Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Tunis, Hammamet): Hotel reviews and photos

In winter, and especially in the off-season, when damp and damp puddles are pouring down the street, with incredible strength you want somewhere in a place where a bright and tender sun shines, where lazily waving branches of a palm tree where the blue-blue sea splashes. We offer our beautiful dream in Africa, in the splendid modern hotel complex Splashworld Venus Beach 4 *. Tunisia, Hammamet are two geographical names with which the hotel is directly connected, and which have already become incredibly popular not only among Russians, but all over the world. Tunisia is a small but very proud and freedom-loving country where ancient traditions and modern technologies coexist peacefully. Hammamet is perhaps the best resort here with an incredibly beautiful coastline and developed infrastructure. Why from many of its hotels we chose Splashworld Venus Beach 4 *? Tunisia can be learned in many ways. Someone wants to visit the desert, someone attracts cheap shopping, and some people are interested in sights. But absolutely everybody loves the sea, on the shore of which this hotel is erected, and in addition to beach rest there is an opportunity to have fun at your own water park as long as you want. Let's see what else is remarkable about this place and how the rest passes here.


In a beautiful corner of the African Mediterranean, in a cozy and closed from the restless winds bay Hammamet, which from Arabic translates quite logically - "a place where you can swim", in 1985, built a chic hotel, called Caribbean World Venus Beach. Over the past 30 years here repeatedly carried out renovations, so that tourists like Tunisia, Hammamet. Magic Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * - so sounds the new name of the hotel given to him after the last repair. It was held in 1015, that is, more recently. Therefore, many of the advertising brochures and maps still retain the old name, to which we draw your attention. The eponymous city of Hammamet is secretly divided into the old part (Medina), where there is a classical Arabian market near ancient stone walls, and a new (in Russian Jasmine), where there is also a market, and, in addition, a popular supermarket. Just 2 km from the new part and 8 km from the old one is Splashworld Venus Beach 4 *. Hammamet lies relatively close to other major cities of Tunisia. So, to Mahdia from it 102 km, to Sousse and to the capital of the country on a straight line 62 km, and to Anfida very little, only 37 km. These distances are important to know, choosing which airport to fly to and where to go on an excursion.

How to get there

If a voucher is bought at a travel agency, it's quite easy to get to Tunisia, Hammamet. Magic Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * is located closest to Anfida airport, which is 38 km away and where air travel from Russia is most often offered. At the exit from the airport, tourists, as a rule, are waiting for a transfer, able to dominate to the hotel for half an hour. Also, a flight to the airport of Tunis, called Cartage, is acceptable. From here it is necessary to go on a transfer about an hour. The least successful option is to fly to Monastir. If the hotel you booked independently, you can get there from Enfida only by taxi, and from Kartzha it is possible with transfers, but it's cheaper to get on the bus number 05, departing from the bus station.


Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Hammamet) occupies a rather large territory of 4.5 hectares, richly decorated with Mediterranean greens, flowers, quaint palm trees. A lot of here and bright green lawns, which are installed sun loungers and umbrellas for a comfortable stay guests at any time of the day, even at noon, under unusually generous sunlight. Indisputable adornment of the territory are two large beautiful forms of the pool and many small ones. There are bars in all recreation areas. In addition, the garden is conveniently located tennis court, several sports grounds, a corner for children's games. But the main advantage and the main highlight is its own water park, which has since 2015 Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Tunisia, Hammamet). The photo below shows several slides for adults, but there are also children's slides. In the lobby, which is furnished in a classical style, there is a reception. With his staff you can communicate in Russian. Here they not only give out the keys to the room, but also take things, valuables for storage in the safe (chargeable), and luggage - in the storage room (free of charge), call a taxi, write down on excursions, exchange currency at a favorable rate, provide the Internet free of charge (3 Router), solve current issues. The hotel has a large business center for business events and a beautiful banquet room for celebrating any family events. For many it will be a big plus that in the lobby of the hotel there is a pharmacy where you can buy not only medicines, but also baby food.


