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Alexander Balandin: Russian gymnast, biography and achievements of the athlete

Alexander Balandin - gymnast, born in June 1989 in the capital of the Republic of Karelia - the city of Petrozavodsk. Since childhood, the young man had a weakness for physical education and liked to practice many sports. In the gymnastics section of his and his twin brother, Alexei, my mother brought. Initially, good results showed Alex, later the situation changed - Alexander was more willing to win and trained harder. However, there has never been a rivalry between brothers.

The beginning of sports career and the main achievements

Quite quickly, the young man was able to reach the highest level of professionalism in his sport, competing in international competitions. So, already in 2007 Alexander Balandin, the first achievements which were at the World Cup, managed to win the third place on his corona shell "rings". Subsequent performances in these competitions until 2010 did not bring the long-awaited gold medal.

After the triumph in Moscow at the 2010 World Cup, a year later a victory was won at the Russian Championship, and in 2012 - at the European Championships. Participation in the World Cup brought only the second place, there is not in Alexander's career and triumphant performances at the Olympic Games: in the first pre-Olympic period after the victory at the 2008 Russian Championship in fierce competition with another strongest Russian gymnast, Konstantin Pluzhnikov, Balandin gave way to the list of candidates for the A trip to Beijing.


In the big sport, unfortunately, there are no triumphs without falls and without injuries. Participating in the Cup of Russia, held in Yekaterinburg, Alexander because of an unsuccessful landing damaged the femur, from the competition had to withdraw. Fortunately, there were no bias and serious consequences. After two operations, the recovery period began. Which passed quickly and quite successfully, and after the athlete continued to compete at the same pace. Willpower, perseverance and the desire to conquer all the new heights were at that moment the main driving forces for Alexander, who not only easily carried out new elements, but also complicated his program.

The Second Olympic cycle

Nearing the most important in the career of any athlete competitions - the Olympic Games in London in 2012, a candidate for participation in which was Alexander Balandin. This was the second cycle of preparation for the games in the career of the athlete. Unfortunately, neither the good physical form of the athlete, nor the complex program, nor the will to win, brought the long-awaited medal.

Russian viewers, athletes and judges unanimously asserted that Alexander was condemned - at least he could become a silver medalist of the Olympics. The case almost came to an international scandal: with pure technique of performing the most complicated elements, Alexander was moved by rivals who committed blatant mistakes. The situation caused public outcry, some demanded an appeal against the revision of the judging assessments. But at these Olympic Games the Russian team did not have the right to vote. In the interview after the performance, the gymnast himself stopped all the reasons for gossip, assuring himself that he had given the slack which the medalists used. Only the fourth place, but the medal was so close.

However, Balandin is forever imprinted in the annals of the world of gymnastics. His three crown elements on his favorite shell are not only the most complicated in the structural group and included in the rules of the international level, but also bear his name. The third element was approved by the International Federation not so long ago - in 2013 and, as Balandin admits, very few people manage to do it correctly. All three times that he managed to watch the performances with the included own elements, none was performed at the proper level.

Third preparation for the Olympics

In the third Olympic cycle Alexander Balandin won gold twice at the European Championship-2014, held in Belgium. The first medal was received in the team event, the second - in the personal on the rings. After the competition, the sportsman was operated on - the old trauma made itself felt. Of course, participation in the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 was out of the question. After the operation, the gymnast does not have the opportunity to train at full strength. Not so long ago, completed the course of treatment, but the end of his career Balandin does not think. Currently, although not having a permanent practice, Alexander is an instructor in the Republican Center for Sports Training - in the "School of Higher Sports Skill."

Personal life

Alexander Balandin - gymnast, whose biography is known to fans only in sports, prefers not to spread his personal life. However, in an interview at a press conference he admitted to journalists that he has a lover with whom the athlete currently resides. According to Balandin, previously his main fan was only his mother, with the appearance of his beloved "team" doubled.

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