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Galadriel is an actress: filmography and personal life

Galadriel is a familiar elf from the epic epic "The Lord of the Rings". In the film, she has gorgeous golden locks and eyes as bright as the sky. The role of Galadriel in the "Lord of the Rings" went to the incomparable Cate Blanchett. In life, she, like the character, also has blond hair and eyes. What besides the external similarities binds the actress and her character, you can learn from this article.


On the film Galadriel is the mistress of the elves. Her powers are powerful, and in this connection many people call her the greatest elven mistress of those left after the War of Wrath. She is the youngest of all daughters born from the union of Valinor Finarfin and Earwen. She was married to Thingol Celebron, from whom she gave birth to the son of Celebrian. The place of her birth is Velionor. Was born in those very times when there were still well-grown two worlds known world. At all times she was considered the most beautiful girl of all who belonged to the Finwe family. Galatriel actress Kate Blanchett performed magnificently. Her talent allowed to fully penetrate the image of Lady Laurien.

Biography of the actress who played Galadriel

The birthplace of Kate is the suburb of Melbourne. The girl's father, Robert Blanchett, was a naval officer from Texas. Her mother, June Blanchett, taught at a school in Melbourne. After Kate's parents got married, they decided to move to Australia. Here my father began to build his business in the field of advertising. A heart attack took his life when Kate was a nine-year-old girl. So the mother of the actress, who performed the role of Galadriel, was at that time alone with three children.

Kate has an older brother named Bob, who works as a computer engineer, and younger sister of Genevieve, who now works as a designer and costumier in the theater.

A great place in the life of the actress, who played Galadriel, had her studies. Initially, she graduated from elementary school in Melbourne, then a gymnasium for girls and then a Melbourne women's methodical college. A high level of education in the future helped the actress play a quality play Lady Galadriel. The actress did not complete the education. She studied art and economics at the University of Melbourne. But due to the great desire to travel, Kate Blanchett left the university.

Travels squeezed out of the girl all the money. Then, by will of fate, she was in Egypt, where the actress first starred in a low-profile Egyptian film. The role was in the crowd, but for the money then Kate was ready for a lot. This, of course, is not Galadriel ("The Lord of the Rings"). The actress did not think then that her career would be so successful.

Personal life

Just like Galadriel, the actress arranged her personal life once and for all. In 1996 she met on the set of the television series with her first husband. After a year of relationship, Keith Blanchett and editor and screenwriter Andrew Upton play a wedding. Some time after the wedding, the actress completely immersed in the work in the picture "Elizabeth". First, the newly born family lived in Sydney, then went to London and then finally settled in Australia. In marriage, Kate and Andrew had four children. The actress herself gave birth to her husband three sons: Dashila, Romana and Ignatius. Daughter Edith happy couple adopted in March 2015.

Theatrical platform

Returning to Australia gave Kate the idea to enter the National Institute of Drama. Training here was given to her very easily. Teachers and students were sure that she was the best student of her course. Then the beginning actress still did not think that Galadriel would play a role, but she tried to get the maximum of useful knowledge. After a brilliant graduation from the institute in 1992, Kate began to work in the theater. Her first roles were awarded the most colorful and positive feedback from critics. In the list of her theatrical works are the following plays:

  1. "Cool girls" is a Sydney theater company.
  2. "Kafka's dances are the role of Felicia Bauer.
  3. "Oleanna" - the role of Carol.

For the role of Felicia Bauer, Kate received the award for best debut from the Sydney Society of Theater Critics. And for the role of Carol, she also received the award - "The best theater actress of 1993".

Film career

When Cate Blanchett was just beginning to be realized as an actress, she did not even think that her filmography would include the role of Galadriel. Actress filmography replenished very quickly. Successful work on the stage brought Kate into the world of cinema.

She debuted in 1989 in the TV series "Ji Pi". Here she got a small episodic role. The period from 1993 to 1995 is characterized for the actress as a time of very good works. During this time, she managed to play in such TV series as "Motherland", "Police Force", "City at the border."

Despite the fact that the film career developed in Kate well enough, she still did not throw work in the theater. In the theater she was offered to play Ophelia in "Hamlet", and also work in "Gentle Febe", "Dance of the Blind Giant" and "Bure". The first notable actress of the movie was not the role of Galadriel, but the role of Rosie in "Parklands". In this picture, Kate played the main character.

