Finishing the toilet with tiles: ideas. Repair of a bathroom

Do not assume that the design of the toilet is not so important in the interior of the house or apartment. This room is just as important as everyone else. Having become acquainted with modern solutions, you will be able to determine which ideas are suitable for your bathroom. The most common and common way to design this room is to tile it with ceramic tiles. The tile is easy to clean, has high strength and hygiene.

To date, this decoration is presented in a variety of varieties, so you can choose a budget type of decor or option more expensive. In the first case it is a question of glazed tile, in the second - about porcelain stoneware. The finishing of the toilet with tiles can involve the use of a snow-white material. The shape of the products can be either rectangular or square. In this case, the seams are filled with a dark trowel. The goal of this contrast is imitation of retro style.

Another fashion novelty is the use of a combination of monophonic tile with patterns or mix ceramics from several collections that are not alike. If you also decided to follow the experience of the majority and choose a tile for finishing the bathroom, you should familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of its installation.

Choosing the size and shape of the tile for the toilet

Finishing the toilet with tiles begins with the choice of material, the shape and size of which determines the perception of the room. Choose products are necessary, given some features. Having estimated the scale of the room, you can choose the size of the interior details. The smaller the area of the bathroom, the smaller the size of the tile, otherwise the room will seem even more limited.

If you work with a room with a floor measuring 0.8 x 1.5 m, then the best solution is a square-shaped product with a side of 15 cm. For walls, this rule is not so categorical. However, in accordance with the above conditions, a tile larger than 15 cm still should not be purchased.

Ideas for a bathroom when decorating a room with tiles

Depending on the color, material and texture, the toilet tile should be chosen according to certain rules. Most often in the range of building materials there is a glass ceramic tile or mosaic. Each species is attractive in its own way. Water resistance and low price are distinguished by ceramic tiles. High resistance to chemistry and attractive appearance is characterized by glass tiles. Mosaic is usually used when the master wants to use the wide possibilities in the design of paintings and patterns.

If the room is rather limited in the area, then it is best to use a tile of light colors, which reflects the light well. In this case, the floor can be made contrasting, even black. This will achieve a sense of depth. With this solution, you can visually increase the volume of the room. Before you finish the toilet with tiles, it is important to choose the right material. Pay attention to its texture. For a bathroom it is better to prefer products with a nonsmooth surface, this will eliminate slipping.

Decorate the space can be using patterned tiles, borders and inserts. If the geometry of the toilet is extended upwards, it is necessary to try to visually expand the room by laying the tile across, for this, rectangular products are selected.

Preparation for repair

The design of the toilet tile finish can provide for the use of different styles. However, in any case, you need to prepare everything for repair. For example, to dismantle the old finish, you should use:

  • bit;
  • a hammer;
  • Perforator;
  • Mask;
  • drill;
  • putty knife;
  • protective glasses;
  • Scraper for removal of grout.

Installation is carried out with a simple set:

  • Level;
  • Tile cutting machine;
  • Scraper for leveling the surface.

Dismantling of old finishings

The finishing of the tiled toilet tile necessarily requires the dismantling of the old material. Tiled modern glue leaves easily from the wall, so it's easy to remove. In this case, it is sufficient to use a tool with which you could pick up the whole ceramic and remove it from the wall. However, the old standards for finishing provide for the installation of tiles on cement mortar.

If you are faced with this option, you should not even try to keep the pottery. This removal will look like a painstaking and long work, and use a chisel and a puncher. The tool is at an angle, so it will be easy to carry out monotonous work.

The toilet is finished in the panel house in the same way as described in the article. It is also important to remove the old material. The next step is to get rid of the remnants of the solution, using a conventional hammer and chisel. Before you begin to dismantle the old tiles, you should lay the floor so that cleaning does not take much time. The master is recommended to wear protective goggles and a respirator.

Laying tiles in the toilet

Preparation for tile laying involves the dismantling of the old floor covering. It is better not to touch the toilet bowl, it is recommended in this case to trim the tiles under the sanitary appliance and lay them around. The surface of the floor and walls should be covered with a primer, after drying, you can start laying the tiles. You need to start from the floor.

Methods of work

If you started a bathroom repair, then the work should be carried out in accordance with a certain technology. It involves applying a layer of glue on the back of the tile. First you need to use whole tiles, starting from the center of the room.

The next step is to move to the periphery, using trimming. Begin work from the entrance, moving inward. The gap between the products should be 2 mm. It can be adjusted with plastic crosses. The finishing of the toilet with tiles involves the use of a building level, which is used at each stage of laying the material. On the base of the glue is applied with a swing, this will eliminate the shells and layers under the finish layer.

Laying of tiles on the walls

As soon as the tile adhesive, with which the tiling was laid on the floor, has dried, you can proceed to the installation of the material on the walls. You need to start from the bottom. The installation of each next row will begin after the laying of the previous one. The work is carried out from the far corner, while the trimmed tiles should be located at the entrance. The seams between the tiles are covered with a trowelling of a suitable color.

Recommendations of a specialist

If the repair of the bathroom will be carried out by yourself, then it is necessary to take into account the small area of the premises. In this case, the master should be prepared for the fact that the tile will have to be cut in large quantities. If the old toilet is left in place, then the work will increase, because you have to adjust the material to the installed plumbing. In order to determine the center line of the seam, it is necessary to note the center of the room.

Depending on the size of the toilet, the classic masonry of large items is possible in one of two ways. On a small area it is better to lay one tile in the center, and then apply a side trim. If the area is more spacious, then in the center you can lay two tiles, turning them in different directions. In this case, it is necessary to use the technique of trimming on the sides.

The tiling of the toilet in the apartment provides for the necessary time keeping, during which the tile adhesive will dry up. This usually takes 3 days, everything will depend on the air temperature and humidity.

Tips for laying tiles on walls

Before you start laying the tiles on the walls, you need to draw a vertical and horizontal line from the floor, using the level. If the floor is not yet prepared, then for mounting the first row to the wall it is necessary to tighten the profile. The first tile should be laid along the marked lines, then the work moves to the end wall.

The tiling of the small toilet provides for the use of a slat, which is used to finish the area above the doorway. The rail is fixed horizontally above the door. Once the tiles were laid on the side walls, you can go to the end. When grouting joints, which was on the surface of products, it is easy to remove using a damp sponge.


Having considered the idea of finishing the toilet with tiles, you can find a better option for yourself. For example, modern designers in recent years increasingly offer the use of tempered glass. Its laying is carried out on the same technology as the kitchen apron.

The walls are first covered with wallpaper or painted, and then the glass is placed on those areas that are contaminated most. However, if you decide to use the tile, then its installation can be done by yourself. It is important to properly prepare the surface, for this, it is cleaned, plastered and scratched with a mesh to increase the adhesive qualities of the materials. You can also use a metal workpiece to increase the adhesion of the tiles to the walls and floor.

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