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"The story of Cinderella": actors and features of the film about the modern princess

A well-known fairy-tale character has always remained a desirable object for new films. Stories of Cinderella, who, instead of being the mistress of her house, forced to work as a servant under the gaze of an evil stepmother, periodically inspire Hollywood authors. Subjects invariably undergo innovations, adapting to the present. Today, the romantic comedy of 2004 "The History of Cinderella", actors and characters played by them is subject to review.

The modern American heroine

Of course, the narrative is transferred in our time, and the images of Cinderella, her stepmother and her naughty daughters are only a fundamental rod, from which the writers are repelled. The film "The Story of Cinderella", the actors of which are the focus of this article, tells about a very ordinary American Sam.

The girl dreams of enrolling in Princeton, but the stepmother in every way opposes it. Still - it is quite satisfied that the stepdaughter cleaning the house and afraid of a strict woman. About the modernity of Sam can say the fact that she, like her peers, is actively using the capabilities of the Internet. Where safely and gets acquainted with the prince in the person of high school student Austin, the first handsome, football player of the school team. In the correspondence, he called himself a Wanderer, and therefore Sam will have to first find him among the crowd.

The main thing - to match the image

The picture brought a good box office, although in general it was coolly received by critics. Unlike large-scale Hollywood projects with a more impressive budget, the story of Cinderella-Sam is weak, but still can impress at least spectacular outfits, which must certainly be the girl. This can tell the performer starring Hilary Duff and other actors of the film "Cinderella's Story." At first Sam's clothes seem everyday. However, at the arranged school party-ball, it changes and ceases before all in a luxurious white dress. What, in particular, conquers the heart of the beloved.

"The story of Cinderella": actors and main characters

Hardly having heard about the casting in the picture, Hilary Duff caught fire with the idea of getting a major role. It is understandable: what kind of girl does not like this tale? What actress does not want to play princess? That's what Hilary explained at the audition. The result was not long in coming. If the artist so eager to get into the film, why not give him a chance?

However, the youth genre for Hilary is not new. She began her career exclusively with family and teenage films - Casper 3, Cadet Kelly, Agent Cody Banks. Audience recognition came with the release of the series "Lizzie Maguire" and the ensuing original film. Hilary periodically appears in various TV series, such as "Gossip Girl," "Speaking with Ghosts," "Two and a Half Men."

Every year she tries to play at least one movie, often she produces them. In addition to the main occupation, a girl with a beautiful figure is removed for glossy magazines. It's no secret that she successfully combines all this with a musical career as well. The first album of the singer was released in 2002, the last one - in 2015. In the Duff charity there are various awards and bonuses. Especially for the "Cinderella Story" she wrote and performed several songs that became soundtracks.

Chad Michael Murray did not even think about acting. He began working as a teenager while distributing newspapers. Sports activities helped to create an attractive figure, which, in turn, contributed to a modeling career. Chad was the face of "Gucci". In that he moved to the screens, there was nothing surprising. His debut took place in the youth thriller "Faculty". Then followed such pictures as "Freaky Friday" and "House of Wax". Especially the actor remembered participation in a number of successful TV series: "Gilmore Girls", "Hill of one tree", "Summer of our hopes".

Among the latest works of Chad - the youth comedy "Love, Sex and Los Angeles" and the thriller "Left Behind", where his partner was Nicolas Cage. For participation in the "Cinderella Story", he received a nomination for "Teen Choice Award".

"The history of Cinderella": actors of the second plan

This film would not have turned out without the wonderful comedic actress Jennifer Coolidge. She got the part of Fiona, the evil stepmother. Stand-Up comedian Jennifer was remembered by the audience for the role of Stifler's mom in "American Pie" and the manicurist from "Blonde in the Law". It was the eccentric women of the age who managed the best actress. She was one of the last to be invited to the "Friends" ending with the sitcom, and then immediately moved to his retired continuation of "Joey."

Coolidge starred in two parody tapes - "Very Epic Cinema" and "Thrill". In her track record, there are dramatic images, such as the alcoholic wife from the "Bad Lieutenant."

New adaptations

"The story of Cinderella" is not the last film version. In 2008, "Another story about Cinderella" was published. The main roles were played by Selena Gomez and Andrew Sili. In this case, dancing became a feature of film work.

The Columbian retelling of the famous fairy tale resulted in the melodramatic series "The Beautiful Loser". In 2011, the video appeared "The Story of Cinderella 3". The actors of the new American version are selected with due regard for their musical education, because according to the story they all sing and participate in the Talents Show. The main roles were played by Lucy Hale and Freddie Strom, who are familiar on the series "Lovely Deceivers" and a series of films about Harry Potter.

One of the last screen versions was released in 2015. In a more classic "Cinderella" key images went to Lily James and Richard Madden. The stepmother's role was played by Cate Blanchett, and Helena Bonham Carter became the godfather godfather.

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