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The most interesting comedy. The most ridiculous comedies

Almost every person is difficult to make a choice, which movie to watch, it is difficult to find the most interesting films. The list of "Comedy", which usually on sites with online movies are films of this genre, contains a variety of films and does not help to make a choice.

The most unworthy comedies

Let's start with those comedy films, which are not recommended to watch. Of course, they also have their fans, but on the whole, the score that they put on various film sites is extremely low:

  • "It's easy at the mentioning." Stupid and not very interesting story about how a curse was imposed on a man, according to which he began to appear where he is thought about at that moment. The bad acting of the actors, the incredibly boring presentation of the plot does not make this film fascinating.
  • "Hitler Kaput." The theme to which this comedy is devoted is extremely complex and sad, therefore, in principle, the essence of humor is not very clear. There is something that you can joke about, there's something you should not worry about. If the plot, then in the movie, the Russian spy conducts his activities so badly that everyone is already aware of it, except for the Fuhrer himself. Residents of Germany go to clubs and have fun. In general, a bigger nightmare, probably, our cinema has not yet seen.

Comedy with black humor

Not often in humorous films, black humor is used, perhaps because it is not for everyone and is not always clear, and sometimes is inappropriate.

Therefore, it is worth noting the most interesting comedy films with non-standard humor. There are not many of them, but they are, an excellent example - the film "Slaughter Vacations".

Comedy series of Russia

Recently, many Russian TV channels have been shooting and showing comedy series. To some extent they are much more dynamic, and sometimes more interesting and fun than ordinary films. Often they consist of several seasons, so you get used to the characters, their life and the development of events are interested. The most amusing and cheerful Russian series include:

  • "Gym teacher". The most interesting comedy, consisting of three seasons. Nagiyev very well reincarnated as a bandit, who accidentally went to work as a fizruk at school. Rather, he had a different task, and with it, I must say, he did quite well.
  • "Cool guys". A cheerful story about the life of a simple guy, Koli, about his adventures. There is a feeling that he and his friends always have something going on, some problems, they are constantly searching for their solutions. In general, everything is interestingly twisted: there is love, and friendship, weddings and partings. Well, of course, a lot of humor!
  • "Friendship of Peoples". Very cute and funny series about the life of the interethnic family: for their quarrels and reconciliations it is always interesting to observe.

Foreign Comedy Series

If we talk about foreign serials of the comedy genre, then they are produced enough. It is possible, however, that foreign humor may not always be completely understandable to us, but usually the skill of translators' work brightens the situation. Let us turn to examples and consider the most interesting comedies. Their list can look like this:

  • "The Big Bang Theory". A really funny story, which lasts for 8 seasons, tells viewers about the life of four physicists passionate about science, none of them have a girlfriend, and one can not even speak to them. In general, this is a very interesting and funny series.
  • "Everyone hates Chris." It can not be said that this series is so famous, however, and it can appeal to many. The black boy tries to cope with a variety of problems: in the family, on the street, at school. Yes, probably, you can not say that this is the most interesting comedy, but definitely one of the worthy ones.

Excellent family comedies

The most interesting comedy that is worth recommending for viewing by the whole family is the film "Alone at Home". Of course, it's best to watch it at Christmas, so that there is an appropriate atmosphere, but at any other time it will be interesting. There is no point in retelling the story, because, probably, it is known to everyone. It should only be noted that only the first two parts deserve the attention of the audience. The rest are somewhat boring and not so exciting.

Also from the last family comedies is the interest "Alexander and the terrible, nightmarish, bad day." There are no vulgar and questionable jokes, everything is quite bright and somehow Disney. In general, it leaves after viewing the most positive impression. It can not be said that he is very funny, he's just funny, but nice.

The best comedies of the Soviet Union

Not everyone loves American comedies, so it's worth remembering about our Soviet humorous films. There are a lot of them, we list the most interesting comedies, the list of which is below:

  • "Love and pigeons". Probably the most interesting comedy that was shot in the USSR. Perhaps, many will say that this is more dramatic and sad film, but all this is relative.
  • "Operation Y". The film, consisting of three humorous stories, telling about the life of a simple guy Shurik. The comedy really deserves to be known to everyone. And yet, it can be reviewed many times and still laugh at all the jokes.
  • "Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession." Probably not everyone knows that the basis for this film was the story of M. Bulgakov. The protagonist creates a time machine and transfers his neighbor to the past, and from there transfers it to the present day of Ivan the Terrible. Well, a very funny comedy, an incredibly fun and memorable song. All this makes it possible to call the film one of the best Soviet films.

Of course, during the Soviet era, a huge number of films were shot, some of them are now trying to extend, removing something like "The Irony of Fate-2", "Service Novel-2." Such tapes hardly deserve special attention, because most often it turns out some pathetic, unconvincing parody, over which you do not want to laugh.

The most interesting Russian comedies

It can not be said that the comedies that are produced in Russia are all equally good. As elsewhere, there are failures and vulgar, but there are pleasant and lovely, which can be seen with the whole family.

  • "Firs". In recent times it can be said that this is the most ridiculous comedy that was released in Russia. It can not be said that it is completely fixated solely on humor, because Russian films usually differ with a mixture of ridiculous and sad. That is, there is room for love, and jokes, and light sadness.
  • "High Security Vacation". A comedy about how escaped prisoners become educators in a children's camp. Enough fun, moderately sad, the law, of course, finds them, but everything is developing very entertaining.
  • "Bitterly". Unusual comedy of Russian production. Sensation from the shooting process that it happened with the use of an amateur camera. Everything is chaotic and confusing, so it's fun, albeit with a little sadness. But, as has already been said, it exists in almost all the comedies made in Russia.

The most interesting comedies of the year

Despite the fact that only a few months passed this year, there have already been a lot of comedies that will be able to qualify for the title of the best. Among them is worth paying attention to such the most interesting comedy films, like:

  • "Shafer is for rent." A funny story about how all the groom's acquaintances refuse to be his witnesses, besides, they usually do not even understand who is calling them. But every situation has an outlet. The guy finds an agency that can provide the best man for rent.
  • "Simple." All the girls on the background of Bianchi look posh beauties, but she does not notice it, because she thinks that they are friends with her. Once the most handsome guy opens her eyes, and she decides to get it. What will come of it - you know, if you look at this worthwhile and funny comedy.
  • "My mother is a gift." Russian comedy about a guy who suffered from excessive maternal care. Interesting, a small film about my mother's son, in love with a girl who did not like his parent.

It is impossible to unequivocally list the most interesting and funny comedies, since everything that concerns ratings and lists is subjective. However, in this article were listed really worthy films, which undoubtedly deserve the attention of the viewer.

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