The article will tell you how to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands

If you are not limited in means, then, of course, you can entrust all such questions to a specialist. Although you can easily do it yourself: you will not only save some money for the future family budget, but also have fun! You can invite all your friends to your place and arrange a small master class on "How to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands." By the way, you can make several pairs at once - one you will traditionally smash under the camera's sight, and leave another for your memory.

Advice of specialists

Before we tell how to decorate wedding glasses with our own hands, we will give several useful and interesting recommendations. First, they do not need to be identical in form. It is very unusual and stylish looks, for example, when the glass of the bride in shape is extended and rounded, that is, a descent with the girl's silhouette, and the groom's glass is made more strictly, however they are decorated in the same style, which emphasizes the strength of the union. Another tip - do not grab a glass in the first place. Postpone them for later, when it will be decided, in which style the banquet hall will be designed, what will be the dress and the suit of the newlyweds. So the glasses will fit well into the atmosphere and will look harmonious.

Ways to decorate

So, how to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands? To date, there are many ways and techniques - from the simplest to the most complex. Choose one that you will like. For example, strasses look wonderful: if the glass in your hands will sparkle and shimmer, in the photo (and in reality) it will look more than spectacular. Choose medium-sized straziki of different colors and use special glue to attach them to the glass. If you want, you can put an inscription, a flower or a figure, or you can just use ornamentation. At master classes devoted to the holidays, brides are often interested in: how to decorate wedding glasses with their own hands? Designers are usually advised to use lace, because this option is rightly considered the easiest. Simply select in any fabric store openwork lace and wrap them glasses, fixing on the glue. Of silk or satin, if desired, you can make a "skirt" or a bow around the leg - it looks very nice and festive.

Beads, feathers, flowers

All these materials are very useful for those who want to decorate wedding glasses with their own hands. Flowers can be both artificial and alive: the living, of course, look better, but the fabric will last for the whole banquet and will not fade. You can paste feathers and beads on the edge of the glasses. By the way, do not forget about the color symbolism - there are traditionally "female" and "male" shades. For example, a dark red, almost burgundy rose favors the groom , and the bride - a soft pink flower.

Engraving and painting

Wedding glasses, decorated with ribbons and flowers, look luxurious. However, some newlyweds prefer to express their fervent feelings with the help of an appropriate inscription on thin glass. To do this, you will have to turn to a specialist: he masterfully transfers to your glass your tender confessions, vows of eternal fidelity, or just names.

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