymooners who go here for the celebration of their honeymoon. By the way, if you want, you can organize a romantic wedding in Greek traditions. Believe me, it will be very interesting, fascinating and will be a memory for the rest of my life.

Cultural heritage

The island is home to the Greek national poet Dionysos Solomos, as well as Xenopoulos. By the way, being on the island as part of your tour to the hotel Zante Royal Resort, you immediately notice the influence of the Venetian and Florentine cultures, which, combined with the Greek traditions, gives each corner, each piece of land a special flavor. In literature it is often possible to find how Zakynthos is compared to these Italian cities and even called Florence of the East. The islanders are especially surprised by their musicality, it seems that they have it in their blood. There is evidence that the ancient Zakynthians worshiped the god of music - Apollo. Zakynthos still continues to be considered one of the most important cultural centers of modern Greece. Every day there are various musical - song and dance - festivals. Many of the participants who came to the island in the framework of these events, stay at the Zante Royal Resort And Water Park 4 *. And all the guests of the hotel can not only perfectly spend their vacations under the gentle Greek sun, enjoying the purest waters of the Ionian Sea, but also to come in contact with the real traditions of these arts, becoming a spectator and, if desired, a participant.

Zante Royal Resort 4 *: accordance with tradition

There are 44 villages on the island. All of them try to preserve the traditional way of life. And this means that local people do not go on the occasion of tourists, but on the contrary, tourism develops taking into account the interests of local residents. For example, they prevent the construction of giant hotel complexes, which by their appearance can bring disharmony into the virgin beauty of the island. There are practically no hotels-representatives of world hotel brands, although the level of service even in the smallest hotel facilities can be estimated at the full five. The above-mentioned hotel Zante Royal Resort And Water Park is one of the largest on the island, as there is a water park on its territory, however it was built according to the concept common to the whole island. The hotel's buildings are located in the form of terraces, gradually descending to the water. Their exterior is also made in the Greek style, which is incredibly harmonious with the picturesque picture of the island. On the beach along the water's edge there are sun loungers and umbrellas of the color of the Greek flag in a semicircle.


This small village is located 16 kilometers south-west of the island's capital. A distinctive feature of this village is the lush park and garden area, which encircles the golden beaches framed with another moaning of the turquoise sea surface. In Vasilikos you can get on the road that goes along the coast. And already on the way you can enjoy the magnificent seascapes, which amaze with their beauty and sometimes even seem incredible, fantastic. The village is perfect for those who like a quiet and peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle. Hotels Vasilikos, including Zante Royal Resort 4 (Zakynthos), choose, as already noted, the newlyweds, who are attracted by the reigning atmosphere of romance, couples with children, business people who need relaxation in the truest sense of the word, well And persons who are on a well-deserved rest.

By the way, fans of diving also come here - travelers to the depths of the sea. The clearest transparent waters, amazing underwater world are simply created for employment by this kind of sports. If you are going to try yourself for the first time, experienced instructors from the indigenous people of the island will instruct you and help you to make the first dip in your life under your water.

The island is organized by the National Marine Reserve, and many of the beaches, including the village of Vasilikos, are under his patronage. The thing is that turtle-turtle turtles live in the coastal areas. This is an endangered species of animals, and the authorities of the country are doing everything possible to preserve them. This is another reason to come to the hotel Zante Royal Resort 4 * with the children. Be sure that for your kids this will be the most interesting vacation. In the hotel from morning to night your children will be engaged in animators and provide them with a wonderful leisure. In the evening, you can take them to the beach, where they can observe the life of turtles in natural conditions.

Greek hospitality of the staff of the hotel "Zante Royal Resort"

For the ancient peoples, if you notice, the word "guest" has a special meaning. In the cultural traditions of these peoples, including the Greeks, there are special rites for the reception of guests. Today they, of course, are not so relevant, but the attitude towards people who have visited their country remains the same. If you ask tourists who have visited the island about their impressions, the first thing they will say is the warm attitude of local residents and hotel staff to them. The same goes for the former guests of the Zante Royal Resort. Reviews of their stay in the hotel begin with the words of gratitude to the islanders, who every minute tried to brighten the guests' rest with their benevolent and precautionary attitude.

And, of course, tourists often talk about their impressions of traditional Greek evenings, where national music sounds, guests are taught to dance sirtaki, treat them with tasty and fresh culinary delights, local drinks, etc. At the Zante Royal Resort Hotel Evenings are held regularly, on a certain day of the week. If you are lucky, you can take part in it not only one, but 2 or even 3 times, depending on how many days you are going to spend at the hotel.

How to get there?

If you bought a tour in Zante Royal Resort (Greece), you will first need to fly to the Greek capital, Athens, or a regular flight that is carried out by the leading airlines of Russia and Greece, or chartered from many major cities of Russia. Well, and then, having re-landed a local airline, you will go to the capital of the island of Zakynthos. The airport is very close - at a distance of 6 km from the city. There are only two flights a day. Night air traffic is prohibited.

