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Do exercises on uneven bars

With the approach of summer, many people want their body to look strong and fit. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to regularly visit the gym to achieve this result. An alternative to exercising in the gyms will be the exercises on the uneven bars. Such "iron" friends are found in many yards. With their help you will be able to purchase a sports figure. Where should we begin?

To begin with, it is necessary to decide what exactly is necessary for you, on this depends a complex of exercises suitable for your case. To increase the volume of muscle mass, you should perform 6-8 repetitions of each exercise on the uneven bars. The training itself should not be exhausting - it's enough to practice for 15 minutes every other day or two. Rest between classes is as important as training itself, it is at this time that muscle fibers grow. If you do it every day, the muscle strength will certainly increase, but the volumes will remain almost unchanged.

Exercises on the uneven bars allow you to use the muscles of the whole body. Choose what is right for you, and begin!

Warm up

A set of warm-up exercises must be performed before training - the quality of classes increases at times. This is explained by the fact that the blood flow to the muscles is increased, which is borne by the building protein, oxygen and other substances necessary for building muscle fibers.

During the warm-up, you can perform rotations with forearms, brushes, squats, twists, tilts, etc. You can run for ten minutes. But do not overdo it - save your strength for the basic workout.

Basic Exercises

When they say about exercises on the uneven bars, first of all they mean push-ups. In order to quickly build muscle and increase muscular strength, you should perform them slowly, feeling how muscles work. Lowering down should be as low as possible, but do not stay at the bottom for a long time - you can be injured. At the upper point you can stay - the risk of injury in this situation is small.

When you master your "first" bars, the exercises can be complicated. One option would be to do push-ups with different body positions. When performing such receptions with the body tilted forward, pectoral muscles will be pumped. If the body remains flat (without tilting), the shoulders and hands swing.

With this simulator, you can quickly and effectively pump the press. To do this, it is necessary to lift the straight legs. For those who find this exercise difficult, you can begin to lift the legs, bent at the knees. Be sure to ensure that the body is not "dangling" - rocking reduces the effectiveness of training. Such an exercise can be performed not only on the uneven bars, but also on the horizontal bar.

Those who regularly perform a basic set of exercises on the bar and beams, you should know that after doing several approaches, you should stretch, otherwise the muscles will grow poorly and look "short" in appearance.

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