Which spark plugs are better?

An ordinary car enthusiast, when it's time to change candles, goes to the car dealer and buys those that are installed on his car in the catalog. Rarely when the question arises, which spark plugs are better, because the main criterion of choice is the price of the product. And, as a rule, the original candles supplied by the car manufacturer are much more expensive than the analogues from foreign companies specializing in the production of candles. But the quality of cheap candles is usually lower than that of the original product. Thus, everything depends on the availability of money from the client - if there are not enough of them, choose analogues, if they are in abundance, we choose the option from the car manufacturer.

But if you own a tuned car, or want to get a little more from your car than standard parts can offer, then you need special candles, and the question of which spark plugs to choose for you is not an idle one. Since their choice in relation to the above-mentioned field of use is quite large.

The main objective of those auto parts suppliers who specialize in candles for demanding customers is to provide consumers with a product that will favorably differ from standard designs. And all the efforts of the specialized companies, among which Bosch, SplitFire, Champion and several others are most famous, are aimed precisely at ensuring these differences. Let's try to figure out which of the presented manufacturers which produces spark plugs, which are better, and which are worse.

So, the company Bosch offers auto enthusiasts their SUPER 4 candles, which instead of one standard electrode as many as four. The company claims that such a solution allows the spark to choose the best option for itself from as many as eight possible traffic routes. But as experts point out, the question of which spark plugs is better, with one electrode or several, there is still no clear answer. The opinions of specialists on this issue differ significantly from the victorious Bosch communications. Some of them believe that a large number of electrodes prevent the normal penetration of the mixture into the point of passage of the spark and reduces the efficiency of the engine. The only plus of such a solution is longevity, when one electrode becomes dirty or loses shape, the spark jumps to the other.

The answer to the same question as which spark plugs is better, according to the company's version of SplitFire, sounds like this: with a standard central electrode, the spark ignites the mixture, since its curved end closes the spark. To eliminate this effect, the company offers its own candles with a central electrode bifurcated at the end, the shape of which resembles the letter V, and the contact areas are covered with platinum. As the advertising materials say, a patented form with two points on which the discharge can pass allows the mixture to freely enter a channel through which a spark jumps. Which increases the efficiency of the engine and improves its efficiency. It is a pity that the company did not agree with the US Federal Trade Commission. SplitFire was fined for cheating in advertising, which promised fuel economy, but in fact it did not happen.

The question of which spark plugs is better, never sounds in the Champion's company headquarters, as there everyone knows the answer - of course, the products of this division of the Federal-Mogul Corporation! This manufacturer has the longest history of all presented in this article, the company exists since 1908. Back in the seventies of the last century Champion offered to use rare metals in the production of candles . In its products, the company uses iridium on the central electrode, and on the lower platinum. According to the representatives of Champion, this, together with a special form of the lower electrode, tapering towards the end, is achieved by the "focus of sparking". The quality of the original Champion candles with iridium-platinum coating is undeniable, but they have a serious minus. The price of 4 pieces can reach 90-100 dollars, but the mileage on one set can be over 90 000 km.

So, now, upon reading this article, you can, with the knowledge of the technologies used in the construction of candles, choose with knowledge of the matter.

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