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Excellent insulating exercises - leg extension in the simulator, as well as flexing the legs

In addition to the basic programs for leg training, which include a squat, the bodybuilders use other leg exercises. In the hall for this there are lots of opportunities. There are a lot of different ways to load the legs, as well as good blood pumping in the muscles during training.

As a good isolating a specific group of muscle exercises for the legs, you can use the leg extension in the simulator, as well as flexing the bicep hip. In addition, they can be used as a warm-up before heavy loads on the legs, to prevent injury to joints and muscle ruptures. Let's consider each of them.

Extension of legs in the machine

Due to the fact that the simulator allows you to accurately regulate the level of exercise, this exercise is popular both among men and women.

Extension of the legs in the simulator can be included in the training program immediately after squatting with the rod - this sequence will increase the flow of blood to the quadriceps, which will contribute to stretching the muscle fascia and, accordingly, increasing the size of the muscles themselves.

How to perform the straightening correctly?

First of all, you need to expose the working arm of the simulator to its own length of legs. The leg should touch the lower arms of the machine in the area of the foot, and the upper handles should be just under the knees. Only in this way the leg extension in the simulator will be performed technically correctly.

Since the goal is to increase the flow of blood to the muscles, after heavy squats it is necessary to perform the exercise as follows:

- the first approach can be done for 15 repetitions;

- making the extensions of the legs sitting, in the second approach, you need to increase the weight by 15-20% and make about 12 repetitions;

- Performing the third approach, increase the load by another 15-20%, try to do the exercise about 10 times;

- The final fourth approach should start with an increase in the weight to be lifted by another 15-20%. Try to make the extension of legs sitting in the simulator clearly 8 times (repetitions). Immediately after this, reduce the load by 25-30% and repeat the maximum number of times. Then remove another 25-30% of the weight and again perform the maximum number of repetitions. Then catch your breath for 15-20 seconds, reduce the load by another percentage and make the maximum number of repetitions.

After doing this, the extension of the legs sitting will help to ensure that the quadriceps simply "burn". This indicates proper performance, and also that a large amount of blood has entered your leg muscles . Thanks to this, a large number of nutrients and nutrients will enter the quadriceps, which will contribute to a more rapid recovery, as well as their growth in size.

Leg bending in the machine

If you need to work qualitatively and successfully develop the hamstrings, without such an exercise as flexing your legs in the simulator, you just can not do. If done correctly, it will help you to precisely target this group of muscles.

In the training program, it should be turned on between squatting or pressing the legs and deadlift, which will give the maximum benefit from the exercise.

How to perform bending correctly?

During preparation for the exercise, it is worthwhile to set up the trainer correctly for your parameters. At the time of repetition, the knees should lie on the edge of the bench, but not hang over, but rest against it. Stiff handles should touch the leg below the calf muscles on the ligaments, thus preventing injury.

For maximum stress in the hamstrings, you can perform this exercise as follows:

- make the first approach with light weight for 15 repetitions;

- then increase the load so that you can do about 12 repetitions;

- The next two approaches need to be made a pyramid. Increase the weight to such that you can correctly and in full amplitude do 8 times. Then reset 20-25% and make another 6-8 times. After that, reduce the whole by 20-25% and make the maximum number of times.

After doing this exercise, it is recommended to pull the hamstrings slightly to relax the loaded muscles. To do this, you can make a deadlift with a light weight. In such a combination, the progress in muscles will proceed much more intensively due to a good amount of work and stretching of the muscular fascia.

Execution of extensions and flexures in the supertet

If you have already performed all the heavy exercises on your legs and want to give the final load to the muscles, then you can make the legs stretch and flex the supetet.

In this you will help the simulator. Flexion-extension of the legs can be performed in this way: after performing one approach, immediately proceed to the approach of another exercise. For example, after completing the approach of extending the legs without rest, make an approach to flexion. In this case, you can use both the first and second schemes described above, and also it is worth trying and classical execution: the first approach for 12-15 repetitions, the second and the third - at 10-12, the fourth at 8-10, alternating the flexing exercises And extension of the legs.

Common Errors

Often when performing such exercises, the following errors occur:

- an incorrectly tuned simulator, that is, before the implementation of the approach, beginners forget to select the necessary parameters for their growth. Such an error threatens to cause injuries;

- an attempt to establish a load that is greater than the athlete can do. In pursuit of progress, do not forget that the correct technique should be in the first place. Very large weight can not be done with a full and technically correct amplitude, and also concentrate and isolate the load on the right muscle group.

When performing these exercises, it is technically correct, using the methods described in the article, you can achieve an improvement in the results of the basic squats, bench press, and also give a more beautiful and aesthetic look to your feet. Remember that a good and proper intensity of training on the legs positively affects the production of the hormone testosterone. It, in turn, promotes faster recovery and growth of muscle mass.

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