What does Santorini get from travelers?

Greek hospitality, picturesque nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, interesting sights cause only admiration and positive feedback. Santorini is one of the most mysterious places in Greece. This is a small group of islands of volcanic origin, and they are located 200 km southeast of the mainland, in the Aegean Sea. The main island of Santorini is called Tera, or Fira. It covers an area of about 76 km 2 , the length of the coastline is 70 km.

Today it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Lakes with blue clear water, red-black sand, a delightful volcanic landscape, unusual nature, unique relief of rocks - all this is Santorini. Reviews of tourists about the island are only the most positive, which is facilitated by the developed infrastructure and high-quality service. Santorini appeared relatively recently, in 1450 BC. E. This was facilitated by a very powerful earthquake, which provoked the eruption of the volcano. Under the tons of ashes, the city of Akrotiri was buried. Such a large-scale tragedy led to the death of the Minoan civilization.

Thanks to a well thought out and developed tourist business, the archipelago receives only a good tip. Santorini is famous for its two cities - Fira and Eeyore. They are located on rocky peaks, so tourists on arrival at the port are forced to climb up the winding road on foot or on donkeys. There are a lot of hotels of different star, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bars, and interesting sights.

Recall Santorini receives from fans of archeology and antiquity only enthusiastic. What is worth only a trip to the ancient city of Firo, in which at one time lived the Dorians, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines. Here you can see the sanctuaries, theaters, agora, houses belonging to different epochs, graves of archaic and classical epochs, the home of Ptolemy the Benefactor, hot springs, the ruins of buildings of the early Christian period. At Cape Akrotiri one should look at the once rich city of the Minoan civilization, which was destroyed during the terrible eruption of the volcano. Until now, only ruins have been preserved, but during excavation it was possible to get household utensils, vessels and other items from under the ashes.

Santorini receives a positive response for a rich cultural heritage. Here is a unique museum complex, which includes a museum of prehistoric Fira, wines, archaeological, marine, folklore museums, the Gizi Palace. What is especially worth noting is the sunset. The setting sun can be seen from anywhere in the archipelago, but a particularly beautiful picture looms in the city of Eeyore. Tourists climb the slopes and stairs to observe the amazing patterns that appear in the sky.

It is difficult to convey in words those positive emotions and impressions that give travelers a holiday in Santorini. Reviews of tourists about this wonderful region are only kind and warm, because Greek islands are all very hospitable. Local nature, high-class service and interesting sights make the holiday unforgettable.

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