Positive photographer Vorobyov Evgeny

To prolong the spirit of the holiday, a man with a camera in his hands will help us longer. It is very important that it is not someone casual, but a professional in his field, who knows and knows how to perform this kind of work qualitatively. One of these talented professionals is the photographer Vorobyova Eugenia.


  • Was born on June 25, 1990.
  • Place of residence and work - Moscow.
  • Education - Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University.
  • Marital status - married 2 years, husband Eugene.
  • Specialization - wedding celebrations and family photography.
  • Equipment - Canon EOS 5D Mark II SLR camera with a set of professional lenses and external flashes

Being a sociable and open person, Evgenia Vorobyeva shows these qualities during her work. She tries to make the filming process live and emotionally. Being attentive to small things, you will definitely beat designer jewelry or an accessory. Evgenia is not afraid to depart from the templates and likes to learn, so for further development of her art she attends master classes and festivals of photographers. He loves nature and shooting on it, dreams of traveling and a big house.

Wedding photography

Vorobyeva Evgenia will definitely get acquainted with the newlyweds in advance in order to get to know them and the history of their acquaintance. She will give recommendations on the location of the shooting and the action plan, because her task is to create a love story, imprinted in photographs, which will be interesting to review years later. For a beautiful picture, of course, will need both stage scenes and the services of makeup artists, but the most important will be the natural behavior of the newlyweds and the master's ability to photograph a good moment.

Each wedding for this photographer is almost as exciting as for a bride: you need to do a lot and have time on time, look like a solemn event and become a part of the holiday. At the same time, one should not forget about their professional duties and concentrate on the process of shooting. Realizing the interest of the newlyweds to the results of her work, Vorobyova Eugene tries to share as soon as possible even a small selection of wedding photos, without delaying the performance of the entire album as a whole.

Family shooting

Eugenia loves spiritual harmony and shares family values, so she seeks to perpetuate and develop the families from whose origins it stood. "I am very pleased when people after the wedding shoot come back to me with a request to do a family one ...", so Yevgenia Vorobyeva writes on her website. The photographer should strive to show the good that is in a person and his family, especially when his family life began to bear beautiful fruits. Seeking to capture the real feelings in the pictures, Eugene with great pleasure pictures and children as the most sincere characters of his work.

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