To accommodate guests in Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Tunis, Hammamet) there are two buildings with elevators - Beach and Garden, which accommodate 340 rooms. They are decorated simply, but in warm unobtrusive tones, which helps to relax well. Views from the windows are different, it all depends on the location of the room (floor, side, body): on the garden, swimming pools, sea, restaurant.

The room categories are as follows:

- Standard for two guests, you can install additional space. Equipment: a full set of furniture, a TV set (several channels in Russian), a refrigerator with a paid mini-bar (you can ask to be released on the day of arrival), air conditioning (in the summer), telephone, balcony (not all rooms, About which you need to specify when booking). In the rooms for hygiene, there is a bath or a shower (eurocabin, no curtains), a wash basin and a toilet bowl. Hygiene products are issued regularly.

- Family for four guests. The equipment is the same as in the rooms standard. The difference is in a larger area and in a set of furniture for 4 people.

The beach is newer, the rooms are more spacious. The Garden is simpler, but it is closer to the sea. When booking, you need to specify exactly where you want to get the number.


The infrastructure of Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * includes 3 restaurants - on the beach, in the main building and on the territory, the Moorish cafe, snack cafe and 4 bars - by the pools, in the lobby and on the beach. In the vast majority of tours to the hotel are offered on the Al system, that is, the cost of the tour includes breakfasts, lunches, snacks, snacks, barbeques, suppers and drinks from morning to midnight, excluding only drinks in a nightclub. There is free entrance only. Some tourists planning on vacation to take a lot of excursions, buy vouchers with food HB, that is, breakfasts and dinners.

About the cuisine in the main restaurant Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Tunis, Hammamet) reviews are excellent. For breakfast, there is a large assortment of yoghurts, porridges for children and adults, several dishes from eggs, cheeses, sausages, vegetables, butter, sweets, pastries. In the afternoon and in the evening for the guests prepare dishes from potatoes and vegetables, meat, fish, chicken in different spices (basically everything is spicy). There are also salads, fruits, desserts. From drinks you can take free water, juices (such as "Jupi"), coffee, teas, vodka (local), beer, wine, cocktails.

In restaurants a la carte there is an opportunity, without paying, to have dinner every 7 days, but only by appointment.


A lot of entertainment for all tastes offered in Splashworld Venus Beach 4 *. Tunisia (Hammamet), without a doubt, will be remembered as a wonderful holiday destination, and all thanks to the fact that the hotel can go all day on a water slide. The water park here is big, though, unfortunately, not all attractions work at the same time. In addition, you can have a great time near the outdoor swimming pools. One of them is with qualitatively heated water. For recreation guests in bad weather, the hotel has a large indoor pool. Fans of relaxation will appreciate the SPA-salon, where a sauna, a sauna, massage rooms are equipped. Tour operators say that the fitness center is also available in Splashworld Venus Beach 4 *. Reviews about it, however, are not entirely satisfactory, since this object is a small-sized room with a couple of the simplest working simulators and several non-working ones. But the sports grounds in the hotel are good. There is also a games room with billiard and tennis tables for sports fans. For some vacationers, the advantage is that 2 km from the hotel there is a golf course.

In the daytime and in the evening, guests are entertained by a group of animators. They arrange spectacular shows, show national dances, hold contests, karaoke.

In the evening, a nightclub with a disco, which lasts almost till the morning, starts working in the hotel.

Services for children

This hotel for its young guests offers a bright and interesting children's playground, a swimming pool with a small depth, a complex of slides in the water park, a mini club. With the kids all day busy funny and kind animators, play with them, conduct various activities, arrange a mini-disco. In the room parents can order a baby cot, as well as a nanny (payment by the hour). The restaurant does not provide a children's menu, but, according to guest reviews, there is always the opportunity to choose something tasty and useful.


