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Zrazy with mushrooms: simple and festive recipe

Zrazy is a popular dish of many peoples of Eastern Europe. These oval cutlets with stuffing are meat, potato, fish. Zrazy with mushrooms, the recipe of which we offer you is a universal option. This filling successfully combines with both meat and potato dough. Let's get down to cooking.

Potato zrazy with mushrooms. Recipe with a photo

Suitable as mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms. If you know how to collect forest mushrooms, then you can prepare a filling from them. Mushrooms need two hundred grams, potatoes - one and a half kilograms. Two bulb onions and breadcrumbs are also needed. That's the whole list of products from which we will prepare zrazy with mushrooms - the recipe is very simple, as you probably already understood. It only requires some skill and sleight of hand. Peeled potatoes cut into small plates, boil. It will take you about half an hour. Do not forget to salt water for cooking. Then drain the liquid. Potatoes, until it has cooled, mash in puree. Do not leave water to make the mashed potatoes softer - excess fluid will prevent you from subsequently blinding zrazy with mushrooms (the recipe implies that they must be of the correct form). Then the potato mass should be cooled, and in the meantime, you can start preparing the filling. Wipe the mushrooms with a towel from the remnants of the substrate on which they grew. Then wash and dry. Finely chop and fry first in a dry frying pan until the water evaporates. Then add the vegetable oil and bring to the preparedness, salt. Now you need to form zrazy with mushrooms. The recipe does not involve adding more ingredients. The combination of potatoes with a filling is absolutely self-sufficient in this dish.

Wet hands with cold water, divide the potato dough into eight parts. Then each must be flattened and shaped into an oval shape. In the middle of each cake received, spread mushrooms and wrap the filling inside. Finished zrazov roll in breaded, spread on a greased baking sheet, bake in the oven for twenty-five minutes. Serve the dish with gravy from onions, fried in vegetable oil.

Holiday zrazy

This dish is so exquisite that it needs to be cooked exclusively in special occasions. Quite unusual are the looks of chicken and zrazy with mushrooms. The recipe for turkey meat, pine nuts and spinach is just the top of the culinary mastery. The turkey fillet is more dry and forms more advantageous combinations with sauces and vegetables. Spinach in this recipe is almost not felt. For four servings you need eight hundred grams of fillet, one hundred grams of white wine, forty grams of creamy salt oil, two hundred grams of frozen spinach in a briquette and mushrooms, as well as grated parmesan and pine nuts. You also need a culinary thread to bind the tapes. When preparing, turn on the oven so that it can get warm. From turkey meat cut four thin flat schnitzel, beat them off, putting them in a plastic bag, with the help of a hammer. For minced meat, mix mushrooms, toasted nuts, melted butter, cheese and thawed spinach. Then it remains only to wrap the filling in an envelope of meat, fix it with a thread, fry in butter, sprinkle with wine and bake until ready.

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