Arrival to the island can also be by water on a ferry. The first thing you will see when approaching Zakynthos is the high belfry of St. Dionysius Cathedral, which is located on the outskirts of the city. If you do not want to stop in the capital and are going on your arrival directly to go to Vasilikos, where Zante Royal Resort is located, then the best option is to rent a car in advance. To do this, you will need an international driving license. You can also buy a ticket for a minibus or take a taxi. However, most tourists when booking a tour in Zante Royal Resort make a transfer, and then they are at the airport waiting for the employee of the travel agency or the hotel and escorts to the hotel. Nevertheless, the idea with the rental is the best, because the presence of "wheels" will help you to spend interesting time, to visit everyone, even the hidden corner, to become a researcher and maybe even a pioneer.

Zante Royal Resort And Water Park 4: description and location

As noted above, the hotel is located in the village of Vasilikos, 17 kilometers from the capital of the island, where the airport is located. This is an excellent hotel complex, which has a beautiful water area with attractions and slides, from which all children, and their parents are delighted. If you want your child to have an interesting and busy vacation, then this will be the best option for fulfilling your desires. In addition to the water world "Zatino", there is also an extensive entertainment program for children of different ages. The hotel has a gorgeous sandy beach just 100 meters from the building. However, tourists can also visit other parts of the coast in the neighborhood, such as Porto Roma and Agios Nikolaos, Gerakas and Banana Beach, etc.

Number of rooms

Once in one of the beautiful rooms of the hotel, you will feel at home, because here even from the smallest detail comes care. The hotel Zante Royal Resort 155 wonderful rooms, equipped with balconies with very comfortable summer furniture, where you can sit with all the comfort and enjoy an incredible view of the sea or the surrounding gardens and hamlets. All rooms are air-conditioned, thanks to which the rooms create a pleasant atmosphere, a minibar, a safe and a fridge. In addition to local television, hundreds of satellite TV channels will be available to you. There is a telephone with direct dialing, as well as wireless Internet, which, unfortunately, is not always good for catching. After all, the hotel is on the island. The bathrooms and the toilet are also beyond praise: there is a bath, a shower, a hairdryer, and, of course, a full set of toiletries, including shampoo and hair conditioner, shower gel, liquid and bar soap. Room maintenance (cleaning and linen change) takes place daily.

Room Types

At the Zante Royal Resort, tourists are accommodated in the following types:

  • Single rooms with two single or one double bed - Double Rooms GV / SV.
  • The family rooms are spacious Superior Family rooms with one double and two single beds for children.
  • Family double rooms - Family 2-Bedrooms GV.

The services

The hotel has two outdoor swimming pools, a gym, water slides, a club for a healthy lifestyle, where you can take a massage course, lie in a whirlpool with hydromassage, steam in the sauna, swim in the indoor heated pool. All these services are paid. On the extensive green area of the hotel operates an electric bus. On it you can ride to restaurants, cafes and bars, to the cinema and to the fun park, to the shopping center "Careta-Careta", located at short distances from each other. Today, hardly anyone presents their lives without the Internet, and if you do not have a laptop or tablet with you, then at the reception you can rent them. The hotel also operates a rental car and motorcycle, parking. Laundry, dry cleaning, ironing, doctor and babysitting services are provided. All of them are paid.


Guests of the Zante Royal Resort hotel in their comments on their stay here often express their deep gratitude for the interesting time spent. After all, not all hotels for children are hosting such interesting events. The hotel administration tries to make the children's holiday rich, informative and very cheerful. Parents also thank you for having a children's menu. This is also very important. As for the quality of services, then this feedback is exceptionally praiseworthy. The staff conscientiously fulfills their duties, thanks to which a friendly relationship develops between them and the guests.


Despite the fact that the beach belongs to the hotel itself, even for guests umbrellas, sun beds and towels are paid. That's why most of the guests choose different beaches every time. Here you can book classes for a dive instructor, ride a "banana" and water ski, rent a scooter. For children there is a playground with swings.

Recreation and Sports

To the services of fans of an active way of life and sports entertainment in the hotel there is a basketball court. In the large fresh pool, water polo competitions are often held, in the courtyard of the hotel there is a dart board on the wall, there are also ping-pong tables and billiards.

Services for children

For small tourists, the hotel has many activities for interesting leisure, namely: a mini club, fun and entertainment park Zantino World, which operates from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. On the territory of 400 square meters. M there is a playground, which is equipped with inflatable toys and slides, a wall for rock climbing. There is also a puppet theater. Especially for the entertainment of children in the hotel there is a team of animators.


You have probably heard that in Greece the food is simply delicious. Greek cuisine is very useful, because it includes various dishes from vegetables, fruits, dairy, fish and meat products. Especially popular are various salads of fresh vegetables and seafood, dressed in olive oil and lemon juice. The hotel has two restaurants, two bars by the pool, a lobby bar in the lobby. Zante Royal Resort operates on an all-inclusive basis, which is very convenient for couples. By the way, for kids there is a separate menu.

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