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How to increase the number of push-ups? Practical recommendations

Push-ups are not only an effective strength exercise, but also serve as an excellent warm-up in preparation for training. They do not need to use sports equipment and do not require significant time. However, unprepared people are difficult to get impressive results. Therefore, before embarking on training, it is worthwhile to figure out how to increase the number of push-ups for the week.

How to take the correct position of the body?

Before you figure out how to increase the number of push-ups, you need to learn how to take the right rack. So, during each approach in the traditional position, the palms should rest against the floor a little farther than the width of the shoulders. It is necessary that the legs and back are stretched in a straight line. Only in this case, during the training will be used chest, shoulders, hands, and the muscles will develop harmoniously.

Types of push-ups

According to the nature of the setting of the arms in the abutment, ordinary, wide and narrow push-ups are distinguished. In the first case, the palms are placed along the width of the shoulders. A wide setting involves finding the limbs in a position where the shoulder and forearm are at right angles to each other. With a narrow "grip" the palms are at the chest level.

The usual setting of hands allows you to focus on the triceps, shoulder girdle, chest muscles. When placing the limbs in a wide position, triceps and chest are used. In the case of a narrow setting of the hands, the main load falls on the shoulders.

Maximum loads

To understand how to increase the number of push-ups, you need to perform as many repetitions during the approach as physical possibilities allow. First you need to understand your maximum. Having taken the right rack, you must do push-ups until the muscles begin to fail. In addition, you can fix the time it took to complete the maximum number of repetitions.

Rest between approaches

After doing each approach, you need to let the muscles relax. Rest is recommended as much as the time left for the first approach. For the bulk of unprepared people, this period is about 20-30 seconds.

Breaks between workouts

How to increase the number of push-ups? That the muscles grow and, accordingly, the results improve, the body needs a long rest. Most likely, a day after the first training hands, the chest and shoulders will begin to ache. Such a reaction is quite normal. At the same time, the best solution, which will ensure maximum results in the future, will be classes every other day.

Progress in results

How to quickly increase the number of push-ups? To do this, it is enough to try to do more than one repetition at each approach, to go over your own limit. Most likely, it will not be possible to constantly increase the number of push-ups at the next reception of the rack. Therefore, in order to make progress in the results, it is worth working for several weeks at the previously established maximum level. Only after that you can try to exceed this limit.

Working out different muscle groups

To understand how to increase the number of push-ups, you should think about the harmonious development of the muscles of the upper body. This is facilitated by the alternate execution of repetitions in individual racks. For example, in the first approach it is possible to resort to usual push-ups, in the second and third - on fists or fingers in a wide or narrow rack.

Forming your own training methods

How to increase the number of push-ups from the floor? How realistic is it to increase the number of repetitions during the week? Here you should focus on your own maximum. For example, the limit of the body's capacity is 20 push-ups. If the desired result is 100, you need to do a certain number of repetitions a day. When and how this result will be achieved, it does not matter. The main thing is that the total number of repetitions leads to the desired indicator.

The training method can be constructed in the example shown as follows:

  • 2 approaches during the day for 50 repetitions;
  • 25 push-ups, divided into 4 approaches;
  • 10 reps every hour in the morning and in the evening.

The idea presented, which can be used to build training, is extremely simple. The main thing is to do the work regularly, to harmoniously distribute the loads for the whole day. Trained according to the chosen scheme is recommended for 10 days. At the end of this period, you need to evaluate the results obtained, allow the body to rest for a few days.


As you can see, improving your own results in push-ups from the floor is not so difficult. This requires only the construction of a comfortable training program and regular exercise. To quickly achieve the desired, it is worthwhile to think about combining push-ups with other loads, for example, with pull-ups on the bar, elaboration of the abdominal press.

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