Hotels in Cyprus: What Hotel to Choose

Cyprus is a small island located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. It is very cozy, and incredibly sunny place. The resorts of Cyprus are quite comfortable and have a mass of all kinds of entertainment, presented for the rest of a large number of tourists.

All sorts of hotels in Cyprus all year round are ready to accommodate everyone who wants to relax in this fabulous land. Hotels in Cyprus all inclusive enjoy the greatest preference among many tourists. In order to make the rest truly unforgettable and bring a lot of pleasure, before going on holiday you need to know the reviews about the hotels of Cyprus, which give their previous guests. So, you are going to visit a wonderful place called Cyprus, in order to spend your vacation as comfortably as possible, and with the greatest benefit for yourself. What is the primary goal of making this dream a reality is the choice of a hotel. If you give a slip when choosing the place in which you will live throughout the rest, then the spoiled mood for a long period is guaranteed to you. To prevent this from happening, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the hotels that will be remembered by you in a wake-of-the-dream, as well as a list of hotels that do not need to be booked.

Hotels in Cyprus, popular among tourists (or those in which you are surely waiting for a great vacation).

Among the hotels of Cyprus, which have a category of 5 *, are popular: - Golden Bay Beach hotel, located in the town of Larnaca (among the advantages are the high level of service, courtesy of the staff, well-furnished rooms with everything you need, variety in the choice of served meals, Evening performances in the restaurant); Raphael, located in Limassol (is distinguished by high-quality service, among the staff speaking a lot in Russian, a quiet, quiet place, has a large and beautiful territory, a magnificent beach, very suitable place for family rest) - Columbia Beach Resort, located in Paphos (Hotel rooms are extremely comfortable and have everything you need for a wonderful holiday, a great beach will not leave anyone indifferent, the hotel presents a good assortment of menus and all kinds of SPA services, massage and various baths).

Between hotels in category 4 * you can choose the following: - Hotel Horizon, located in Paphos (there is a picturesque sandy beach, nice staff, always ready for your service, clean and cozy rooms, high quality dishes in the menu and a wide choice of different excursions) Hotel Florida, located in the town of Ayia Napa (very beautiful external and internal view of the hotel, friendly staff, excellent cuisine, a wonderful beach is a 5-minute walk, a lot of shops and restaurants) - Callisto Holiday Villadge in Ayia Napa (Among worthy The hotel has a beautiful hotel area with a lot of vegetation, a cozy atmosphere, good-natured staff, a wide variety of dishes).

Among the 3 * hotels, you can find: - Hotel Sveltos, which is located in Larnaca (a very quiet, cozy place with great cuisine, polite staff and a pleasant atmosphere) - Cynthiana Beach Hotel, located in Paphos (best for families, rooms With a view of the sea, a delicious menu) - Hotel Kapetanios, located in Limassol (provides a comfortable relaxing stay, a varied menu, friendly staff, located near the city).

Finish the list of hotels with positive reviews, apartments 2 * categories: - Hotel Anadixis Les Palmieres, located in Larnaca (spacious clean rooms, helpful staff, good menu, convenient location to the city and the beach) - Hotel E, located in Larnaka (quiet, quiet place with a wild beach where no one can prevent you from enjoying the silence, hotel rooms are clean and spacious, friendly staff and quality cuisine) - Caravel Hotel in Limassol (inexpensive and quality service, cozy rooms and pleasant staff, good tours).

Hotels in Cyprus, which have negative reviews among tourists.

Yes, it's not unfortunate to realize this, but there are in such a wonderful place like Cyprus, and similar hotels. So, 5 * hotels with non-flattering ratings are: - Aeneas hotel located in Ayia Napa (not quite in line with the declared category due to not too comfortable rooms, the staff does not always listen to the opinions of clients, not a very diverse menu); - Hotel Golden Bay, located in Larnaca (has a pretty neglected territory, poor condition of swimming pools and saunas, lack of any entertainment, dirty beach).

4 * hotels represent: - Princess Beach Hotel in Larnaca (small and uncomfortable beach, no adjoining garden area, uncomfortable, dirty rooms, arrogant and arrogant staff) - Hotel Capo Bay, located in Protaras (no entertainment, old And uncomfortable numbers).

Among the hotels in the category 3 * are: - Hotel Piere-Anne, located in Ayia Napa (very old room of the hotel, uncomfortable rooms, the beach poses some danger in the form of diverse local fauna, meager menu) - Hotel Roman, located in Paphos (differs The presence of a variety of insects in the elderly kind of rooms, on the beach full of sharp stones and algae, monotonous menu).

Among the 2 * hotels, you can find: - Hotel San Remo, located in Larnaca (terrible maintenance of rough staff, old, slovenly rooms) - Hotel Sylva, which is in Limassol (lack of any comfort in the rooms, ill-disposed staff, monotony menu).

To summarize, one can not help but mention that whatever hotels of Cyprus you choose, the main thing is to take a good mood and positive emotions with you on holiday, with them you do not care at all.

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