Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 *, Dominican Republic: description, reviews

Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * - a wonderful comfortable hotel. It is located in the south-eastern part of the island of Haiti - the Dominican Republic. Refers to Be Live Hotels. Until November 2, 2014 the hotel wore the abbreviation Grand and Oasis. The service has a private safe beach with free sunbeds, umbrellas and soft drinks. The type of food is all-inclusive. The staff speaks French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Location of the hotel

Located in the province of La Altagracia - the municipal area of Punta Cana. It is located in the center of the pearl resort of Playa Bavaro. At the moment it is the most prestigious and famous resort. Every year more than one million tourists visit it. It is endowed with 30 tourist complexes. Nearby there are forests of coconut palms. The hotel is located on the coast of a magnificent resort. At 235 km from the hotel is the capital of the country - Santo Domingo. It is a lively, crowded, colorful and full of sunshine city. Tours to the Dominican Republic are sold together with tickets on a charter flight to Santo Domingo. From the international airport the hotel is less than 20 km away. By transfer, taxi or bus to the hotel can be reached in 10 minutes.

Green area

For a complete relaxation and relaxation for the guests a green area is provided. The nature of the resort of Playa Bavaro is amazing. Thanks to exotic plants, fresh air is always present on the territory of the service. The gardeners of the Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * carefully monitor the landscaping. The service area always looks well-groomed and compact. On the territory of the service is a fountain. Near the small stone pond there are two pink flamingos. Photos with exotic animals can be made for free.

Comfortable rooms

The Be Live Collection Punta Cana Resort 5 * has 820 comfortable rooms. Depending on the price of the rooms are divided into luxury, semi-luxury, improved and standard. There are rooms for smokers and non-smokers. The windows of the room can go out to the pool, garden or ocean. The rooms can be single, double or triple. Maximum occupancy is 4 people. Rooms are landscaped for 2 adults + 2 children, 3 adults + 1 child, 4 adults. The hotel staff can additionally provide an adult or child's bed. For relaxation, rooms have a private balcony or terrace. Each room has a private bathroom and shower room.

Room facilities

Each room is equipped with a ceiling fan and air conditioning. Therefore, the hot climate of the resort for anybody is not terrible. The bathroom is always equipped with a hairdryer and clean towels. As a convenience, there is satellite TV, telephone, radio, coffee maker, ironing board, iron. From the paid services it is provided storage of valuable things in the safe. Each room has its own mini bar with free soft drinks. From alcohol there is only beer. Free hotel service Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * - delivery of food and drinks in the room. All rooms are equipped with facilities for visitors with reduced mobility. In the family rooms and suites, the bridal baths are made in the form of a heart. When you settle the bed and the floor will be covered with rose petals. The hotel provides VIP-services.

Unmatched entertainment

Daily evening programs are held at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 *. Guest feedback on events is only positive. According to the guests, the hotel staff puts their whole soul into their work. In addition to entertainment programs, there are dancing and discos on the territory of the hotel. At all events free cocktails and drinks are provided. Guests can order themed dance lessons. You can have a good time at the hotel casino. Exchange currency for the game or other needs without leaving the service. Exchange offices and ATMs are installed on the territory of Punta Cana. Also, the staff conducts various animation programs. Their work is conducted by Spanish language tutors. And at 7 km from the hotel there is a service that provides golf courses.

Sporting events

A water sports center is open on site at Punta Cana. Guests can book diving lessons in the pool, surfing, snorkeling. For a long time the guests rent a catamaran and water ski. Guests visit the gym every day. Fans of gymnastics can choose ordinary or specialized aqua aerobics. On the territory of the service there is a tennis court and a football field with an excellent lawn. Guests are playing big and table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton and football. For men, there is a bowling alley and a billiards club, which offers free, cooled beer. Also here you can order an individual program and learn how to shoot arrows.

Children's service

For babies in the hotel there are 9 safe children's pools. Employees are provided with free inflatable wheels and mattresses for swimming. For entertainment open play areas around the clock. Here you can ride a train, jump on inflatable trampolines or ride from a large hill. In the mini-club you can build towers from the designer, compile puzzles, puzzles or colorize the palette. Dance lovers can visit the mini disco. For teenagers there is a game club Teen Club. Employees will give their guests time to be alone. For an additional fee, parents can order a babysitting service.

Additional hotel services

As an additional service you can choose to visit the SPA-center. Qualified specialists will conduct healing water procedures, body massage and massage sessions. Guests can visit the Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, steam room. You can emphasize the graceful facial features in the beauty salon. Here the employees of the service perform the corresponding cosmetic procedures. On a choice will give a microcurrent therapy, botox injections, manual cleaning of the face, herbal masks, heating in oak barrels, hardware manicure, decoration of marigolds with rhinestones. In the hairdresser, the virtuosos will perform daytime and evening hairstyles, masks based on natural ingredients, biolamination, highlighting, kerothermia, biovavilki and shearing with hot scissors. Thanks to such additional services, time in the Dominican Republic will fly by unnoticed. Free parking is provided for motorists. Also, the additional service includes laundry, dishwasher, maid. Wi-Fi and other types of Internet access are available in the Internet center at an additional cost.

