Browser for tablet: review of the best applications

Today we will consider the most popular browsers for tablets. Immediately it is worth noting that we are talking about devices on the platform "Android". In total, three different applications will be presented, which are available for general download for free. The article will also provide information that justifies the use of third-party programs.


For those who do not know, the browser is a program for browsing the Internet. At the moment there are many different utilities. Each developer seeks to improve their product by adding additional features, such as Flash support or data compression. The standard browser for the tablet does not shine with its characteristics. Therefore, almost all users want to replace it with a third-party program. Next, 3 best reviewers will be presented.


Everyone known in the open spaces Runet company Yandex has recently released its first browser for mobile devices. There are many unanimous opinions about this product from users. Browser Yandex for the tablet, according to the developers, is distinguished by its ability to quickly download web pages and save significant traffic. But colossal indicators have not yet been observed. Of course, it can not be said that the program is terrible and it is impossible to use it. This browser for the tablet has already shown its best features. For example, convenient use and quality display of all information. But there are a lot of technical problems, which, I hope, will soon be removed by the developers. Separately, there is a convenient opportunity for the browser to interact with other programs from Yandex. For example, you can sync mail or maps.

Google Chrome

The next object to consider is Google's browser. For a tablet , Google produced a separate application, which adds new features that are not available in a regular smartphone. In a short period of time, this utility has managed to find its fans among users of Android devices. Here there is a user-friendly interface, which everyone can handle, even an inexperienced person. You can add bookmarks and synchronize passwords with other products from Google. Millions of users around the world recognize the Google Chrome browser as the best utility for both the computer and mobile devices.

Opera Mini

This browser for the tablet has already been tested for years of use. Opera has long enjoyed mobile device users with its miracle program, which allows you to significantly increase the speed and reduce the consumption of Internet traffic. The functionality of the application will please even the most experienced person. There are many settings and various parameters that help to flexibly configure the program for you.


A properly selected browser for the tablet will improve your life. And instead of constantly waiting for the next page to load, you can be satisfied with the gifts of the Internet.

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