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Pale Ilya Anatolyevich: the biography of the actor

Pale Ilya Anatolyevich - actor of theater and cinema. The artist is a master and director of dubbing. His voice is recognizable, and charisma is fascinating from the first minutes.


The artist was born on June 9, 1976 in Kaliningrad, in the family of artists. Serving at that time in the theater of Kaliningrad, parents performed on stage or took part in the productions. Father - Pale Anatoly Ilyich is a well-deserved artist, and his mother works as an assistant to the director Valery Fokin. Parents often moved, so earlier childhood was in Vorkuta, and after Ilya lived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Father and mother from the early years of little Ily traveled almost half of the Soviet Union with tours, and their child was always near them. That is why love for the theater and acting on the stage was vaccinated from an early age. Even as a child, the boy was able to realize his potential and feel at home, what is a performance before the public and the magic energy of the hall.


Ilya managed to do it the first time - as well as his father at the time. For further education was chosen VTU them. Shchukin. In 1997, the actor graduated from the Shchukin School, working with MA. Panteleeva and learning from her on the course. Then follows several years of work in the Taganka Theater, and after two years in the company of AB Djigarkhanyan. It was the desire to appear in the cinema and influenced the decision to leave the theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and set foot on this path.


In the cinema and on television, the greatest fame came to him in the advertising of the trade mark "Nescafe", after which Pale Ilya could not go out quietly. He was recognized everywhere, and, as the artist himself admits, it irritated him and shackled him. After he starred in several television series, but these were secondary and episodic roles.

This film debut was a work in the thriller "Black Room" and the military dramatic film "The Storm Gate". Pale Ilya works in detective and comedic genre, is removed in melodramas. That's why the artist does not complain about the lack of attention of the opposite sex.

In the series "Shopping Center" Ilya Bledny, whose films are remembered from the first seconds, not one is removed, but together with his father, who is the father of the main character in the plot. Unlike his screen character, Ilya always finds a common language with his parents, so the feelings of his hero are alien to him.

One of the last paintings, which was filmed with Ilya, was "The Abduction of Eve" - it can already be seen at the box office and fully appreciate the game of the main character.

At the moment, Pale Ilya is one of the most popular dubbing actors. He voices Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom and even James Franco. Sometimes the voice of the actor can be heard more often than to see Ilya on the screen. Most of the artist likes to voice cartoons, because sometimes the image of the voice and real people does not match, and in the cartoon genre of this problem there. Ilya Pale, whose films can be seen on TV, can not boast of his achievements, although he is proud of his profession.

A family

Pale Ilya is married to Alexandra Pale. The wife also works as an actress, like her parents. Thus, a great actor's dynasty was formed, which flourishes every day. Ilya Pale and his wife raise a single child - the son of Daniel. Despite the acting environment, the boy chose football and decided to professionally engage in this sport. Close people do not rule out that he will ever change his mind and follow in the footsteps of his parents and distant relatives. Previously, Daniel has already starred in a small role in the series "Viola Tarakanova." According to the script, he had to dismantle the bicycle with his father, and the guy brilliantly coped with this task.

Philip Pale - Ilya's brother, also starred in movies. The most memorable images were the role of Veniamin in the series "Daddy's Daughters" and Nikita in the TV series "Kitchen" and "Hotel Eleon." At the moment he also takes part in the productions of director Sergei Aldonin, playing the role of Romeo in the play "Romeo and Juliet" and Ivan Bezdomny in the production of "Master and Margarita." By the way, in the role of Juliet as a partner, "father's daughter" Elizabeth Arzamasova, with whom Philippe for a long time attributed the novel.

Parents of actors work in the theater and share their experiences with their sons. It was Ilya who at one time insisted on moving his parents from Orenburg to Moscow and buying an apartment in Balashikha. Ilya Pale has a very strong family, which he is immensely happy - despite his busyness, he tries to maintain family ties and often come to his parents.

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