Unparalleled Wedding Ceremony

On site, you can hold a themed wedding ceremony. Each couple in love dreams of such a magnificent solemn day. The service is provided to newlyweds or couples who have been married for more than one year. For this it is sufficient to present a passport with a marriage stamp. The hotel staff will take care of the whole organization of the event. The hotel will provide maximum convenience for the customers of the ceremony. You can choose between individual categories or a full package of services. Unparalleled wedding ceremonies or other amazing events are famous for the Dominican Republic. Tours do not provide for such thematic events. They must be reported directly to the hotel staff. The selected date must be booked in advance. End the ceremony with a romantic dinner on the ocean. Newlyweds will be able to enjoy a warm Caribbean evening in the company of each other. For them, a romantic atmosphere will be created. The staff will offer a special menu, which can be pre-tasted and supplemented with your own preferences. The whole ceremony can be captured in the photo and video. The hotel will provide the services of a professional photographer. Newlyweds always order a separate photo shoot and a video of the celebration. Beautiful moments will remain in the memory of the newlyweds for a long time.

Bars and Restaurants

The Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * has an impeccable reputation. The guests of the service always admired the form of food "All inclusive". Each guest enjoys a buffet. There is self-service. All the staff put the dishes on a common table. Guests pick up delicacies at their own discretion and preferences. You can type any amount of food. This is the type of food Dominican is famous for. Tours are already sold with the included traffic. Breakfast, lunch and / or dinner are included in the cost of the paid voucher. Staff at the hotel provide snacks throughout the day. Guests of the service can enjoy an unlimited number of drinks of foreign or local production. On the territory of the hotel there are 7 restaurants with national and exotic cuisine. Each guest can taste dishes from traditional or international cuisine. You can go to the main buffet. It works during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack Bar operates around the clock. In the thematic restaurants, a mandatory pre-reservation of the table is required. Such restaurants only work during dinner. For loving couples and birthday people employees give discounts. Also food can be ordered directly in the room. Bars are located throughout the hotel complex. They are on the beach, near the theater, the fountain and the cleanest swimming pool.

Flawless climate

The Dominican Republic is an immaculate paradise. It always shines a bright sun and eternal summer reigns. According to guest reviews, the Dominican Republic is particularly excellent in February. The temperature never falls below + 26 ° C. By noon, the temperature can reach + 30 ° C. This period is considered "cool". Because the locals are accustomed to the scorching tropical sun. But for organisms of Europeans, this weather is most comfortable. Here, the wind blows, providing a refreshing effect. At this time of year there are no prolonged downpours, and the sun's rays are covered by an excellent golden tan. Tourists will not feel hot heat. From December to April there are no long-drawn wet monsoons and typhoons. Dominican Republic in February pleases its visitors with an impeccable climate. This weather is a real gift for people who want to have a good rest. Small warm rains can go early in the morning or late in the evening. In the daytime, tourists will not be bothered. It is this period of the year that is considered the most magical, exquisite and expensive. Tours in the Dominican Republic in the winter season greatly increase in price. Therefore, experienced travelers recommend booking tours in advance.

Amazing white beach

Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * has the first beach line. The hotel is washed by the Caribbean Sea. The distance from the sea is less than 200 meters. Pearl-white beach is considered to be the best in the Dominican Republic and one of the best in the whole world. It is protected by a coral reef. On the sandy beach there are no seashells, glass shards, other foreign objects that could injure your feet. Therefore, the beach Cabeza de Toro is considered to be the safest. Without a risk to health and life, even small children can be here. For them special children's attractions are provided. Thanks to the anticipation of the pleasures of the kids, the perfect time spent in the Dominican Republic will be remembered for the rest of your life. For adults, there is a rental of jet skis, catamarans, water skis. For athletes there are volleyball courts. Sun beds and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 *: guest reviews

Thanks to the "All inclusive" system, hotel reviews are only positive. Guests of the hotel praise the service, staff service, cleaning services and business center. Upon check-in, there is a 24-hour front desk. The choice of the room is at will and the preferences of the customers. Visitors remember the safe beach, clean air, the excellent climate that the Dominican Republic is endowed with. Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 * is designed for those who want to have a wonderful rest with their family, enjoy a weekend with a friendly company or a honeymoon with your beloved second half. Individual customer service is provided for each client. According to the guests, the hotel is a unique place for recreation. Each guest is easily distracted from routine and all worries. Everyone can enjoy beautiful views, warm ocean, magnificent service.

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