How to properly glue wallpaper

Many in general terms are familiar with the process of wallpapering, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this, which can be simpler than sticking a strip of colored paper on the walls. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. In every case there are subtleties, in this article we'll figure out how to properly glue the wallpaper in the apartment.

To begin with, of course, you need to choose wallpaper and purchase the right amount of rolls. In order to find out how many rolls are required, it is necessary to measure the total area of walls on which you will glue the wallpaper. Measure the total length of all the walls and multiply it by the height of the room, you will get the area to be pasted. And you should not subtract from this area window and door openings, this will be your stock of wallpaper.

On the roll of wallpaper, you can specify the area that can be pasted with this roll or only the length and width of the roll. Therefore, by calculating the area of the walls of the room, write down also the length of all the walls and the height of the room. Perhaps, when buying, you will have to calculate the number of stripes of wallpaper instead of the area. In any case, the wallpaper needs to be bought with a margin, because it will be very insulting if there is not enough of a small piece, and the store will no longer have such wallpapers.

After the wallpaper is bought, you need to buy glue. Here you can only recommend buying glue with a color indicator, it is much better seen when applied. On the packaging with glue, it will be necessary to specify the area of the packing. The area of the walls you already know, so it's not difficult to buy the necessary amount of glue.

And that is not all. Before you learn how to properly glue the wallpaper, you need to stock up with the necessary tool for this. For gluing, you will need a special rubber roller, a plastic spatula, a sheathed knife (suitable for office supplies) and a container for glue.

Before properly gluing the wallpaper, you must also properly prepare the walls. If the walls are not properly prepared, the wallpaper simply will soon begin to move away from the walls. The preparation of the walls is to remove the old wallpaper, if any, and subsequent priming. If the walls in your apartment are often covered with mold from the effects of moisture and fungus, then it is necessary to treat them with a special antiseptic.

So, wallpaper, glue and tools are purchased, the walls are prepared, you can proceed directly to the wallpaper sticker. First, dilute the glue, since it takes a little time to brew. While the glue is swelling, prepare a place on the floor where you will apply glue to the strips of wallpaper. Here it should be noted that if you glue non-woven wallpaper, then they should not be smeared with glue, otherwise they will stretch and stick them off.

When the place is ready and the glue has reached the required condition, you can start cutting the wallpaper into strips of the required length. To do this, measure the height of the room in the place of gluing the strip and, adding 10-15 centimeters, cut the strip. If the height of the room is the same along the entire perimeter, then you can immediately cut the required number of strips.

After the strips are ready, spread the wallpaper with glue and turn them off so that they are impregnated. In the meantime, apply glue to the area of the wall, to which you will now glue a strip of wallpaper. After that, you can stick a strip. Do this with the assistant, one takes the strip by the top edge, and the other holds the bottom, so that the strip does not stick to the wall entirely.

When a strip of wallpaper is applied to the wall and leveled, it is necessary to expel air from under it. This is done with a rubber roller, a plastic spatula and a rag. Air should be pushed from the center to the edges, if there are small bubbles do not need to pierce, as some do, they will disappear themselves after the wallpaper has dried.

It is also worth noting that you do not need to start wallpapering the wallpaper from the window or door, as many advise, but from the corner of the room. The fact is that no matter how perfectly the walls were treated, the corners are still slightly uneven. Therefore, you need to make a mark on the wall, from which you will begin to glue the wallpaper. To do this, measure from the corner of the room the width of the wallpaper, subtract from it 5-7 centimeters and from this place and start gluing.

After all the strips are pasted, it is necessary to cut off excess wallpaper from the top and bottom with a spatula and knife. Special accuracy here is not important, as both the top and bottom will be fixed skirting, which will hide all the flaws.

Many, learning to glue wallpaper on the wall, are wondering how to paste wallpaper on the ceiling. At first glance, it seems that it is very difficult and only professional masters can cope with this task. But believe me, there is nothing difficult in this. Of course, gluing the wallpaper on the ceiling is a bit more complicated than on the walls, but it is quite possible. The technology of gluing the ceiling does not differ from the wallpapering on the walls.

Now you know how to properly glue the wallpaper and can do it yourself. There is nothing difficult in this and everyone can cope with this task. Now after reading this article, you can tell your inexperienced friends how beautiful it is to paste wallpaper in a room or bedroom.

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