Panoramic roof: pros and cons

In recent years, among the world's manufacturers, the real fashion has been to equip their cars with a panoramic roof. In fact, this device is quite functional. Panoramic roof provides good visibility and the right level of lighting in the cabin, besides, there are now many versions and variations of this device. But whether it is necessary for our car owners, and whether it is necessary to pay extra for it? Let's figure this out.

Advantage of the car with a panoramic roof

Unambiguously, such a window gives the driver greater visibility. And passengers are also concerned. Particularly noticeable advantages of this device in the summer, when you can see the beauty of the sky and the stars. But in the winter, visibility was not canceled. By the way, in the city, the panoramic roof also plays a significant role: lifting your head, you can view all the beauties in full. This adaptation is very fond of both children and adults. The panoramic roof, installed by the manufacturer on the conveyor belt, is made from a special type of glass, and this gives a 100% guarantee that during the rain, the salon will not hear the ringing of drops and other extraneous noises. This can not be proud of the metal analogs.

What are the cons of the panoramic roof?

First of all, big trouble for a motorist occurs at a 30-degree heat. In the street, a car with such a roof instantly warms up to the limit, so it's impossible to go into the car in ten minutes. According to car owners, even the curtains are not able to save from the penetration of sunlight. In winter, too, there are problems. This season often forms an ice crust on the bodies of cars. And the panoramic roof is no exception. It is rather difficult to remove it from there, and it's not very interesting to drive with a constant crash from melting ice over your head. By the way, even the included stove will not save the glass from such an "invasion". According to the drivers, in winter the roof surface always remains cold. As for the air conditioning systems themselves , there are also nuances here. The fact is that such cars are equipped with standard air conditioners and climate control systems, which give out enough power to heat the air in the cabin with a metal "top", inside of which there is a thick layer of insulation. In the world there is still no single automaker that would separately develop a stove for cars with a panoramic roof. So it turns out that the system needs much more time and power to heat or cool the air.


In general, despite such shortcomings, the panoramic roof is still very popular in Europe and Russia. Given the visibility they provide the driver, sometimes forget about all of its shortcomings associated with the climate control system and many other factors. Therefore, if you want to buy a car with such a top, do not put this option on the blacklist, but buy it safely.

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