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Maria Savinova: sport achievements and biography

Maria Savinova is a successful Russian runner. One of the most titled athletes of post-Soviet Russia, a prize-winner of the World Cup. Participant of the grandiose doping scandal.

Childhood and youth

The girl was born in 1985 in the cold Chelyabinsk. She never imagined that she would tie her life with running. At an early age, she was fond of dancing and dreamed that she would someday become a real dancer. With age, priorities have changed, and now she played badminton. It is worth noting that in this lesson, Savinova excelled and even became a candidate for master of sports.

Maria began to run at random by accident. I came with a friend in the section and decided to do one workout. The illustrious trainer Maslova saw the girl and offered to train her constantly. Maria Savinova did not resist, because she loved sports and she was all exactly what kind of work he did. In the future, she will stand out strongly against the background of her peers and will soon begin to show her talent.

In 2003 Maria went to the youth championship of Russia. Nobody thought that she could win anything, but the girl won bronze. In the same year, she received a bronze medal at the Junior European Championships. Since then, the runners began to be taken seriously not only at national level competitions, but also at European ones. At the age of nineteen she won the silver championship of Russia at a distance of eight hundred meters and a half kilometers.

Adult career

After success at the youth level athlete for a long time could not achieve anything in adult competitions. Savinova decides that the matter is in the coach, and leaves for Vladimir Kazarin.

With the new mentor, the results improved noticeably, but there were still no serious awards. In 2008, she went to the World Championships in Valencia, but took only the sixteenth place. The real breakthrough is 2009. She wins the championship of Russia, and also wins at the European Championships. After this season Savinova becomes respected in the world of athletes.

2010 was even more successful. The girl won first place in the world championship, as well as at the European Championships. It is worth noting that all the awards were won in the race for eight hundred meters. No one was completely surprised that next year Savinova again won the world championship.

In 2013, held an international championship in Russia, but here the athlete took only second place. For other runners, this result would be considered successful, but Maria said that she could achieve better results.

Olympic Games

Future Olympic champion Maria Savinova Went to her first world games in twenty-seven years. For athletes this age is considered very impressive, but the girl showed that it is still too early to write off. At the competitions in London she became the first at a distance of eight hundred meters and showed the result of 1 minute 56.19 seconds.

The runner returned to her homeland as the winner and as one of the strongest female athletes in the world. It seemed that because of age Maria It will no longer show good results after the summer games, but it was not so. The girl will win many more victories, even though she was almost thirty years old.

Maria Savinova: doping scandal

In 2015 there will be a resonant event. It will happen that many Russian athletes will be accused of using illegal drugs. Among this list will be and Savinov. Naturally, everyone will dispute this decision, but the anti-doping agency will be sure that the athletes did use drugs that are banned by international conventions. As a result, a decision was taken that would dumbfound Maria. Officials will want to deprive her of all awards, and also for life to remove from participation in competitions of any level. It should be noted that the trainers of the champion are also going to be disqualified. At the moment, the final decision is not made and the court proceedings are still pending.

Maria Savinova is sure that if she is disqualified, it will be completely wrong, because she never took doping.

Personal life

The girl's husband is also a fairly well-known person in the world of track and field athletics. His name is Alexey Farnosov. Young people have known each other for a long time, because they were engaged in one coach. At first they just met, but already in 2010 they decided to legitimize their relationship. Five years after the wedding, the first-born was born to the couple.

Maria Savinova is a great athlete. Despite the fact that it is trying to deprive all awards and titles, everyone will remember her as one of the strongest runners in the world. Another proof of this is several state awards, among which there is the Order of Friendship. It is worth noting that it is only those athletes who have managed to achieve a lot.

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