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How did Spartak survive the two crises under Leonid Fedun?

The economic crisis has not bypassed and the Russian sport. So, in June 2015, the football club Torpedo reported about debts in the amount of 220-230 million rubles and could not compete in the FNL championship. In conditions where income in rubles, and spending in euros, - football club "survive" is problematic.

In such a difficult situation, competent management decisions are very important. Leonid Fedun managed, in two crises, not only to keep Spartak afloat, but also to improve the life of the club.

About how Leonid Fedun rescued "Spartacus", we will tell in our article.

Who is Leonid Fedun?

Leonid Fedun is not a "gray cardinal", like many Russian oligarchs. There are many things about this man.

Was born in Kiev. Son of a military surgeon. He graduated from Rostov Higher Military Command School, but did not follow in the footsteps of his father, but went into teaching. To date, Leonid Fedun is a Candidate of Philosophy.

In 1987, Vagit Alekperov met Fedun when he lectured to the oilmen of Kogalymneftegaz, and invited him to cooperate.

Since 1995 Leonid Fedun is the vice-president of OJSC "Lukoil".

The purchase of Leonid Fedun FC "Spartacus." "I can tolerate"

In 2004, Leonid Fedun became a shareholder of FC "Spartak". The team was not in the best shape, but a year later under the leadership of Fedun, took silver at the Russian championship.

In an interview with Leonid Fedun repeatedly said that he knows how to tolerate. 20 years in the army brought up in him calm and ability to wait. Apparently, thanks to these qualities, the shareholder of FC "Spartak" managed to build and open the stadium "Opening Arena" in the conditions of the crisis of 2008-2012, which meets European standards and accommodates 45,000 fans.

This was the first step towards the dream of Leonid Fedun - to give the house "Spartacus". One more step to the cherished dream - the restoration of Leonid Fedun "Spartacus Academy." It is in the Academy that future "Spartacists" are growing, which will free the club from the need to buy expensive legionaries.

In addition to the fact that the Academy educates high-quality football players, it provides jobs, which is doubly valuable in a crisis. It's not enough to love sports to be the head of a football club. It is important to have strategic thinking and communicative qualities.

Today we can say with certainty that Spartak not only survived the crisis, but also grew professionally and financially. And Leonid Fedun showed himself not only as the main fan of the people's team, but also as a competent manager.

Asked in an interview with TASS: "When will Spartak be the champion of Russia?" - Leonid Fedun answered: "During my life". We believe.

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