Yevgenia Makeeva - family photographer, who realizes emotions in photos

Each photographer is a new prism through which we see our personal emotions and moods, as well as others and the world as a whole. That's why everyone wants to find a professional who can express the feelings and thoughts that a person, child or family lives with. A new photo is a whole story with its details, experiences, etched for life. This is a small cast of memories that will remain in your memory and return to valuable moments at any time. Yevgenia Makeyeva managed to win the trust of her clients, and not only through photo stories, in which we see real, genuine emotions, feelings, experiences and an atmosphere of calm, happiness and kindness.


Each family has a photographer who can catch the mood and the right moments for memorable archives. And the search for it can take more than one photo session. When the family finds "their" specialist, it simply can not be replaced by anyone, everything will be "wrong" and "wrong". Evgeniya Makeeva for many clients has become an invaluable find. It seeks to make each story special, to let through the atmosphere, mood, way of life and family values. That's why Eugene does not work hourly, and arrives for 2-3 hours to plunge into the habits of household members, to observe and capture valuable moments and emotions. She does not consider herself an expert "at once", but is completely immersed in the experience of the family, "catching" the true and the present that will warm the hearts in the pictures.

Family photo shoots

Each family is individual. Eugene plunges not into everyday life, but into subtle matter. What the family teaches is patience, support, mutual understanding. The master prefers not to work with memorized postures, but during gatherings in cafes, walks, free home communication. Modern equipment allows you to make excellent photos in any conditions. At the same time, the author does not refuse to work in photographic studios, if they are worthy of attention.

Eugene does not require special training, one or two outfits will be enough. Recommends to take with them all relatives, as well as little animals and favorite toys. Everything that is valuable for each individual family will look like this in the photo.

Photoshoot for pregnant women

For Eugenia, the first pregnancy was the best moment in life, when you can stop and just wait, watching how time flows. It is this philosophy she seeks to convey in the pictures. Photoshoot of pregnant women is linked to the time of year. In the winter it, certainly, premises: studio, the house or cafe. In the summer - a lot of options on the street, in the nature, etc. Evgenia Makeeva recommends taking photos of pregnancy for a period of about 36 weeks, when it's not too late and not too early.

Photoshoot of the newborn

Time flies very quickly, pregnancy ends - and on the hands of such a long-awaited baby. As a gift to fotosemke pregnancy comes a pleasant surprise - a photo session of a newborn to one month. Therefore, if you liked the pictures before the birth of a child, then a pleasant continuation of cooperation will follow. Evgenia Makeeva admits that she does not want to make "open" photos. For her, the emotional background, light smiles and the immediate atmosphere of home communication are much more important. The photographer is ready to spend as much time as it takes to make the family feel comfortable.

Photographing christening

Usually this requires the permission of the priest and in most cases his parents receive in advance. Traditionally, the only thing the photographer asks for is to work without a flash. For a master this is not a problem. Evgeniya Makeeva is a photographer with a lot of experience in children's photography. It seeks to convey the atmosphere of the sacrament, and the natural light in the church building makes it possible to do this as well as possible.


On the website of Eugenia and on the web you can read a large number of positive, kind and grateful reviews. Many clients have become real friends for her, call on and support communication. Photographer Yevgeny Makeev (photo is presented in the article) is also a wonderful person - simple, interesting and open. Photosessions take place in a friendly, cheerful atmosphere. The master catches the moments of real emotions, ease, transmits them beautifully and tastefully.

Usually photo processing lasts one or two months, and after that the customer receives the results. For one photo session it's from 50, 70 photos and more. Plus the sources and 10-15 printed photos.

Yevgeny Makeev's family photographer is associated with naturalness, ease, eternal family values and a friendly, open mood in his work. Her work is admired and fascinated, lifts the mood and allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of love and trust. Moments of life, carefully captured in the pictures of the master, will give only joyful and touching memories.

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