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Is there a registration of the child? There is nothing complicated!

Is there a registration of the child? There is nothing complicated! Russian legislation is so arranged that for young parents all possible simple steps are envisaged for the registration of their newborn.

At the birth of a child in each family, first of all, there arise legitimate questions about health and the name of a new member of society.

The propiska of the child at this moment goes into the background.

In fact, many townsfolk believe that it is not necessary to do it in the shortest possible time. There are a number of advisers who recommend postponement with registration at the place of residence in order not to pay utility bills for another registered person.

It should be noted immediately that the parents really retain the right to decide when to register a child. But there is article 19.15, part 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which prescribes administrative responsibility for the permission and admission of residence in its dwelling of persons without registration. Today it is punishable by administrative fines.

In addition, upon registration before the age of 1 month, the registration is carried out at the request of the mother, after this period, an additional certificate from the father's place of residence will be required.

At the same registration procedures for such a process, as a propiska of a child, are free of charge.

Therefore, it is obligatory to perform all registration actions in a timely manner.

What do you need to register a child?

First of all, you need to get a birth certificate. This document must be issued no later than one month after the birth of the child.

1. Help from the hospital. This document is issued by the obstetrician who took delivery, it reflects: date, weight, height, gender, who took delivery. The certificate is signed personally by the midwife, and the maternity home stamp is put.

2. Passports of both parents.

3. Marriage certificate (or presence of both parents upon registration)

At the time of obtaining a birth certificate, parents must agree in advance on the choice of name and surname (if parents have different surnames).

A certificate under form No. 25 is issued along with the birth certificate for receiving benefits.

After that, you can start the registration process.

The registration of the child can be only at the place of registration of one of the parents. In the absence of parents, he can be registered with the permission of the guardian in the presence of the child and the guardian.

List of documents required for registration:

  1. Birth certificate of child (original and photocopy)
  2. Parents' passports (originals and photocopies)
  3. Parents' application for registration at the place of residence

3.1. If both parents are registered at the same address, or only at the mother's address, then the application can only be written by the mother.

3.2. If the child is prescribed to the father, then they can demand a notarized statement from the mother, or written personally in the housing office.

You also need a certificate from the second parent (if registered at the place of registration of one), that the child is not registered with him (you can take it from the passport office or the RGU). Do not forget about extracts from personal accounts and house books of the father and mother from their place of residence (you can take it from the passport office or EIRTS)

The registration of a newborn in a privatized apartment passes without any restriction on the rights of the child. According to the Housing Code (Article 70), a child can be registered for living space without the written or oral consent of other family members who are owners.

The rights of the child regarding his place of residence are protected by the Civil Code (Article 20, Article 36); Family Code (Article 54).

There is a difference in terms of the Russian legislation: who is considered a minor (it is subject to all rules at the place of registration). The Civil Code sets the age to 14 years, the Family Code to 18 years.

Judicial practice in registration issues almost always takes into account the IC of the RF.

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