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Irma Vitovskaya: biography and creativity

Actress Irma Vitovskaya comes from Western Ukraine. Her hometown is Ivano-Frankivsk, where she was born in 1974.

Irma Vitovskaya. Biography. Job search

Even in childhood, Irma was fond of history, in particular archeology. This children's hobby led her to the historical faculty of one of the universities of the city. In addition to the chosen specialty, Irma began to study in the theatrical circle, which operated at the university. The head of this student circle became the first to consider the actor's talent in Vitovskaya. In his opinion, Irma Vitovskaya had to try her hand at the professional stage.

The opinion of the first leader played a significant role in the decision of Irma to become an actress. She moved to Lviv, entered the State Musical Institute. While studying at the institute, she studies acting skills from the famous Ukrainian actor Bogdan Kozak. Studying at the institute Vitovskaya ends in 1998 and receives the specialty of the actress of the drama theater.

Carier start. Fame and recognition

Immediately after graduation, Irma Vitovskaya starts working at the Kiev Young Theater. As one of the actresses of the troupe, she repeatedly took part in theatrical productions and festivals. She is talked about as a gifted young actress, who thoroughly owns her profession. She is able to decorate any production, thanks to her flirtatiousness, cockiness, reverie and lyricism. In the repertoire of the theater, she joined in fairly quickly. The choice of directors often falls on Irmu Vitovskaya as the main character. The actress's role is an engineer-koket, although she is able to play almost any role: from lyrical to comedy, from tragic to grotesque. The actress has repeatedly received awards for her roles.

Irma began her career as a film actress in 2000, when she first took part in the making of the film. The actress made her debut in the drama Unconquered. However, the fame came to the actress after she starred in the television series Lesya + Roma, which was released on the Ukrainian channel ICTV. Work on the series lasted from 2005 to 2008. After the release of the series, Irma continued her collaboration with the same channel, this time in the role of presenter. Projects on which Vitovskaya Irma Grigorievna worked as a TV presenter is "Marriage Games, or Room for the newlyweds", "People's Star".

Work in the theater

During her time in the theater of Irma, Vitovskaya played in such theatrical productions as "The Life of the Simple", where she played the part of Lyuba; "The Wizard of the Emerald City", with the role of Ellie; "Little Boy" J. de Letroz, the roles of Lulu and Christine; And "For Two Hares", in which she got the roles of Frantise and the movie star.

Now the actress is involved in the production of the "Seville engagement", where she performs the roles of Clara and Lauretta. Famous was the "Little Mermaid" L. Rozumovskaya, where the actress got the main role. For her, she was in the nomination "Best Actress" for the theatrical award "Kyiv Pectoral". No less famous productions with the participation of Vitovskaya are "The Inspector General", "Kaidashi", "Marriage", "Marinated Aristocrat", "Moskoviada", "Fourth Sister".

In August 2008, the entertaining production "To Help It So Easily, or Where the Children Are Coming" was shown, which was directed by Vitaly Malakhov. Participation in this production was also received by Vitovskaya.

Filmography of the actress

The filmography of the actress has about three dozen roles, which differ significantly in nature. The most famous films include "The Iron Hundred", "Between the First and the Second", "The Second Front", "Sinister", "Do not Run on Father Frost", "Necklace for the Snow Woman", "Dad Rental", "My Daughter" , "Make a wish", "Territory of beauty", "Redemption", "Do not run into Santa Claus", "Stone guest", "Crooked mirror of the soul", "Trumpeter".

The actress gives enough time to her roles in the series. The most popular and loving viewers use "Guardian Angel", "Labyrinth of lies", "Shark", "Waiting List", as well as a mini-series "Start over. Martha".

However Vitovskaya Irma Grigorievna takes part in the creation of not only films. In 2014, she voiced one of the heroes of a feature-length film for Babay children. This is not the first experience for an actress in the scoring of cartoons. In 2005, together with the team of creators, she worked on a cartoon for children, "Gem of Gems".

In 2015, the release of the film "Personal Interest" is expected with the participation of Irma Grigoryevna Vitovskaya.

Personal life of an actress

Irma Vitovskaya was married twice. The first actress calls her hasty student decision. She married at the age of 23, but very soon divorced her first husband.

The second husband of Vitovsky is the famous actor of the Young Theater Vladimir Kokotunov. The couple got married when the actress was 25. In 2011, the first-born appeared in the family. The boy was named Orestes. Now heir of the family of Vitovskaya and Kokotunova four years.

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