Boarding house "Sun Stone", Crimea

Crimea is a beautiful unique place, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. One of the best recreation areas is the outskirts of Sudak. This place can offer tourists a lot of different hotels, guesthouses and tourist bases. And quite popular is the boarding house for holidaymakers "Sun Stone". What is this base? What services does it offer? These questions are of interest to many travelers.

Where is the recreation center located

Holiday Hotel "Sunny Stone" is located on the Black Sea coast. Quite a number, in the Kapsihora Valley, is the picturesque village of Morskoye. Nearby there is the Sudak-Alushta highway, so there is unlikely to be any transport problems. And the distance to the famous big tourist city of Sudak is 16 kilometers.

The soft noise of the waves, the endless vine plantations, surrounded by mountains - this is what this region can offer its guest.

Description of the territory of the boarding house

Holiday Village "Sun Stone" is a large tourist complex, which includes not only residential buildings, but also a park zone. The area of the boarding house is about 30 hectares, and most of it is occupied by a beautiful park. It should be noted that on the territory of the base there are about five thousand exotic plants belonging to 124 different species. Moreover, on the one hand the boarding house goes to the sea, and from the rest it is surrounded by forest and mountains.

"Sun Stone" literally buried in luxurious greenery, and the efforts of talented landscape designers made from it a real work of art.

What do the numbers look like on the base?

On the territory of the base there are several residential buildings. Holiday Hotel «Sunny Stone» offers its guests accommodation in one of the 82 rooms. The apartments of the following categories are available:

  • One-room luxury class with an area of 52 square meters. Meter. This room has all the necessary furniture, including a comfortable double bed, a soft sofa, a table with chairs. There is also a necessary set of home appliances, including air conditioning with individual control system, a small refrigerator and a TV. In addition, there is a kettle and a set of dishes. In the bathroom you will find a large comfortable bath, where you can not only relax in hot water, but also take a shower. There is also a toilet, a washbasin and a large wall mirror.
  • There are also two-room "junior suite" with an area of 42, or 60 square meters. Large rooms are perfect for a family holiday. Of course, in the apartments there is a necessary set of furniture and a fully equipped bathroom.

It is worth noting that each room has access to a small private balcony, with a breathtaking view of the sea, the mountains and the park area of the guesthouse. The rooms are always clean, as the cleaning is done daily. Bed linen is changed once a week.

Power plan for holidaymakers

Of course, the boarding house "Sun Stone" (Sea) offers its guests a full three meals a day. All dishes are prepared here, in the canteen of the tourist base. Regardless of the degree of settlement of the boarding house, there is always enough space in the dining room for all guests. The food here is varied, and the menu includes not only traditional dishes, but also some delicacies of local cuisine, as well as special dietary foods.

It is worth noting that you can eat in the village of Morskoye. "Sun Stone" is located next to a mass of public catering establishments. You will easily find a cozy cafe or a luxury restaurant to your own taste.

Beach and water kinds of rest

A wonderful pebbly beach adjoins the territory of the boarding house. Here you can always have a fun and pleasant time, basking in the rays of the warm sun or swimming in the azure clear waters of the Black Sea. Of course, there is an opportunity to do water sports, including some extreme forms of it. For example, tourists can ride a water ski or a banana, make a boat trip, etc. By the way, the recreation center has its own boat for excursions to the surrounding shores. But it is worth noting that in the cost of living on the territory of the boarding house "Sunny Stone" these entertainments are not included, they need to be paid for separately.

Are there facilities for living with children?

Most of the holidaymakers on the territory of the boarding house "Sun Stone" are families with children. The rooms here are large, and if necessary, you can also deliver an extra bed for the child. As for food, the guests are offered and dietary dishes, which are quite suitable even for toddlers.

Children enjoy spending time on the territory of the boarding house. Especially for the youngest guests, a fairly large playground was created on the base, where you can play, meet other children and have fun. There is also a children's room, so parents always have the opportunity to leave children under supervision for a while. And the child will surely like the children's cafe "Cheburashka", where the smallest visitors are offered a huge selection of sweets and delicious desserts.

Entertainment on the territory of the boarding house

In fact, the base "Sun Stone" can offer vacationers a lot of ways to spend time pleasantly. Those tourists who are accustomed to follow the figure and maintain a physical form, will like the gym, furnished with modern equipment. There is also a sports ground where you can play mini-football or basketball. These services are included in the room rate.

Of course, there is a paid service. For example, on the territory of the boarding house there is a large tennis court where fans of this sport can have a good time, and beginners - take a couple of lessons. For a small fee you can use the parking lot of the boarding house, which is convenient for tourists arriving by own transport. There is also a large cinema, where you can also spend time watching an interesting film.

You will always have the opportunity to play billiards. In the boarding house there is also a modern sauna with a large swimming pool. And right next to the recreation center there are shops, a bustling market, an Internet cafe, as well as massage parlors, a beauty salon, lots of restaurants and cozy bars.

By the way, next to the beach is a beautiful embankment with an evening lighting system and comfortable benches. Here you can have a wonderful time, walking along the beach and enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Nearby there is also a disco, where young people can have fun with their music.

Of course, this is not all that the "Sun Stone" has to offer. The Crimea is rich in sights, not to mention the spectacular scenery and amazing nature. For vacationers regularly arrange excursions to the surroundings, including boat trips. For example, you will have the opportunity to see the Golden Gate of Crimea, as well as the New World and many other interesting places.

Holiday Village "Sunny Stone": reviews of tourists

Immediately it is worth noting that almost all the reviews of holidaymakers are positive. By the way, most guests of the boarding house eventually become regular customers. After all, beautiful nature, proximity to the beach and the clear sea make this place really ideal for relaxation.

Tourists primarily note the convenience and comfort of the rooms, where it's really nice to spend time. Yes, and the occupation is always there, ranging from swimming in the sea and ending with exciting excursions. Praise and the work of the dining room, where there is always enough freshly prepared and delicious food. The work of the staff is also at the proper level - all the employees of the boarding house are distinguished by their exceptional politeness and courtesy. Rest on the territory of the "Sunstone" leaves after itself an exceptionally positive impression, and the relatively low cost of living is also a considerable advantage.

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