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Long service pension

One type of pension provision for citizens is a long service pension. These monthly payments are state payments and are established in connection with certain working conditions specified in the legislation.

The main value in establishing the pension is the special length of service. Depending on the nature of the work, the length of service is 15 years, 20 years, 25 years and 30 years.

The Government of the Russian Federation approves the lists of jobs, professions and posts subject to the appointment of this type of pension provision, as well as the rules for calculating the length of service. These documents are coordinated with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

So, who is the owner of the right to go on a well-deserved rest or receive cash payments before the usual labor pension?

Long service pension Is assigned to citizens who worked in conditions of underground and open mining. Payments to employees are made in full (75% of earnings) and do not depend on the nature of the work performed. In the case of continuing work after the appointment of pension security, payments are not canceled.

Long service pension Is established for workers employed on ships of the fleet of the fishing industry, the sea and river fleet.

Long service pension Is assigned to civil aviation workers . To receive pension payments, employees engaged in air traffic management in the engineering and technical staff for servicing aircraft must reach 55 years of age for men and 50 years for women. The length of service is small, and the existence of a common work record of 20-25 years is compulsory.

The sizes of pension payments from the minimum to the maximum are established in accordance with the size of the old-age pension.

The maximum pension for civil aviation personnel should not exceed three and a half times the minimum pension.

Retirement pension for teachers and teachers who carry out pedagogical activities in schools and Other educational institutions are appointed with pedagogical experience Not less than 25 years.

The list of employees entitled to retire on seniority includes:

- workers engaged in medical and other work to protect the health of the population in rural areas;

- persons who have the necessary work experience on stage in theaters, in theatrical and entertainment enterprises and collectives.

The pension for length of service in years is provided for persons who have completed military service, as well as service in internal affairs bodies . On the day of separation from service, the work experience should be 20 years or more.

If the dismissal occurred in connection with the attainment of the maximum age of service, for health reasons, or organizational and staff changes, a general length of service of 25 years or more is required to designate a long service pension, and military service in this period must be at least 12 years 6 months, as well as reaching 45 years of age.

In addition to the above occupations, state employees (in accordance with the federal law "On the Fundamentals of the Public Service of the Russian Federation") are provided with pensions for seniority, as well as tax police officers, prosecutors and investigators, employees of scientific and educational institutions of the Russian Prosecutor's Office with class ranks.

Is it possible to summarize the various working conditions for the designation of a long service pension ?

No, such definition of pension experience in the legislation is not provided.

What is the amount of pensions, if the length of service is higher than the required one?

The size of the pension for the required length of service is 55% of the employee's salary. For each full year beyond the required length of service, the benefits are increased by 1%. However, they should not exceed 75% of earnings.

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