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LCD "Nekrasovsky" (Dmitrovsky district): customer reviews, photo

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. A huge metropolis in the center of the state. Many come to it to earn more money, many of them remain forever. Prices for one square meter of housing in the city itself is very large. Therefore, those who want to buy an apartment more often look after it outside the city, in the nearest Moscow suburbs. LCD "Nekrasovsky" (Dmitrovsky district) just offers this option for settlement.

A little about Dmitrovsky district

In the north of the Moscow region, right on the Dmitrov highway, the city of the same name is located - Dmitrov. This is an average city with a population of just over sixty thousand people. Dmitrovsky district has a length of more than 70 kilometers from south to north and more than 40 kilometers in width. The number of its population has been steadily growing over the past fifteen years, which is due not only to the natural growth of the population, but also to the rapid pace of construction of new buildings in the area.

Developers often choose the Dmitrovsky district to implement their projects. After all, it has all the prospects for development. Nearby is the channel. Moscow, Iksha Reservoir, large areas of the forest. There are few industrial enterprises that poison the ecology.

Location of the complex

LCD "Nekrasovsky" builder located at approximately the same distance from the Moscow Ring Road and the city of Dmitrov. Approximately 20-25 kilometers. Thus, the complex is located in the middle, adjacent to the village Nekrasovsky. Dmitrov district belongs to the tourist territory because of its exceptional ecological attractiveness and a large number of historical monuments.

How to get to the complex

The Nekrasovsky LCD (Dmitrovsky district) is located 26 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Dmitrovskoye Highway and 1.5 kilometers from the Trudovaya railway station. By personal transport to the complex can be reached in about half an hour. By bus to the metro station "Altufevo" it will take about an hour. Also it is possible to reach the complex, or rather, to the railway station Trudovaya, from the Savelovsky railway station. The journey takes less than an hour. The residential complex is located right next to the highway, so finding it is easy.

Description of the complex

What will Nekrasovsky LCD (Dmitrovsky district) present when its construction is completely completed in the third quarter of 2017? The project provides for the erection of an individual project of several residential buildings with a variable number of storeys from 14 to 17 floors in monolithic-frame technology. Each house is divided into several sections. Total for 1140 comfort-class apartments. Buildings are built in order of priority: 1, 2 and 3-rd. The deadline for the completion of the last stage is planned for the third quarter of 2017.

Apartments in the LCD "Nekrasovsky" will be presented the most diverse: one-room, two-room and three-room. Their footage - an average of 39 to 80 square meters, depending on the number of rooms. The builder, for the convenience of buyers, performs a finishing operation and provides future tenants with all possible internal communications, including electrical and water distribution. On the territory of the complex is building its own boiler room, so that residents will not experience any inconvenience with interruptions in the supply of heat to the apartments. Electric energy in Nekrasovsky LCD (Dmitrovsky district) will be provided by its own transformer substation, whose capacity will be higher than that required for residents to use the power complex.


The developer designed this residential complex as a comfort-class accommodation, which means that his future tenants will be provided with the necessary conditions for comfortable living, an autonomous infrastructure. Simultaneously with the residential buildings in the neighborhood there will be a kindergarten, a school, a supermarket, a hotel, a restaurant and a temple. Residents will be able to receive medical care in their own clinic.

No respectful developer at present does not design residential complexes, not providing for recreation zones, children's and sports grounds and other places for recreation of residents in the project. The Nekrasovsky Housing and Utilities Complex (Dmitrovsky District) is no exception, and its photos confirm that there is a place for these facilities, and some of them have already been realized. Besides? It is planned to build a fitness center with a stadium, a fitness center and an ice stadium.

Owners of their own vehicles will not leave indifferent multi-storey parking, designed for 240 cars. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Dmitrov highway, so you do not have to go long to park your car.

Feedback from buyers about the complex

LCD "Nekrasovsky" (Dmitrovsky district) customer reviews already have in the Global Network. Even a special site is created - a forum with the same name. There people communicate, find neighbors, discuss accumulated problems. In some entrances there were problems with the elevator. Somewhere there was a flood because of the broken valve.

But in most people people are completely satisfied with the resulting living space and are doing repairs. At the forum, people communicate, share advice. Of course, the newly commissioned facility will always have some or other deficiencies. But they are eliminated by the developer or the management company.

Ecological situation of the region

LCD "Nekrasovsky" (Dmitrovsky district), reviews about which the most diverse, unanimously recognized as the best from the point of view of ecology. Dmitrov district is considered one of the most prestigious for the construction of housing areas precisely because of its healthy ecology.

Dmitrov highway and adjacent settlements are completely buried in the forest, the green landscape surrounds them from all sides. Not far from the complex is located Ikshinskoe reservoir and the canal. Moscow, where it is pleasant to swim on a hot summer day or to relax with the whole family on the weekends on their shores.

Having settled in the residential complex "Nekrasovsky", each buyer will not only acquire a life in the city comfortable conditions, but at the same time you can consider the complex a country house. Again and again will pull back here after a hard working day, for example in the capital, in order to breathe in full fresh air with fragrant fresh air. This can not boast of Moscow.

Planning and cost of apartments

LCD "Nekrasovsky" (Dmitrov district) apartments from the developer - the company "Intersnab" - offers in different versions and with different number of rooms: from one to three. The layout is mostly standard, but there is a beveled corner in the rooms. Bathrooms are usually combined. All apartments have balconies.

One-room apartments with kitchens up to 11 square meters, living rooms of the correct proportions. In the two-room developer designed large corridors for the possible arrangement of wardrobes and redevelopment of bathrooms.

The cost of one square meter of living space starts from 52 thousand rubles. And one-room apartments are the most expensive. In the two-room price is already reduced to 49 thousand for one square meter. And in the three-room again rises to 51 thousand rubles for one square meter of housing.

Advantages and disadvantages

The complex has many advantages, but there are also many shortcomings. Of the pluses it is worth noting the inclusion in the project, in addition to residential buildings, and the necessary social infrastructure. And also their location next to the complex, especially the school and kindergarten. An autonomous boiler-house is a great indisputable advantage.

As a drawback should be noted the insufficient number of parking spaces in the parking lot. Also, many buyers do not like the fact that the apartments are rented without finishing. Although at present, apartments in a similar form are surrendered by almost every first developer. Because each buyer starts to repair anyway.

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