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"Gold Fitness" at Semenovskaya: reviews, season tickets, phone and address

"Gold Fitness" at Semenovskaya is a modern center where you can have a great time with friends and improve your figure and health. To date, this is an extensive network, which includes four sports complexes, so that you can choose the one that is located closest to your home. Judging by the reviews of regular visitors, this is one of the best sports clubs in the city. "Gold Fitness" at Semenovskaya is open to visitors since 2009, and during this time the club not only did not lose popularity, but also acquired branches to be able to accommodate all comers.

Description, contacts

Let's dwell a little more on what this sports center is. "Gold-Fitness" at Semenovskaya gives an opportunity to go in for sports for everyone. A modern fitness club offers customers not just to improve their physical form, but also to have a good time. People can come here whole families, and everyone will find something to taste. A cozy atmosphere and qualified staff will help you spend the evening as much as possible useful and pleasant. Of course, the sports hall itself deserves the most attention, where you can find relief forms, improve your mood and increase your confidence.

Communicate with employees of the capital's fitness center on the street. Izmaylovskaya can be reached at the number: +7 (495) 589-68-98. The club on the Semenovskaya Square is waiting for calls on the phone: +7 (495) 589-61-21. This opportunity is available from 7.00 to midnight.

Equipment of halls

"Gold-Fitness" on Semenovskaya is equipped with the most modern equipment. Judging by the reviews, hitting here for the first time, involuntarily amazed by the spaciousness of the training room and the number of simulators. Here, you definitely will not have to stand in agonizing expectation, while the next athlete will execute his program. In the center there are equipment for employment by power and cardio. But on this list of services of the center does not end, so let's move on to a more detailed consideration.

Which club to choose?

The network of fitness clubs provides an opportunity for territorial choice, because it is important that the road does not take too much time. Let us dwell in more detail on the peculiarities of each of the branches, and then turn to the consideration of the services that are offered in them. So, the metro station "Semenovskaya" - there are a lot of sports centers here, but the most popular of them is "Gold-Fitness". It is located closest to the exit from the metro along Izmailovskaya street. Judging by the reviews, at first glance strikes the area of this sports center. Here you can safely go in for sports, without feeling the discomfort of an excessive number of other people. Even in the hours of the greatest influx of athletes here is still quite roomy. A substantial part of the center is reserved for the gym with simulators, where free scales and shells for stretch exercises are located.

Walking after workout

If you are planning such an event, the best choice for you will be the network of fitness clubs "Gold", namely the sports hall, which is located near the metro station "Semenovskaya". Why? Everything is simple: very close to a clean and cozy square. Address of the center: Semenovskaya square, house 7. Its doors are open daily, at a time convenient for you.

It is also pleasant after the trainings to take a stroll in the huge Izmaylovsky park, on the territory of which there is a large number of picturesque ponds. In warm weather, part of the classes can be transferred to the open air. Sometimes it is here that instructors conduct yoga courses. This beautiful park is located near the sports club, located at: Izmailovskaya street, house 5.

"Gold-Fitness", Shchyolkovo

Another option for those who are looking for a suitable sports center. It is located near Izmailovo, namely: Shchelkovo district, Shchyolkovo, Central street, 71. The club runs daily, from 7:00 to 00:00, so you can choose the most convenient time for yourself. To contact the staff of the center "Gold-Fitness" in the city of Shchyolkovo, you should call the number: +7 (495) 589-61-21. Despite the abundance of sports clubs and playgrounds, Gold-Fitness enjoys special love for athletes. Shchelkovo is the closest city of the Moscow region, which separates from the capital only an hour drive.

The center offers its guests modern services in the field of healthy lifestyle and active vitality. Experienced trainers will help you choose the best exercise program. There is a swimming pool with one track, a game room and a tennis court. In addition to the main gym, you can choose for yourself one of the groups led by professionals. These are martial arts and activities for pregnant women, groups of children's sports and water gymnastics, active weight loss groups and exercise therapy. An excellent choice for everyone who wants to be healthy and beautiful. Recently opened another fitness center at the address: Schelkovskoe shosse, 3.

