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Who is Ekaterina Shcheglov?

Ekaterina Shcheglova is an artist by education and an actress by vocation. This is a very versatile personality. She writes poetry and helps to arrange exhibitions. I started drawing at the age of seventeen. He likes to create costumes for performances and scenery for the stage. Personality is not ordinary and with interesting views on life. He likes to philosophize at leisure, visiting bookstores replaces Shcheglovoy shopping and buying fashionable women's tricks.

What is known about Catherine?

In the category of "sensational" and famous names does not include Ekaterina Shcheglova. Her biography is not widely known. And, nevertheless, talented people of Russia need to know in person. Ekaterina was born in 1983 in Moscow. Since the thirteen years the film "Pulp Fiction" has become for her the most beloved.

Characteristics and preferences of the young actress

Ekaterina Shcheglova is very fond of some memories from her childhood and early youth. She believes that it was during this period that she felt the need to take paint and express her feelings on canvas. It's very difficult to become an artist, it's even harder to become a real actor. We can say that Ekaterina Shcheglova is striving for this skill. She is an actress who is original and demanding to herself and her character.

It's not accidental that she's Aries on the zodiac sign. Passion, the desire to go to the end, to rest on and do the impossible are qualities that Ekaterina Shcheglov herself values. Together with Pavel Ruminov, she created a whole series of comic books that describe what people feel when they wake up every morning, go to work, about what is happening inside each of them. Paul and Catherine - a creative union that has emerged through communication on the Internet. It happened at the time when Shcheglova was looking for herself as a poetess.

Painting "Dead Daughters"

In 2007, fans of horror films could watch the movie "Dead Daughters" on the movie screens. According to the plot of this thriller in the Russian capital one after another strange mysterious deaths occur. Most tend to believe that all these deaths are accidents. But in them one can find a regularity, a certain connection. If this connection is revealed, it becomes clear who and why commits crimes. Although it is difficult to believe in ghosts and ghosts.

Ekaterina Shcheglova played in this film one of the main female roles. The girl herself admits in one interview that the work was not easy. But the whole year of work on the picture was the best for her. To realize her character on the screen, you had to change a lot in yourself. Catherine says that she even had to change her habits and the established rhythm of life.

Ekaterina Shcheglova (actress): filmography

Filmography of it can fit on one page of printed text, and even then with explanations. It all began in 2005, namely - with the short film "Note". The film is so called because of a note that falls into the hands of the main character. The content of it pushes the thought that someone has a misfortune. But the girl comes home, is engaged in her daily affairs. And what's next? Then the sensational film "Dead Daughters" was filmed. Then followed a few more short films, the tape "Musketeer Visit". The main character of the movie "Two Hours" celebrates a housewarming party and invites her friends to a family dinner. Her husband does not come home on time from work, and when it appears, it behaves strangely. He leads into the house of a humorist, who trades in an underground passage, a familiar actress, and then - his mistress.

Next was the film "Intimate Places". This picture required (according to the scenario writer and director) a lot of scenes with the naked bodies of the actors. But the plot was such that no frank bed scenes were provided. The film shows the stories of several modern Muscovites, who have complexes and dissatisfaction in sex. The fate of all the characters - a fashionable photo artist, spouses, psychoanalyst and other characters - is not intertwined. Someone needs professional advice from a specialist psychologist, someone is struggling with their own problems.

Picture «New Russians»

Star cast of the actors, which was the company Ekaterina Shcheglova, created a short unusual film "New Russians" (Sergei Makovetsky, Viktor Sukhorukov, Yuri Kuznetsov and Kirill Pletnev).

Short films have become popular with the viewer since Soviet times. But recently this genre hardly makes its way to the movie screens. This film combined as many as six short stories into one large (for eighty-four minutes) compilation. Every movie episode has its own plot, genre, idea. Each of them has an easy form of presentation for the viewer.

Personal life

Ekaterina Shcheglova, Roman Volobuev made a beautiful couple. Roman is a famous screenwriter and journalist. He longed for Catherine's hand. But now both are happy in marriage, in 2014 they had a daughter. Life of the spouses in constant traveling and creative disputes. But their relationship is trustworthy. Husband and wife understand each other. Roman also tried himself in the field of the actor, they together mount films. Common interests in the family help create a strong relationship.

Everything that this creative union offers or each of them separately, is unusual and new. The artist, who knows how to own not only a brush, but also a word that is shot in films, diverse in genre and time of action on the screen, is admirable. In the life of Roman Volobuyev, Catherine is already the third wife, but this decision is at present the only true one and so far has a beneficial effect on joint creativity.

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