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Promotion of Sites - Colors of Techniques

There is a large number of methods for promoting websites in the search engine. They are conventionally divided into several groups. By flowers. "Color" often depends on how the method is related to the policy and rules of the search engine.

Some people refer to "white", completely legal methods, methods not directly prohibited in the requirements of the search engine. On the principle that it is not forbidden, it is allowed. As a rule, optimizers are guided by this principle. Although we blindly follow him we would not advise. Sometimes you can face problems.

There are clear warnings in the sections for webmasters that say: sanctions can be applied to sites that use methods that are not directly labeled, as unscrupulous, but in fact are those.

Thus, completely legal promotion of sites or optimization is what appears in the recommendations for the design of the pages. Tree structure, image descriptions, lists, titles, etc.

Unfortunately, these special effects can not be achieved. For the simple reason that they are known to everyone, do not require special investment - only time - and therefore available to all. How to overtake other sites in the issuance of a search engine, if you use all the same as others?

That's why gray methods come to the scene.

As a definition of gray, we would result: this is what is up to the time is not black. That is not got under the sanctions. The risk is always there. Although it is not so great. Because the vast majority of webmasters use them.

One of the most common are links. Again, many believe that the purchase of links - this is quite a legal way to increase the credibility of its resource in the eyes of the searcher. This is not true. Not certainly in that way. Naturally, the number and quality of external links leading to the site, once was the main criterion for calculating the authority of the resource. And it continues to be so.

Whatever many people say, search engines in the first place, but it is impossible to achieve such results as can be achieved with a game with links. Yes, much now means a behavioral factor. Yes, Google and Yandex have powerful tools for tracking user behavior on a particular resource. Counting the percentage of failures, repeated visits, average visit duration, number of pages per visit. All this shows how interesting the site (its content) is to visitors.

Yes, without a doubt, you can achieve good behavioral indicators by publishing extremely interesting materials. The search engines will see this, and can take the sites to the TOPs. And they may not. Search engine algorithms are not regulated as much as the search engines themselves report to us, so that such website promotion would be fully effective.

But the links in skillful hands work almost always. Another thing is that without the support of good content, this optimization can and go to rub.

But Google has long considered buying links as an unscrupulous method, Yandex hints that it does not welcome.

To purely "gray" include doorways without a redirect and text spam.

Well, with black is great clarity. This is a direct deception of both the search engine and the users.

Hidden (decorated in the background color) text, cloaking, pages with redirect, and others.

It should be mentioned that they are working. Often very effective. But often not for long. For white, SOM sites are used less and less. Basically for short-term partners. By the principle of scrolling, earned and dropped.

This is basically. There are, of course, many more concrete methods. Satellites, social media, etc. But all of them belong to one of the mentioned groups in one way or another.

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