Most of the people go to Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * for the chic coast and beach vacation. Tunisia / Hammamet have very good beaches, both belonging to hotels and municipal ones - wide, sandy, with smooth entry into the water, well equipped. This is the property of the hotel in question. Go to him from the buildings a couple of minutes along the beautiful shady territory. On the beach there is a fenced area with sun beds and umbrellas, where outsiders are not allowed. That is, rest there do not interfere with the merchants, nor the barkers in the salons and excursions. As Hammamet is in the bay, the sea here is warm for most of the year, and the waves are small. Bathed in open water can be from the end of April and until the very last days of October, and sunbathing in sunny weather is possible even in winter. The minimum air temperature here during the day is + 15 о С, but evenings in the winter are cool enough (+7 ... +8 о С), so you need to take woolen things with you.

Those who like to relax on the beach actively, can do kiting, windsurfing, parasailing, ride a banana, kayak or catamaran, scuba dive to a depth and look at the underwater inhabitants.

The only minus of the beach is the Arabs, carrying camels along the sand. They offer a ride on an exotic animal or with him to be photographed. There is nothing wrong with this, but the camels leave after themselves feces that no one removes.

Entertainment outside the hotel

Some tourists for shopping and getting acquainted with Africa go to Hotel Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Hammamet). Tunisia is a very original and interesting country. It carefully preserves the traditions of ancestors, do not forget the ancient crafts. If we talk about excellent shopping, it can be done without leaving Hammamet. In a city that is famous for linen fabrics, there are two markets (medina) - old and new, many boutiques and supermarkets. For unique pottery it is desirable to go to Nabeul, to which no more than 12 km, and to buy exclusive silk it is better to go to Mahdia, although it is a bit far away, as far as 107 km.

There are no sights as such in Hammamet. You can look here only at the villa of a billionaire from Romania, erected in the 20th century. But in the city there is a good amusement park, to which a taxi costs only 5 dinars. For an unforgettable experience, you can go on an excursion to the Sahara for 2 days. Lovers of animals are happy to buy tours to the zoo, where many animals live outside the enclosures. They can be fed for money, as well as to iron and arrange with them unique photo sessions. In addition to animals, the show and performances of dancers can be seen in the zoo, but they are held only at certain times.

Magic Splashworld Venus Beach 4 * (Tunisia): reviews

This hotel can be chosen for recreation for people of all ages. It is good for young people, and for elderly and married couples with children.

The advantages noted in the reviews:

  • Close to the airport (not long to go, which is especially valuable in hot weather);
  • Very executive and hospitable staff, who understands Russian speech;
  • Cozy and clean rooms, especially in the Beach building;
  • Good cleaning, kind and diligent maids, changing towels and all that is needed, on demand;
  • Tasty food, lots of fruits, sweets;
  • The provision of a dry lunch in the room late for dinner (on the day of arrival);
  • free Internet;
  • Absence of insects in the rooms (according to those who lived on the 2nd floor and above);
  • Wonderful pools;
  • Good animation;
  • Many services for children;
  • Excellent beach (located close, sand and sea on it are clean, sunbeds are always available and free);
  • A water park in the hotel, working all day;
  • Good spa;
  • Availability of a pharmacy in the hotel with baby food.

Notable shortcomings:

  • A lot of spicy and peppery food in the restaurant (buffet);
  • Queues for food (many tourists, especially during the peak season, so waiters do not always have time);
  • Diluted with water juices and spirits;
  • In the water park do not work all the slides at once;
  • Presence at the pools and on the slides of strangers (local and tourists coming to neighboring hotels);
  • On the beach near the edge of the water there are traces of the life of camels (Arabs can not be forbidden to pass along the coast, as the law has been passed in their defense);
  • The Internet, although free, but weak (when they want to take advantage of many tourists at the same time, it almost idle);
  • Paid beach towels (every day for them you need to pay 1 dinar).

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