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How to develop a breathing room at home

Any kind of sport involves serious stress, and not always the resources of our body is enough to withstand them. A vivid example is the respiratory system, or in the people - "breath". If it is not sufficiently developed, then no physical force will lead to the desired result. Therefore, one of the main tasks for any athlete is the development of breathing.

As you already understood, good breathing interests mainly those for whom sport and a healthy lifestyle are more than words or hobbies. Let's find out how to develop a breathing apparatus to discover new heights in sport and make the body more enduring, which is much more important than any medals.

How to strengthen the respiratory system

The development of respiratory organs is facilitated by systematic aerobic exercise. Among the key sports that develop breathing, you can highlight: running, swimming, mountaineering, cycling, rowing, speed skating and athletic walking. Exercises help to increase the volume of the lungs and strengthen the heart. With regular loads, the condition of the vessels improves: they become more elastic.

In aerobic exercise, the body is generally strengthened. His ability to withstand the heavy load for a long period of time is called endurance. Do not think that stamina is needed only by professional athletes or employees of law enforcement agencies. A person who leads an active lifestyle can not do without it.

Who and why it is needed

Trekking in the forest, cycling, working in the garden - all this and more require the body resources. And even long shopping can turn into a nightmare if you lack the stamina.

Trained and hardy people look much better than those who are lazy or constantly in need of special motivation. They are always fit, sedimentary, and, of course, they do not have extra pounds. Such people move accurately, quickly, confidently. However, external changes are only the first side of the coin. There are also internal changes. With constant and competent training, the composition of the blood changes (the number of red cells increases), which helps enrich the internal organs with oxygen. The breathing muscles of the trained people are stronger than the heart muscle.


By and large, many from childhood know how to develop breathing and endurance. The simplest exercise for this is running. However, not everyone is involved in their health. Scientists have repeatedly argued that the ancient people were incredibly strong, fast and enduring. They had to run a lot on rough terrain. Why did the ancient people run so much? The answer is simple: to get food or not to become a meal. This example proves how much motivation plays a big role.

Anyone who can not convince himself that he needs to work for the sake of health, nothing but suffering from a sporting lifestyle will not get. After all, for quality training it is necessary to abandon the habitual way of life, cozy and comfortable. So it's necessary to look at training as a way to add youth, positive, beauty and several valuable years to life. It is not enough to know how to develop a breathing apparatus, it is important to understand why it is done, and to be able to force yourself.

What is the endurance?

The concept of endurance covers a fairly wide range of physical characteristics of the body. Respiratory endurance is mainly divided into two types: anaerobic and aerobic.

Anaerobic endurance expresses the body's ability to perform any physical work without the necessary amount of oxygen. That is, for the performance of an action the body spends only internal resources. Such endurance develops when performing a large number of exercises for a limited period of time.

Aerobic endurance - the ability of the body to perform work due to oxygen supply. Here, as a rule, a variety of exercises with long approaches is required.

There is also a special and general endurance. The first is a distinctive feature of athletes who for a long time perform the same action, achieving perfection in it. Well, the second is needed for ordinary people who are not chasing the medals, but for the health and tone of all the muscles and organs of the body. Everyone chooses what kind of endurance to develop - everything depends on the goal.

How to develop a breathing apparatus for running

This is a fairly common question, as many people are involved in running, and the lion's share is not professional athletes at all. These people usually do not have problems with excess weight, their body is always toned, and the mood is at an altitude. During the run, the respiratory organs start working much faster, and the blood is enriched with oxygen, supplying the internal organs and brain.

If you begin to learn about the culture of running, then you should pay attention to three main principles: gradualness, systemic, acceptability. We will analyze each of them.

  • Graduality. From the first day you should not take for hours of training. Increase the distance you need carefully, controlling the pace and your state. Those who, with the help of running, decided to restore the respiratory system after smoking, it is worth to be especially careful with the intensity of training. It must be remembered that the body should rest well and recover after the transferred loads.
  • Systematic. To achieve even the smallest result, you need to regularly perform exercises. This is the only way to improve your stamina and physical condition.
  • Acceptability. Load should be fun and not otherwise. If each workout is a flour, but you run twice as much, the desire to run will disappear soon. Let it be better on the contrary - a small race performed correctly and with pleasure.

Home Workouts

Many are interested in how to train a breathing apparatus for running at home. Of course, to succeed in the race, you need to run. But to make the body more hardy, and the body can be pulled up at home. For this, you do not need to buy expensive simulators. Any physical exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, jumps, etc.) have a positive effect on respiratory endurance. A great exercise is jumping rope. The rope will not only help tighten the whole body, but also give a good load to the respiratory system. A very simple way to develop a breathing apparatus at home is to inflate balloons. This simple procedure perfectly trains the lungs and the heart.

How to train a breathing apparatus for swimming

Swimming, like running, is a sport in which breathing plays a decisive role, especially if it's swimming under water. If the swimmer does not know how to breathe correctly, he can not conquer long distances. We will analyze a couple of exercises for breathing exercises during swimming.

  1. Standing in the water, you need to inhale and immerse the face in the water, while holding the breath. Then you need to make two slow strokes with your hands. Starting the second wave, you need to start breathing air into the water, by the end of the stroke it is necessary to complete the exhalation and raise your head above the water. Then the breath is drawn, and the exercise repeats.
  2. Exercise is also performed at shallow depth. Taking a deep breath, you need to dive into the water. Slowly, all the air must be exhaled in such a way that the lungs become completely empty. Delayed for a couple of seconds without air, you can come out and breathe again. Then everything repeats itself. It is advisable to do this exercise vigorously and rhythmically, spending a minimum amount of time over water.

These exercises are very simple, but they give an answer to the question of how to develop a breathing apparatus for swimming underwater and just swimming.


So, we figured out how to develop a breathing apparatus, and what it is. By and large, almost all sports to some extent develop the respiratory system. And the more intense the sport, the more useful it is for the lungs and the heart. Therefore, many people, in one profile discipline, include in their training exercises from other directions to develop this or that ability to a greater extent. For example, for those who are interested in the question of how to train a breathing box for boxing, you will have to master at least running, swimming and jumping rope.

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