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Corrugated pipe: choice and application

Pipes are used everywhere: both when laying a water supply system, and when laying telephone and power networks. These elements differ in the way they are manufactured, in the materials used, in the form, and so on, and their choice depends on many factors. Consider the use of this type of construction equipment, such as corrugated pipe, for which they serve and what is the difference between these parts.

Corrugated pipe

The corrugated pipe is a flexible part, the structure of which is pressed into folds. This is the reason for the easy mobility and strength of this product. You can note the advantages of this device:

  • The use of the pipe is possible in various household and industrial spheres due to improved characteristics and high resistance to deformation for bending, fracture and other types;
  • Easy installation, as the flexibility of the details allows you to lay systems of various designs with complex shapes, turns and the like;
  • The use of welding, as well as various connecting fasteners, such as couplings, fittings and others, is excluded, which significantly reduces the cost of work.
  • The possibility of mounting in various conditions, while the replacement of cables and wires is quite simple.

Types and applications of corrugated pipes

The corrugated pipe is manufactured from different raw materials, so that the following classification of this element can be made:

  • Polymer corrugated tubes, such as plastic from PVC and halogen-free PE, are used as an additional protection against fire and moisture insulation for wires or cables when laying communication networks. For sewage and storm systems, high-density polyethylene products (PE80 and PE100) are used.
  • Corrugated stainless steel pipe can serve as a replacement for rectilinear heating and water supply systems. Also it is used as a ventilating device in the air vent, in furnace and fireplace constructions. It is recommended to install this type of elements in closed places, as they do not withstand the effects of mechanical loads.

How to make a choice?

Flexible corrugated pipe is available in different diameters, which makes it possible to use in various cases. When selecting this element it is useful to take into account such moments:

  • The d16 pipe is used when connecting wires to lighting devices, and to sockets and switches it is necessary to select a part no less than d20.
  • When connecting the distribution box to a similar device located in another building, or a central switchboard, use tools d25 or more. It is also recommended to lay a backup pipe.
  • When performing work on connecting electric boards, it is necessary to use corrugated tubes d32 and more.
  • For the laying of electric wires between the floors it is better to use the parts d40, d50, d63.
  • For telephone and signaling networks, corrugated d16 parts are the best option.
  • In coaxial systems it is recommended to use elements d25.

Corrugated pipe has many advantages, while using this element allows you to create a quality device. Manufacture of various materials expands the range of application of this type of device, and the choice largely depends on the purpose of this product.

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