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Maxim Kovtun: sport achievements and biography

Maxim Pavlovich Kovtun is one of the most promising figure skaters of our time. Despite his young age, he is the owner of a large number of awards of every possible level.


The athlete was born not so long ago, in the summer of 1995, in Yekaterinburg. He was born in a sports family. Father in the past also engaged in figure skating and therefore began to instill in his son from the very childhood the love for this occupation. Today Maxim's mother recalls that for the first time he began to skate when he was not even two years old. Already in 1999, he began studying at the sports school of his native city. Given that previously with his dad practiced with him, he stood out clearly against the background of the other kids. His coach was Wojciechowska. It was under her leadership that the guy started to go to the first competitions. At the age of twelve he becomes the winner of the tournament "The Crystal Horse". In 2009, Maxim participates in the national cup among young men and wins gold there. Then they start talking about him as a rising star of Russian sport. He, in turn, was not conceited, but continued to work. In 2010, figure skater Maxim Kovtun begins to compete in adult competitions. According to official figures, it was then that he began his professional career, although for a few more years he performed at junior tournaments.

Adult career

In the season 2010-2011. Kovtun is announced for the Russian championship. At that time he was coached by Wojciechowska and Nikolai Morozov. The young skater moves to the capital to fully realize his potential. In the debut season is unsuccessful and takes only the eleventh place. He also performs at the teenagers' championship, but here he is only the fifth.

Next year, he again does not win anything at the adult level, but it shows itself well among the young men. Maxim Kovtun is third in the country, fourth in the final Grand Prix, second and first at the grand prix of Estonia and Romania, respectively.

Season 2012-2013 Showed that very soon the young man will fully compete with his older colleagues. He first participates in the world championship among adults, and also becomes the fifth in Russia and in Europe and participates in the team championship of the planet. As for the youth level, here he takes part in three tournaments and wins in each of them. It is worth noting that he will not speak more in this age category.

In the season 2013-2014. Maxim Kovtun wins the national championship for the first time in his career. He becomes second at the grand prix of Russia and China. Shows a decent level in other competitions, where he participates. Next year, it achieves even better results. At the age of nineteen, Maxim became a two-time champion of Russia, for the first time he rises to an honorable second place in the continental championship, and won the gold grand prix of China and Trophee Bompard. Plus, he becomes the silver medalist of the world championship among national teams.

However, the 2015-2016 season. Will not be as successful as the previous one. Maxim Kovtun managed to replenish the collection of awards with two gold medals and one bronze medal. At the moment the skater is preparing for the upcoming competitions.

Opinions of specialists

Most experts unanimously declare that it is for this guy the future of Russian figure skating. Some say that he is the heir of Evgeni Plushenko, while others are sure that his potential is much higher.

In any case, Maxim Kovtun does not pay attention to such statements, because he does not try to be like anyone. He does everything in such a way as to develop his own style of riding. At the moment he is trained by his own father. It is worth noting that he helps an athlete not only in terms of classes, but simply supports the parting word. The skater repeatedly noted that the support of a loved one played an important role in his formation as a professional.

Personal life

Recently Maxim Kovtun and his girlfriend Adelina Sotnikova became the main characters of journalistic investigations. In fact, young people do not hide their relationship, but also try not to advertise them much. There is information that they have been communicating for a long time. Whatever it was, personal life does not affect the performance of a promising athlete at all.

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