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Irina Fetisova: talented Russian volleyball player

The Russian women's volleyball team is now experiencing a succession of generations. In return for the departed legendary athletes come such talented girls as Natalia Malykh, Irina Fetisova. Volleyball in Russia will not remain unattended. On the central blocking Moscow "Dynamo" and will be discussed.

The daughter of a famous basketball player who made her own choice

Irina Andreevna Fetisova was born in the distance from Russia in 1994 in the Spanish city of Valladolid. Irina's father Andrei Fetisov was a famous basketball player, played for CSKA for many years, and at the end of his career moved to the Spanish club Forum. Hence the unusual birthplace for the Russian woman. Soon, along with her family, she moved to St. Petersburg.

When a child is born in a sporting family, which nature has awarded with high growth, he becomes a choice - basketball or volleyball. At first Ira decided to go on my father's way. Two years she was engaged in basketball, but fate interfered in the matter - her coach left Russia. Ira made a choice in favor of volleyball and began training in the St. Petersburg sports school "Spartacus." Her first coach was Nina Ivanovna Tkharkahova. Then the sportswoman with gratitude will remember her mentor, who did not allow the girl to go back to basketball.

The beginning of a professional career

Already at the age of fifteen, Irina Fetisova was playing in the second team of Leningradka. Volleyball became the main work for a very young girl.

A talented girl with excellent natural data and excellent jumping did not go unnoticed by the coaches of the youth teams. In 2010, as part of the junior Russian national team, she wins the tournament of the Eastern European teams. A year later Irina Fetisova participates in the qualifying competitions of the European Championship.

In 2011, she moved to the suburbs to play for the youth squad of a strong team of the Russian Super League "Zarechye-Odintsovo". Slowly accelerate - it's not in the style of a sportswoman, like Irina Fetisova. Already in the first season, which she spends in the youth league, Fetisova is gaining on the block 75 points in 23 games. According to this indicator, she becomes the second in the division.

Irina continues to call in the youth teams of Russia. At the World Cup in 2013, she even enters the symbolic team of the tournament.

Adult level transition

At the end of 2012, Irina Fetisova began to gradually play in the main part of the main team "Zarechye-Odintsovo". Already in the next season it becomes the main central blocking team. In many respects thanks to the efforts of Irina, the club "Zarechye Odintsovo" won the prestigious European trophy - the Challenge Cup. In the final, the Turkish "Besiktas" was defeated.

A talented girl is noticed by the richest and strongest teams of the Super League. In 2015, Irina Fetisova moves to the Moscow "Dynamo". According to the contract, she must spend the next two years in the capital team.

Challenges to the national team

Achievements at the club level were noticed by the coaches of the national team. Irina Fetisova was first summoned to the country's main team in 2014. She played some matches in the pre-season competitions, and on some of them she even deserved the title of the best young player.

The first match in the official tournaments for the national team was the most real test for a young girl. The rival got the most serious - the US team.

Irina later admitted that she was very worried when she got to the camp with the main team. After all, many older friends she served balls, being quite a girl. However, she had a great time at all stages of the Grand Prix, and in the final match for third place scored an important 10 points. As a result of the tournament, she was included among the best players.

Irina did not slow down in 2015. The Russian national team won silver medals at the crucial stage of the Grand Prix. Great merit in this and Irina Fetisova. She was recognized as the best blocking final round of contests.

The most important victory of 2015 is the gold medals of the continental championship.

Irina is attracted to qualifying matches for the Olympic tournament in 2016. Unfortunately, as in the case of Natalia Malykh, Yuri Marichev does not dare to bet on a young athlete. Fetisova remains rooting for her friends in Rio from the TV screens.

Irina has been a key player of her club for several seasons. It remains to be hoped that the new coaches of the Russian team will begin to trust more athletes from the new young generation.

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