Early filmography

Three pictures of luck made Cate Blanchett really beloved and recognizable. So, the main films that brought the first fruits of success to the actress were:

  1. "The Road to Heaven" - the actress plays nurse Susan McArthy. The partners in the film were Glenn Close and Francis McDormand. The picture tells about the life of two women, whom during the Second World War, fate acquaints with not the most rosy circumstances in a Japanese concentration camp.
  2. "Thank God, he met Lizzie" - the actress played the role of Lizzie. According to critics, this picture is the most piquant and humorous film of its time. Kate Blanchett for work in this film was awarded an award from the Australian Film Institute and from the Australian Society of Film Critics.
  3. "Oscar and Lucinda" - the actress starring Lucinda. The film was released in 1997. According to the producers, initially Kate was not exactly suitable for the role of Lucinda. First of all, this was due to the fact that no one in the United States and other countries of the world knew it at all. The fame of the actress extended only to the inhabitants of Australia. But the perseverance of the director and the magnificent play of the actress left all doubts behind. Kate remarkably coped with the role of a wealthy heiress, who in the process of playing cards leads to the dispute of the poor priest Oscar. The subject of the bet is a glass church, which, according to the terms of the dispute, Oscar must be transported intact and safe to Australia. In the event of his luck, Lucinda promises to give him all his fortune. At the box office, the picture did not receive a huge response, but critics noticed Kate Blanchett's vivid and convincing play in the image of Lucinda.


The most important at the height of the career for Kate was the role of the Queen Elizabeth I. This picture was created under the direction of the director from India Shekhar Kapoor. Within the framework of the film, the queen's youthful years were shown, as well as the process of her ascension to the throne and early reign. In the center of the plot were the love relationship of the main character with Lord Robert Dudley. This role has brought the young actress a dizzying reputation around the world. Recognition of her magnificent game was admired by critics, nomination for an Oscar and a victory in the Golden Globe and BAFTA. In the ninety-ninth actress was already basking in the rays of glory and received a huge number of proposals. After the release of "Elizabeth" she was invited to participate in two theatrical productions: "Abundance" and "Vagina Monologues".

Film career also went up the hill. In one year she appeared in five films. The first role was in the short film "The History of Lost Souls", then she played in the melodrama "The Ideal Husband", in the comedy "Managing Flight", the psychological thriller "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and in another short film - "The Mysteries of Lost Souls." A few more years she played in a variety of films. Two years later, she was invited to star in the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Galadriel for the actress has since become the most beloved character.


Like any actress, Cate Blanchett had not only dizzying ups, but also falls. In 2001, the actress was involved in two films: the military drama of Gillian Armstrong "Charlotte Gray" and in the melodrama "Ship News". On the first film, the creators spent twenty-seven million dollars. The box office did not amount to more than four million dollars. So "Charlotte Gray" was the first picture of Keith Blanchett, completely failed at the box office.

"Lullaby News" also did not touch the hearts of viewers, which sends this to the film in the list of unsuccessful for Kate. Another disappointment for the actress can be considered a failure at the casting. In 2001, she counted on the role in the film "Hannibal". As a result, Clarice Starling played Gillian Moore. The film "Paradise", for which Kate completely shaved off her hair, is also difficult to call successful. Undoubtedly, in the opinion of critics, it seemed good, but judging by the failure of the rental, the spectator was not to his liking.

Peak of popularity

Impeccable skill and boundless workaholism made every picture with Cate Blanchett's participation unusually successful. So, in 2003, critics praised her for her work in the film "Hunting for Veronica". The same year brought the actress two more roles in the films "Coffee and Cigarettes" and "The Last Raid." 2004 actress began with the film "Water Life with Steve Zissu." Then the actress received a stunning success from the role of Katharine Hepburn in the movie "Aviator". It was for this role that Kate received her first Oscar. Also, "Aviator" brought her several awards from the British Film Academy, the Screen Actors Guild, and also the actress was exposed in a large number of nominations.

After a short break, Kate again successfully showed herself in the movie "Babylon". Critics very much appreciated both the film itself and the actors' play. Also, his share of the glory of Cate Blanchett brought such pictures as "Good German", "Golden Age", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

Current work

In 2010, the actress participated in the filming of the film "Robin Hood". In 2011, the actress starred in several films. But most of all the viewer remembered the picture "The Hobbit", where Kate played a powerful Galadriel again (the photo of the actress from the film below). 2012 year gave Blanchet a role in the film "Jasmine". In this film, the actress played a beautiful woman who lost everything that she had. In recognition of her tremendous performance, the actress was awarded the Oscar and Golden Globe awards.

In 2013, Blanchett seemed to the world as a ruthless and stiff stepmother in the film "Cinderella". "Carol", like many other films, became a sign of recognition for the actress. For her unquestionably talented game, Cate Blanchett again received numerous nominations, including Oscar.

Interesting Facts

  1. Having played Galadriel, the actress conquered the Tolkien fans.
  2. In the youth she preferred the Gothic style of clothes.
  3. She was nominated for seven Oscar nominations.
  4. The only actress of Australian descent, who has two Oscars at once.
  5. Has a doctorate for a huge contribution to culture.
  6. He believes that self-realization is more important than recognition.
  7. Practically does not eat sweets. The maximum that an actress can afford is natural yogurt.
  8. Her surname is correctly pronounced as Blanchett.

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