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Signs of pregnancy in a dog at different times. Care and maintenance rules

To ensure that the birth of your four-legged darlings were successful and without complications, and the puppies were born strong and healthy, during pregnancy, the dog should be carefully taken care of. It is very important to change the diet and exercise in a timely manner. Therefore, you need to know how to determine the pregnancy in a dog.

The duration of the "interesting" situation

On average, a normal pregnancy in our smaller friends lasts 61-66 days, that is, about two months. There are deviations, but small. The exact duration of pregnancy in dogs depends both on the breed, and on the individual characteristics of the organism and the number of puppies. It can vary from 57 to 72 days.

When can I tell if a dog is pregnant?

To find out for sure whether the binding has been successful, it will be possible to find out only after 1.5-2 weeks. Noticeable signs of pregnancy in the dog appear and do not just a month after conception. However, professionals can notice minor changes in the behavior of the animal, which can talk about the coming "interesting" situation. If pregnancy is the first, then the belly of a quadruped favorite can be rounded only before the very birth. Today it is not necessary to guess whether it was successful knitting. You can contact the veterinary clinic and in the first month of pregnancy to find out the exact information about the condition of your dog. This can be done with the help of ultrasound.

Pregnancy test

Signs of pregnancy in the dog help to know about the condition of the python early. However, today and veterinary clinics offer a service for early diagnosis using a special test. This is a blood test that shows the level of the hormone relaxin. By the second week of pregnancy, it begins to grow. This may indicate an "interesting" situation. If this test is carried out by the end of the first month of pregnancy, then the result can be obtained 100%.

Ultrasound diagnosis

The most reliable way to find out whether a dog is pregnant is ultrasound. The procedure is conducted from 24 to 35 days after mating. At this time, you can accurately see not only the presence of puppies, but also to know their exact number, to predict the course of pregnancy. For more accurate diagnosis, ultrasound is done late. For example, on the 38-45 day after mating. You can trace the formation of babies, draw conclusions about their health and their readiness to be born.

Early signs of pregnancy in dogs

Any owner of the dog wants to know as soon as possible if it was successful knitting. The attentive owner will be able to determine the pregnancy in the early stages, if he observes the behavior of his pet. The dog after the mating behaves as usual. The first bell may be a decrease in appetite. There was a fertilization - the hormonal background began to change. And the dog feels it. The body experiences stress. This can be reflected in poor health, lack of appetite, anxiety.

You will not believe, but dogs can also have toxicosis! The body can respond to the pregnancy with vomiting and diarrhea. This is a temporary phenomenon that will not last long. Provide the animal with comfort and peace. Toxicosis is an early sign of pregnancy. If vomiting appeared in the second month, this is a bad sign. In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately. Changes in behavior may also indicate an "interesting" situation. An active dog can become affectionate, refuse to stormy games in favor of quiet evenings in the company of the host. There may be aggression, anxiety. The animal is able to worry and negatively treat the touch, especially in the back and abdomen.

A dog can become passive if it is often overcome by drowsiness. Some future mothers can literally sleep for days on end. It is very important not to forget that a decrease in activity and a lack of appetite also indicates the onset of the disease. Therefore, if your dog has become passive and has stopped eating, you should immediately contact the veterinarian. He will be able to determine precisely whether such behavior is a disease or whims of a future mother. In the second week of pregnancy, there may be a change in nipples. They swell, changing color.

Signs of a false pregnancy in dogs

The phenomenon of false pregnancy is not uncommon in the canine world. It occurs a month after estrus in unrelated bitches or in case of unsuccessful breeding. Thus the hormonal background varies in the same way, as well as at the fertilized dog: all early signs of pregnancy are present. The animal is swollen with nipples and colostrum. A female can equip a lair and even treat her toys as puppies. Signs of a false pregnancy in dogs usually passes independently in 2-3 weeks. In some cases, veterinarian and hormone therapy may be needed.

Clinical signs

4 weeks after the mating, it is already clear whether the dog is pregnant. Hormonal storms will subside, the behavior of a four-footed pet will return to normal. Puppies in the second month of pregnancy are actively growing. The dog's abdomen begins to round off. It often turns in a dream, it can take a long time to lay on the litter. There are signs that you can judge about the normal course of pregnancy. The animal has a good appetite. At the same time, if the diet of the future mother is made correctly, it is balanced and satisfying, it will not eat for three. She will have enough and the usual amount of food.

