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What can not be allowed in the planning of the family budget: the basic rules

Lately, more and more people are trying to plan their budget. This is not surprising. With the rise in prices for essential commodities and medicines, a person learns to save something and limit his expenses. This article will tell you about what can not be allowed when planning the family budget. You will find out the basic rules and conditions that need to be adhered to.

What should not be allowed when planning the family budget?

There are several unspoken rules that you need to adhere to when drawing up a plan for a month. Most people know them clearly. However, not all take into account that the planning of expenditures of the family budget implies some prohibitions. Below you will get acquainted with the main points of the plan.

First rule: unrecorded earnings

What can not be allowed in planning the family budget, so that everyone is responsible for their income and expenditure. If you are a family, then all your savings should be taken into account.

Many families in the modern world live by the rule: my salary is my expenses. It is not right. With this motto, you can never plan your family budget correctly and effectively.

The second rule: it is impossible that the income was less than the expenditure

Financial planning of the family budget involves limiting spending for revenue growth. At present, there are many temptations to which a lot of money is spent. For example, entertainment, travel, shopping and so on. You can not afford anything you want. Try to limit your desires. Only in this case your incomes will start to exceed expenses considerably.

Third rule: do not waste all your money

What should not be allowed when planning the family budget yet? Learn to allocate your priorities so that you always have a portion of the money left. It's not about millions or hundreds of thousands. It is possible to postpone several thousand rubles each month. The only exceptions are those cases when the funds were needed urgently (during illness, during the breakdown of household appliances and so on).

The fourth rule: one can not ignore the importance of paragraphs

When you compiled the main list of spending for the next month, you need to assess it sensibly. The first place in the expenses should be the payment for the apartment and utilities. After that, go food and basic necessities. And only if you have extra money, you can spend it on something not so necessary, but pleasant. The third rule must always be satisfied.

The fifth rule: you can not completely limit yourself

Allow yourself to at least occasionally spend a small amount on what you really want. Constant restriction will not lead you to anything good. It is not a question of expending all available savings. Perhaps you have been dreaming about traveling for a long time and you know that you have money for it. Give yourself a vacation, which happens once a year. Go where you want. You have to pamper yourself for the proper management of the family budget.

The sixth rule: do not make all decisions yourself

When planning costs for the near future, you need to consider the wishes and needs of all family members. Do not forget to prioritize. Remember that changing shoes for school for a son is more important than a toy for a daughter. Consult your family when making a shopping list and spending. Only then proceed to fill out the list or table. This move will help you get the most benefit and make the right decision when planning your family budget.


Now you know what categorically you can not do when compiling a list of expenses. Approximate planning of the family budget (table) is presented in this article. Read and create your own plan for keeping costs for a certain period of time. Try to save, but do not be too mean. Remember that money is just paper. In the world there are more valuable things. Successes to you in drawing up the family budget and productive planning!

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