Wide range of programs

This network of fitness clubs has a wide range of services that you can use at your discretion. Experienced athletes know that choosing a gym for themselves is not an easy task. After all, you need to find a place where you will happily leave after work, and after returning home, you will wait for a new meeting with your fitness trainer. There is everything you need to make you feel at home. A cozy gym is technically equipped to achieve the set goals and objectives. A personal fitness instructor will help you to move along the hard path of a healthy lifestyle and create an ideal body. There is a huge selection of group programs in various areas.

Power classes

This is a great alternative to a regular gym. Classes are invariably conducted by a professional fitness instructor, which helps to develop the most effective program and act in accordance with it, achieving an excellent result. In training, a variety of types of power equipment are required. Intensive lessons for music under the vigilant leadership of the coach are very effective in the development of muscles. In most cases, small scales are used, which gives an incentive and allows to achieve significant results in improving the figure.

Aerobic classes

This is a complex of endurance exercises, which equally well suits both women and men. It is aerobic loads - a direct way to lose weight and maintain weight in the norm. The effectiveness of aerobic exercise has been repeatedly proven. At the same club card allows you to use the services of a fitness center exactly the way you want it, that is, choose a set of services at your discretion. A personal trainer will offer a variety of fitness aerobics programs so that you can get the most out of yourself in the shortest possible time. In general, the modern equipment of the center and the experience of coaches will help in general strengthening your health, correcting the figure and relieving stress.

club card

To use the services of the center, you need to buy one of the service packages, a subscription or a card. This is really very convenient because of a one-time payment, while the use of services is designed for a long period, and the longer the duration of the proposed cooperation, the more interesting the conditions. So, you can choose a full day card. It entitles you to the gym every day from 7:00 to 24:00. In this case, you will have an unlimited number of passes to the club. All group programs can be visited on schedule, and it is mandatory to pre-instruct. At the same time, there is a discount for additional services provided by Gold-Fitness. Swimming pool, for example, you can attend with a 10% discount. If you issue a semi-annual or annual card, then the terms of payment by installments do not apply to it.

In addition, you can apply for a daily subscription to Gold Fitness. In this case, you will have unlimited admission to the gym daily from 7:00 to 17:00. A free number of passes to the club is also provided. Any of these two cards (full or day) can be issued for a month, three, six months or a year.

Coupons and promotions

In order to interest visitors, the Fitness Club "Gold Fitness" conducts various actions, which are expressed in a reduction in the cost and some bonuses received by the client. We all like to participate in promotions, because they help us to save. For example, very popular is the coupon, giving the right to a six-month unlimited visit to the club on Izmailovsky. The coupon will cost you 2200 rubles and gives an opportunity for 1 person to buy a subscription for 6 months of visits with a discount of 65%. That is, as a result, you pay 5,100 rubles instead of 21 thousand rubles, namely, this amount would be treated by a regular subscription for six months. But that's not all: the holder of the coupon receives a bonus for a month of free visit to the club after the expiration of the subscription.

Similarly, you can buy a coupon for 3500 rubles and pay a subscription for 12 months of visiting the club at Izmaylovskaya with a 60% discount. The difference is obvious: 8100 instead of 29 thousand rubles, and the right to 2 months to visit the club for free. If you choose a club on Semenovskaya, then give preference to the coupon for 4100 rubles, and at your disposal will be a subscription for half a year with a discount of 54%. That is, pay 9500 rubles instead of 30 thousand rubles and get a month of visit for free. As you can see, the "Gold-Fitness" price offers quite affordable and tempting.

Guest Reviews

Especially many laudatory reviews are received at the club "Gold-Fitness" coach. This is not surprising, because they are with you every day, share successes and failures. Judging by the feedback, a team of true professionals works here, which will certainly help you to achieve the highest success. They are pretty demanding, so you'll have to give your best in training. In addition, Gold-Fitness enjoys well-deserved popularity due to the magnificent equipment. The reviews emphasize that the most up-to-date simulators are presented here, and in a large number, which makes it possible to implement almost any program. Perhaps only weightlifters can say that they have nothing to do here. In addition, visitors emphasize the exceptional politeness of the staff, cleanliness in the gym and changing rooms, excellent conditions for training and recreation.

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