The dog takes care of the stomach, allowing only the owner to be close to him. If an animal has had problems with the perception of strangers before, it can become aggressive towards outsiders. Many animals do not like it if they touch their stomach. In addition, there is a tone of the uterus. The abdomen becomes firm and elastic. This protects growing puppies. Nipples swell, change color and become warm. They can be filled with colostrum. From the genitals can appear transparent mucous discharge, especially after urination.

From 25-30 days, the heartbeat of puppies can be heard with a stethoscope. When you touch the stomach, you can feel the kids, their movements. Many veterinarians do not recommend an ultrasound examination before 35-40 days. This period of pregnancy in dogs allows you to determine the number of puppies and to judge their health.

Last weeks of pregnancy

At the end of the second month the position of the future mother is obvious. The abdomen is noticeably rounded and sagging, especially if puppies are expected to be many. The dog may recover slightly, a layer of fat appears on its sides. And this is completely normal. However, if the appetite has increased or the dog has a tendency to fullness and gluttony, then a strict diet should be established. Excess weight will not benefit either the mother or the puppies. Therefore, it is forbidden to overfeed an animal. Obesity will adversely affect delivery and subsequently affect the health of the dog.

The motor activity of the animal during this period is significantly reduced. It is already hard for her to move, she saves her strength before giving birth. If necessary, it is necessary to shorten walks, and in some cases even to move bowls with food and water closer to the stove. And provide the animal with peace. If you put your hand on the dog's stomach, you can clearly feel the stirring of the kids.

Care of a pregnant dog

After the planned mating, without waiting for the first signs of pregnancy in the dog, the owners should start rearranging the schedule and diet. The place of the animal should be large, so that the future mother would be comfortable lying even with a grown belly. If necessary, you need to increase the sunbed. Female in position more finicky to bedding, as they find it difficult to find a comfortable pose. If the four-legged pet has begun to abandon any products, for example, from eggs or milk, it should not be forced. This can lead to dysbiosis and allergies. Early pregnancy in dogs - it's time to take a course of vitamins. Especially necessary calcium, magnesium, ascorbic acid. These can be powders or biological supplements.

In walks, it is not necessary to limit the python. The dog itself will understand when it's time to stop active games. It is also important that the future mother goes to the street. It is useful for sunbathing, necessary for metabolism and the synthesis of vitamins. For the dog in the position of peace is important, so the place should be in a quiet corner where the animal will not be irritated by excessive attention of children and other pets. Do not allow a pregnant bitch to lie for a long time on a cold surface: concrete, earth, wet grass. Rides on cars will also have to be cut, as many dogs in the position begin to rock.

Also, the pregnant bitch needs to be protected as much as possible from jumping, falling, active games with other animals. Be as cautious as possible on the stairs and avoid them whenever possible. In advance, find a veterinarian who will lead the pregnancy and take delivery. It can be addressed urgently in case of force majeure. Pregnancy of dogs of small breeds often passes under the careful supervision of the veterinarian, as many are incapable of independent sorts and they will need an operation. Keep an eye on the condition of the animal. Remember that during pregnancy all illnesses become aggravated and make themselves aware of possible health problems. For example, brachycephaly may experience difficulty breathing, and large dogs suffer from joint pain.

How to raise a pregnant dog?

In dogs, the character often spoils. They can become whimsical. Some cease to obey the master and execute commands. A pet can simply lie down on the ground and refuse to move on. Often there are situations when a dog needs to be picked up and put on its paws. First, make sure that the animal does not become ill. If the breathing is smooth, the sight is clear, you can lift it. Never touch the stomach. Place one hand under the chest, the other support the pelvis. Put the dog on all four legs. Do not let go of your hands until you are sure that it is worth it.

Early signs of pregnancy in the dog will help you quickly find out whether the mating has been successful. However, the usual way of life should be changed immediately after the alleged conception. Proper care and care will contribute to the healthy course of pregnancy.

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