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Carnelian is a stone. Properties and Usage

Carnelian is a stone. Properties and History

Carnelian is a kind of chalcedony. Due to the high degree of hardness it was used for printing and coats of arms. They were cut out both on the stones of the rings and on larger, polished pieces of mineral. They were depicted images of monarchs, gods, texts of incantations, aphorisms. From the mineral, they made buttons and various crafts, giving them magic power. Carnelian has long been a favorite stone ladies in many countries, then for some time interest in it faded. Later, the jewelers again discovered carnelian, and he is in the favorites of a modern woman. Carnelian is a stone whose properties are used against nightmares and insomnia. The medical properties of chalcedony are known: if applied to a diseased organ, the disease recedes.

Magic properties of a stone on a horoscope

Carnelian - stone, the sign of the Zodiac, the most suitable for the owner of which, Virgo. It is a talisman for those born under this constellation. But this mineral is suitable for representatives of all other signs. And yet for the Virgin chalcedony is especially good because of its soothing properties. There is an opinion that he helps in love affairs, in disputes, settles conflicts and relieves stress from the owner, dares all enemies from him, improves his state of health, raises his mood. It is highly recommended to wear carnelian to creative natures. Stone, whose properties help find their vocation in life, and also develop the natural talents of people, is simply necessary for musicians and artists as a talisman. Male is considered a mineral of darker shades, including both bright orange and blood-red colors. To the women's beginning, stones of a lighter and more delicate palette are included. Despite the fact that the stones of the "male" group arouse the interest of the opposite sex to their possessor, and also give it sexuality, the carnelian is not at all suitable for the loving rituals. This solar stone, charged with the energy of the light, is recommended to the Gemini as a talisman and amulet. He gives the representative of the sign of Air constant and courageous judgments, protects from slanderers and slanderers. In addition, it helps to rationalize the forces of restless Gemini.

From geography

Brazil and Uruguay are famous for the richest deposits. Carnelian is a stone, the most interesting varieties of which are mined in India. Some accumulations of bright orange chalcedony are also found in Italy.

Properties and Usage

The most beautiful is carnelian - carnelian in the form of a bloody drop. Also in color, another species will be selected - sardonyx, this mineral has alternating parallel layers of different shades. Carnelian is a stone whose properties, like appearance, vary both from prolonged exposure to sunlight and from moderate heating. Its composition includes iron, thanks to which the stone has its own copper color. As it was said earlier, it is used for mortising engraving, and also is an excellent material for ornaments: beads, bracelets, rings and other ladies' attributes of beauty. Like many years ago, the stone is a success with the beautiful half of humanity. And deservedly. After all, the soft inner light of this mineral can be enjoyed endlessly, drawing from it the forces, the joy of existence, and also the vital energy of the Earth itself.

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